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Nurse :Can I help you ?
Teacher :Hello,I need an ambulance,please .
N :May I have some information first .Where are you calling from ?
T :I am calling from Kim Lien school.
N :What’s the patient’s name ?
T :His name is Pham Van Ba .He is in class 8 B .
N :What’s wrong with him ?
T :His leg is bleeding and he can’t move his leg .
N :Is he conscious ?
T :Yes, he is .
N :Ok.First , you should try to stop bleeding .Keep him awake and remember not to move the patient .An ambulance will be there in about 15 minutes .
T :Thanks a lot.

Ban Yen Nhan secondary school
Name :………………………… Class : ………………………..
 Lời phê của cô giáo

 Bài kiểm tra :45’ Môn :Tiếng Anh ( đề chẵn )
I.Listen to the dialogue between a teacher and a nurse . Then tick T ( True ) or F(False ) to the statements .( 2 đ )
1.A student fell of his bike.
2. He is a student in class 8 B
3. His head was bleeeding badly.
4. He was not conscious .
5. An ambulance will be there in about 10 minutes .
II. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others. ( 0,5 đ )
1. a. revive b. tight c. describe d. victim
2. a. burned b. stopped c. asked d. promised
3. a. sights b. flights c. villages d. tribes
4. a. crutch b. school c. chart d. handkerchief
5. a. mesh b. press c. melt d. refill
III.Read the following passage about recycling and choose the best option (a, b,or c ) to answer each of the following questions.( 2, 5 đ )
You can recycle many types of glass. Glass food and beverage containers can be reused and recycled many times. (In fact, only bulbs, ceramic glass, dishes, and window glass can’t be recycled.)
Glass is made from soda ash, sand, and lime. If it’s thrown away, it stays there indefinitely because glass never breaks down into its original ingredients. To be recycled, glass is sorted by color, crushed into small pieces, and melted down into a liquid. Then, it is molded into new glass containers.
lime (n) vôi indefinitely (adv) vĩnh viễn sort (v) phân loại
beverage : đồ uống ceramic : đồ gốm sứ ash : tro
1. Which of the following can be recycled?
a. glass food and beverage containers b. bulbs
c. ceramic glass d. dishes and window glass
2. What does the word ‘reuse’ in line 2 mean?
a. use all of something b. use something again
c. throw something away d. not buying things which are overpackaged
3. Glass is made from _______.
a. soda ash and lime
b. soda , sand, and lime
c. soda ash, sand, and metal
d. soda ash, sand, and lime
4. What does the word ‘its’ in line 5 refer to?
a. sand b. soda ash c. glass d. lime
5. Which of the following is not true?
a. Bulbs, ceramic glass, dishes, and window glass can be recycled.
b.Glass never breaks down into its original ingredients
c.People reuse and recycle glass food and beverage containers many times.
d.Most glass is recycled .
IV Choose the best option (a, b,or c ) to complete each of the following sentences
( 3 đ )
1. I promise .I do it for you.
a.will b.should c.would
2.I got up early in order to to school on time.
a.going go c.go
3.It’s difficult the test . b.doing do
4.The old lamp ............... in china is five dollars
a. make b. makes c. made
5.The woman the blue shirt is my teacher .
a.wear b. wearing c.worn
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