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Thư viện Đề thi & Kiểm tra BÀI KIỂM TRA 1 TIẾT SỐ 3 ANH 8
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Lớp 8A..... Môn Tiếng Anh lớp 8

Nhận xét

I. Choose the best option to complete these following sentences(3 pts)
1. There are daily flights to Ho Chi Minh city _________Sunday.
A. besides B. after C. on D. except
2. The flowers _________in green and yellow are five dollars.
A. wrap B. wrapped C. wraped D. wrapping
3. John is interested ________ the history of Vietnam.
A. on B. of C. in D. from
4._________you mind if I smoked? I’d rather you didn’t.
A. do B. would C. could D. can
5. _________some photos on the way to the city centre?
A. Do you mind if I took C. Do you mind if I will take
B. Do you mind if I am taking D. Would you mind if I took
6. The road is________ Nguyen Hue Street and Le Thanh Tong Street.
A. near B. between C. beside D. on
7. ___________is used to check one’s eyesight.
A. Eye-shade B. Eyeglass C. Eyepiece D. Eye chart
8. They are going to buy a map________get lost.
A. in order not to B. so as not to C. so as to not D. A and B are right
9. Would you mind _________in the front seat of the taxi?
A. sitting B. sit C. to sit D. sat
10. The girl ________chess is Lan.
A. plays B. playing C. play D. to play
11. This is the first time David __________the water buffaloes.
A. is seeing B. saw C. see D. has seen
12. Would you _________the television for me please?
A. turning off B. turn off C. to turn off D. turned off
II. Give the right form of the verbs in brackets: Simple Future or Simple Present.(1 pt)
When I see Mr. Pike tomorrow, I (give) ________________ him your regards.
He (come) _____________ and see her before I leave here.
They will call him as soon as they (arrive) _______________ in New York.
My grandmother (look after) _______________ my brother when my parents are away?
III. Rewrite these following sentences as directed (3 pts)
1. The boy is Ba. He is reading the book. (Using present participle (V-ing)
( ______________________________________________________________________
2. He always drives carefully. He doesn’t want to cause accidents. (Using in order (not) to)
( ______________________________________________________________________
3. The boy was taken to the hospital. He was injured in the accident. (Past participle (V-ed))
( ______________________________________________________________________
4. Will you turn down the TV, please? (Use ‘Would/ Do you mind + verb-ing?’ to make these requests)
( ______________________________________________________________________
5. They save money. They want to buy a house in the city. (Using so as (not) to.)
( ______________________________________________________________________
6. Could you wait a moment, please? (Use ‘Would/ Do you mind + verb-ing?’ to make these requests)
( ______________________________________________________________________

IV. Read the passage then answer true or false for each of the statement below.(2.5 pts)

Yesterday, when I was riding along a busy street, I saw an accident. A woman was knocked down when she crossed the street at a zebra crossing. Many people stopped to offer their help. A policeman arrived and asked a young man to telephone for an ambulance. While waiting for the ambulance, the policeman and some people tried to stop the bleeding. They used a handkerchief to cover the wound, then put pressure on it and held it tight. They tried to talk to her in order to keep her awake. After about ten minutes, the ambulance arrived and the woman was taken to the hospital.
a. True or false? Tick “x” to the right column


A man was knocked down when she crossed the street at a zebra crossing

A young man telephoned for an ambulance

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