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1. Here are the books! ________ is yours?
2. ______ is your name?
3. _______ is this pretty girl?
4. __________ trees grow in Portugal?
5. ________ is your telephone number?

6. ___________ is watering the plants?
7. ________is yours, the ice cream or the pie?
8. _______ colour is the pencil sharpener?
9. ________ makes your clothes?
10. ________ makes the cookie sweet?

11. _______ wants an apple?
12. ________ pencil is yours?
13. _______of you
understands this exercise?
14. _________ is the name of your science teacher?
15. ________ is your present, the green one or the yellow one?

16. _______ feeds the fish?
17. _______ is the answer to my question?
18. ______ teaches you English?
19. _______ are you studying now?
20. _______knows the answer?

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