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Thư viện Đề thi & Kiểm tra who, whom, which
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Hoàn thành câu. Dung who/which
I liked the composition. You wrote it.
The taxi driver was friendly. He took me to the airport.
The girl is happy. She won the race.
Matthew speaks Russian. He applied for the job.
I thanked the woman. She helped me.
The book is mine. It is on the table.
The movie wasn’t very good. We saw it last night.
Professor Wilson is an excellent lecturer. He teaches chemistry.
The student is from China. He sits next to me.
Hawaii ,which consists of eight principal islands, is a favorite vacation spot.
II. ĐTQH: Whom (chỉ người, thay cho túc từ) (her, him, us, you, them, me, yours, its)
ex: that is the woman. I saw her yesterday.
(that is the woman whom I saw yesterday.
Ex2: The man was Mr Jones. I met him at the party last night.
(The man whom I met at the party last night was Mr Jones.
Hoàn thành câu với đtqh “whom”
Mr Lee teaches English. I met him yesterday.
The man was very kind. I talked to him yesterday.
He gives me the tickets. He bought them yesterday. (which)
The acrobat is his uncle. We saw him on TV last night.
The woman was a tiger-tamer. You met her at the gate.
Do you know the boy? The police are looking for him.
The man is the famous doctor. We met him yesterday.
Who is the woman? Our teacher is talking to her.
The woman was a secretary. We were waiting for her.
The woman is preparing lunch for everyone. They want to see her.
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