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Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined:
1. A. funny B. lunch C. sun D. computer
2. A. photo B. going C. brother D. home
3. A. school B. teaching C. chess D. chalk
4. A. cold B. volleyball C. telephone D. open
5. A. meat B. reading C. bread D. seat
6. A. writes B. makes C. takes D. drives
7. A. never B. often C. when D. tennis
8. A. eating B. reading C. teacher D. breakfast
9. A. Thursday B. thanks C. these D. birthday
10. A. open B. doing C. going D. cold
Read the definition and write the words:
1. This person gives a lot of attention to what he/she is doing so that he/she does not have an accident, make a mistake, or damage something. ______________ (careful)
2. This person has original and unusual ideas. ______________ (creative)
3. This person is always doing a lot of homework. ___________ (hard working)
4. This person is not angry if he/she has to wait. _____________ (patient)
5. This peron likes sports and doing sports. ____________ (sporty)
6. This person likes talking very much. __________ (talkative)
7. It is a place where we borrow books. _____________ (library)
8. It is a place where we watch a film. __________ (cinema)
9. It is a place where we can look at paintings. ____________ (art gallery)
10. It is a place where they sell medicines, soap and make-up. ____________ (chemist’s)
Choose A, B, C, or D for each gap in the following sentences:
1. Phong is usually early ________ school because she gets up early.
A. on B. for C. at D. to
2. “What would you like to drink now?” –“______________________”.
A. No, thank you B. Yes, please. C. I like to do nothing D. Orange juice, please.
3. We usually play football in winter ____________ it’s cold.
A. When B. Where C. so D. time
4. Kien often ________ his bike to visit his hometown.
A. drives B. flies C. rides D. goes
5. “How are you going to get to Hung King Temple next weekend?” – “_________________”.
A. By bus B. For two days C. Sometimes D. Very much
6. It’s cold. The students __________ warm clothes.
A. wear B. wears C. wearing D. are wearing
7. Phuong is very good ________ English and History, but she doesn’t like Maths much.
A. with B. for C. to D. at
8. The children look very ____________ while playing games during break time.
A. excite B. excited C. exciting D. excitement
9. Look! The girls are _________ rope in the playground.
A. dancing B. playing C. skipping D. doing
10. - “What are you doing this afternoon?”
- “I don’t know, but I’d like to ___________ swimming.”
A. have B. do C. play D. go


I. Write full sentences ; using the suggested words and phrases given.
Annette Walkers/ my pen friend.

2. She / live / Sydney / Australia.

3. She / 13 years old / and / grade 8.

4. She/ have / younger brother / name/ Bruce Walkers.

5. She/like / music / swimming/ and/ the cinema.

6. She/ have/ fair hair/ blue eyes / very lovely.

II. Rewrite the sentences using



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