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NĂM HỌC: 2014-2015



I/ Pick out ONE best option (A, B, C or D) to complete these sentences:

1. The shirt is too short for Tom ....

A. wear                             B. wearing                               C. to wear                          D. to be worn

2. This is the ...... novel that I’ve ever read.

A. more interesting            B. most interesting                  C. interesting                      D. interestingly

3. He was accused ....... having deserted his ship.

A. of                                  B. with                                     C. in                                    D. on

4. He ...... by going out last night without his parents’ permission.

A. punished                       B. was punished                      C. was punishing                 D. punishes

5. Nothing is spoiled, ............?

A. are they                         B. is it                                      C. isn’t it                             D. aren’t they

6. If he hadn’t lost his job last year, he ........ a house of his own now.

A. can buy                         B. will buy                               C. could buy                       D. could hve bought

7. It was ..... that we all felt numb.

A. such a cold weather      B. such cold weather               C. so cold the weather        D. so cold a weather

8. Mrs. Green always .............. to work by bus.

A. goes                              B went                                     C. has gone                         D. was going

9. Without this treatment, that patient would have died.

A. If that patient didn’t follow this treatment, he would have died.

B. If that patient had use this treatment, he would have died.

C. If that patient hadn’t undergone this treatment, he would have died.

D. If that patient haven’t gone this treatment, he would have died.

10. A ........... is a person who takes people to places of interest.

A. disappeard                    B. pilot                                     C. tourist guide                 D. journalist       

11. Many species of aninals are threatened and could easily become ........

A. diappeared                    B. vanished                              C. empty                           D. extinct

12. Jim gave me a letter to post. I ............ to post it.

A. mustn’t                          B. needn’t                               C. must                              D. need

13. A .............................................

B. He is brave, witty and very kind to other people.

A. Who is he?                      B. What is he                         C. How is he like?            D. What is he like?

14. A:  ........................                                                       B. A young boy

A. Who is the main character                                             B. Whose is the main character

C. What is the main character                                            D. Where is the main character

15. We saw the money ...........................from the flat as we were coming home.

A. stealing                            B. been stolen                       C. stole                                D. stolen

16. Uzbanization and road have distroyed or seriously damaged .... habitats.

A. natural                             B. nature                               C. naturally                          D. A&B are correct

17. There are a number of measures that should ........ to protect endangered animals.

A. take                                 B. taken                                 C. takes                                D. be taken

18. Other books are for reading ......... and carefully

A. slower                             B. more slowly                      C. most slowly                     D. slowly

19. I must go to ........ post office to buy some stamps.

A. the                                   B. a                                        C. an                                     D. A&B are correct

20. Jack: “Would you like me to get a taxi?”

      Jean: “......”

A. Yes, please, if its no bother                                           B. Well, let’s see.

C. That would be delight. Thanks.                                     D. Yes, I see.

21. Jane: “It’s going to rain.”

Mary: “.....”

A. Ihope not so                                                                   B. I don’t hope either

C. I don’t hope so                                                               D. I hope so

22. A game is divided ..... quarters ranging from five to eight minutes in length.

A. in                                     B. to                                       C. on                                   D. into

23. A ban was given on all ..... trade in ivory in 1989.

A. nation                              B. internation                         C. internationally                D. international

24. As the human population grew and weapons became more ......, elephants were under greater threat.

A. advanced                         B. advancing                          C. advance                          D. advances

25. We benefit greatly ..... many medicines and other products that biodiversity provides.

A. with                                 B. after                                   C. from                               D. at


II/ Pick out ONE best option (A, B, C or D) that has the same meaning as the given.

26. People believed that you retired because of poor health.

A. You believed to have retired because of poor health.

B. You are believed to have retired because of poor health.

C. You were believed to have retired because of poor health.

D. It is believed that you retired because of poor health.

27. He’ll die if nobody brings him to hospital.

A. Unless nobody brings him to hospital, he’ll die.

B. Unless somebody brings him to hospital, he’ll die.

C. Unless somebody doesn’t bring him to hospital, he’ll die.

A. Unless nobody brings him to hospital, he won’t die.

28. They’ll have to change the date of the meeting again.

A. The date will have to be changed of the meeting again.

B. The date of the meeting will have to be changed again.

C. The date of the meeting will have to changed again.

A. The date of the meeting will have changed again.

29. Although it rained heavily, my father went to work.

A. Despite it rained heavily, my father went to work.

B. In spite heavy rain, my father went to work.

C. Despite heavy rain, my father went to work.

A. In spite of heavy rain, my father went to work.

30. “Would you like some coffee?” Peter asked me.

A. Peter asked me if I liked coffee.

B. Peter asked me to make him a cup of coffee.

C. Peter offered to invite me some coffee.

D. Peter invited me some coffee.


III/ Pick out the word whose underlined syllable is pronounced differently from the others.

31. A. house                            B. found                               C. country                        D. sound

32. A. while                            B. white                               C. which                          D. who

33. A. some                            B. come                               C. woman                        D. love


IV/ Choose the word tha has different stress syllable from that of the others.

34. A digest                             B. swallow                           C. derive                          D. survive

35. A. parrot                            B. countrymen                     C. compose                      D. penalty


V/ Choose the item among A, B, C or D that best answer the question about the passage:

         For a long time the image most people had of a gorilla was a dangerous-looking animal with big, bared teeth. But researchers studying gorillas show a very different picture of mountain gorillas. The animals are peaceful, gentle, sociable and mainly plant-eating creatures.

         Gorillas live in family groups. A typical group is led by the biggest and strongest grown-up male gorilla. He is called a silverback because the hair on a male’s back turns from black to silvery grey as he grows up. A silverback’s group usually includes one or two sub-adult males and a few females and their young.

          Moutain gorillas spend much of their time eating. Their food includes a variety of plants, along with a few kinds of insects and worms. At night the animals make a nest in grasses on the ground. Babies sleep with their mothers at night.

         Life for mountain gorillas is not always peaceful. They are endangered and threatened by civil wars in the smaller parts of Africa. Hunters kill them for food. Their forests are cut down for farmland, fuel and housing. But many scientists, forest rangers and other concerned people are working hard to protect mountain gorillas and their habitats.

36. Reserchers studying gorillas don’t show a very ....... picture of mountain gorillas.

A. different                             B. various                               C. same                            D. dangerous

37. With whom do baby gorillas sleep at night?

A. Their brothers                    B. Their fathers                      C. Their mothers              D. Their sisters

38. Hunters kill mountain gorillas because they want to have ......

A. for their skin                     B. for their nests                    C. for food                       D. for the fur they live in

39. Which of the following statements is NOT true:

A. Life for mountain gorillas is peaceful                             B. A gorilla sometimes eats worms.

C. Mountain gorillas live in Africa

D. Scineces studying gorillas show a very different picture of muontain gorillas

40. What can be leaned from the passage?

A. Muontain gorillas don’t live in groups.

B. It is found that mountain gorillas eat mainly plants.

C. Mountain gorillas are as dangerous as they look.

D. Hunters don’t kill moutain gorillas for food.


VI/ Pick out the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that needs to be corrected.

41. Neither the moon or the planet Mars has an atmosphere.

                                   A        B                  C  D

42. The suitcase seemed to get more heavier and heavier as I carried it upstairs.

                                           A            B                               C      D

43. My grandmother is very interesting in history.

       A                        B                C        D

44. It’s not easy start looking for a job at his age.

                     A     B                 C           D

45. The hotter it is, the most miserable I feel.

                A    B           C             D


VII/ Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blanks space in the following passage:

     Vietnam’s first place finish was not ... (46) ...  Firstly, to prepare for the 22nd SEA Games, Vietnam carried ...(47)... an intensive programme for its athletes, ... (48) ... included training in facilities, both home and abroad. Secondly, with the strong support of their countrymen, the Vietnamese athletes competed in high spirits. The country’s ...(49) ... has proved that Vietnam can organize ...(50) ... events on an international level. A plan has been proposed for Vietnam to host the Asian Sports Games at some point in the future.

46. A. surprise                      B. surprised                          C. surprising                      D. surprises

47. A. out                            B. in                                     C. on                                   D. with

48. A. whom                        B. which                               C. whose                            D. that

49. A. succeed                      B. successful                         C. successfully                   D. success

50. A. sport                           B. sports                               C. sporting                         D. sported




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