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Number 1 Who fixed your computer? 
A.He didn’t know anything about computers. 
B. John helped me. He’s very good at computers. 
C. I’d better buy a new computer. 
Number 2. Who made you change your mind? 
A. I couldn’t keep my mind on work. 
B.My wife made me think again. 
C. We need some changes.
Number 3. Who is your manager among those people? 
A. He’s the tall man in the black suit. 
B. Yes, he’s my manager. 
C. There are a lot of people over there. 
Number 4. Who has complained about our service? 
A. There are some complaints about our service. 
B. The service industry is becoming more and more developed. 
C. Well, unexpectedly, one of our regular customers.
Number 5.Who owns this chain of restaurants? 
A. He’s going to open his own restaurant. 
B. Mr. Leo, a very young businessman. 
C.He looks older than his age. 
Number 6.Who told you about this staff recruitment? 
A. My friend provided me with this information. 
B. Our company is recruiting 3 employees. 
C. I have already completed the staff training course.
Number 7. Who will make the opening speech at our annual conference this year? 

A. Mr. Kim, our former president. 
B. Yes, he will make the opening speech. 
C. It’s an annual conference. 
Number 8. Who has the highest income in your company? 
A. I’ll put my money in the bank. 
B. They received very high salaries. 
C. It’s Jenny. She earns a lot of money. 
Number 9. Who did you meet last night? 
A. I don’t like meat. 
B. I met my old boss. 
C. He called me last night. 
Number 10. Who taught you to make such delicious coffee? 
A. I was taught many things. 
B. Don’t drink too much coffee. 
C. I learned it from my mother.


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