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Number 1 Who's in charge of marketing? 
A.That would be Mr. Williams. 
B. No, thanks, I'll pay cash. 
C. It's a new department. 
Number 2. Who do you report to? 
A. The marketing manager. 
B.The report was due yesterday. 
C. Yes, I'm a reporter.
Number 3. Who's Mrs. Collinsworth? 
A. She's visiting here from New York. 
B. He's out for lunch now. 
C. She's a new employee in accounting. 
Number 4. Who's editing your web page? 
A. Yeah, she's doing a good job. 
B. Tracy is responsible for it. 
C. The website address is “www.nodistance.com”.
Number 5.To whom should I address the email? 
A. I’m going to the post office. 
B. Send it by email. 
C.Jack, our regular customer. 
Number 6.Who fixed the water pipe? 
A. I'd talk with Karen. 
B. He recommended me. 
C. Well, Steve did.
Number 7. Who was the first person to discover the fire? 
A. It began on the third floor. 
B. The guard discovered it. 
C. I think we’ll need a file cabinet. 
Number 8. Who did you ask for help? 
A. Please feel free to ask me for help. 
B. A colleague of mine. 
C. The interviewers often ask about the plans. 
Number 9. With whom will you have the appointment this afternoon? 
A. I will meet an important client. 
B. I didn’t tell anyone. 
C. I don’t know your phone number. 
Number 10. Who left the document on my desk? 
A. I like watching documentaries. 
B. I will pay off all my debts tomorrow. 
C. Oh, I did. Thank you so much.


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