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Unit1: Friendship
Period1 Reading

I. Objectives
By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to:
Develop such reading skill as scanning for details, specific ideas, skimming for general information, and guessing meaning in context
Use the information they have learnt to discuss the topic
II. Teaching aids
Textbook, handouts, pictures concerning to the topic……..
III. Anticipated problems
Ss may need help with discussion task so T should be ready to help them
Ss may have difficulty in reading some difficult words such as:sympathy, loyalty, suspicion,enthusiasm ………….
T may not have enough time to teach
IV. Procedure

1. Check the attendance(2m)
2. Warm up(4m)
T repairs a hangout with network of the word “friendship”

T divides the class into 8 groups and gives each group a hand out. T asks Ss to complete the net work. The winner will be the group completing the network in the shortest period of time
A. Before you read(10m)
Discussing the picture and poem
T asks the whole class to look at the picture on page 12 and asks them some questions:
1. What are girls and boys doing in the picture?
2. How do they feel?
3.What does the picture tell you?
T ask Ss to work in pairs to read the short poem on the page13 and answer the question:
What do you think of the friend in the poem
T calls on some Ss to answer the questions. T may give some comments and the suggestions:
The friend in the poem is very dedicated and thoughtful. He/She is willing to help his/her friend in any circumstances

Pre- teaching vocabulary
Lasting(a)= lifelong
Be concerned with sb/st
Rumour(n) [`ru:mə]
Gossip(n): information talk or stories about other people’s private lives that may be unkind or not true
Incapable of/ in`keipəbl/
Suspicion(n)/ sə`spi∫n/ suspicious(a)
Sympathy(n) [`simpəθi], sympathetic(asimpə`θetik/
Sorrow(n)/ `sɔrou/= sadness
T asks Ss to make some Ss to make sentences with above words to check their understanding
Have Ss practice reading the vocabulary
B. While you read
Setting the scence
You are going to read a passage about the qualities of a long lasting friendship. While you reading, do the task in the textbook
Task1 (6m)
T asks the Ss to read the words in the box then fill each blank with one of them
Ask Ss to read the passage quickly and stop the lines that contain these words to guess their meaning
T asks Ss to work individually to do the task
T goes around to help them when necessary
T asks Ss to exchange their answers with the other Ss
T asks Ss for their answers and tell then to explain their choices
Task 2(5m)
T asks Ss to read the passage again and decide which of the choices A,B,C,or D most adequately sum up the ideas of the whole passage
T gets Ss do the task individually
T might also want to give Ss some strategies to find the main idea of the passage
T calls on some Ss to give the answer and asks other Ss to say whether they agree or disagree
Task 3(10m)
Ask Ss to answers the questions in task3
T asks Ss to do the task individually to do the task, then discuss their answers with their partner
T calls some Ss to write their answers on the board and ask them to explain their choices
Correct answers:
1. The first quality for true friendship is unselfishness. It tells us that a person who is concerned only with his/her own interest and feelings can’t be a true friend
2. Because they take up and interest with enthusiasm, but they are soon tired of it and they feel the attraction of some new object
3. The third quality for true friendship is loyalty. It tells us that the two friends must be loyal to each other, and they must know each other so well that there can be no suspicions between them
4. Because if not people can’t feel safe when
telling the other their secret
5. Because they cannot keep a secret, either of their own or of others’
6. The last quality is sympathy. It tells us that to be a true friend one must sympathise with his/her friend. Where there is no mutual sympathy between friends, there is no true friendship
C. After you read(6m)
Ask Ss to work in pairs to discuss the question in the text book
T goes around to help the Ss when necessary
When all pairs have finished, T asks every two pairs to share ideas
T calls on some Ss to report



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