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ABC High School                                                 Teacher : Quỳnh                                                    

                              Lesson 29      

I. Use the correct verb tense or form.

1. Paul Carrack is a musician and a singer. He (be) _______ in the music business for over 20 years. He (start) ________ playing professionally while he (be) _______ at school. He (travel) _______ all over the world. He (have) __________ his first hit record in 1974. So far he (make) __________ a lot of records. Young people in America and Britain (know) ____________ his name and they (never forget) __________ his number-one song “The Living Years”.

2. Mike is a student, but he (not / go) _________ to school right now because it’s summer. He (attend) _________ college from September to May every year, but in the summers he (usually have) _________ a job at the post office. In fact, he (work) _________ there this summer.

3. There (be) ___________ a terrible accident on a busy downtown street yesterday. Dozens of people (see) ___________ it, including my friend, who (interview) ___________ by the police.

4. When I (get) __________ up tomorrow morning, the sun (shine) __________ , the birds (sing) __________ and my roommates (still, lie) __________ in bed fall asleep.

5. - How long (you be) __________ here ?

    - I (be) __________ since the beginning of this semester. Actually, I (arrive) __________ in the United States six months ago, but I (study) __________ English at this university since January. Before that, I (live) __________ with my brother in Washington, D.C.

    6. Jane and Felix (get) __________ married on Saturday in March. They had met only one week earlier at a party and (fall) __________ in love. Jane (ring) __________ and told her parents her news after the wedding, when Flex (move) __________ into her flat. Her parents (be) __________ surprised and angry because she (not tell) __________ them about the wedding.

7.Last night, I___________ (walk) along the street when I___________ (realize) that a man with a black beard, whom I___________ (see) three times already that afternoon, ___________ (follow) me. I___________ (be) very worried, and at last I ___________ (stop) and asked him why he___________ (follow) me. The man apolozied and told me he___________ (mistake) me for one of his friends.

   8. Nancy Mann was born in Argentina. She ___________ (study) French and German at Oxford University from 1970 to 1977. At the moment she works for the BBC World Service. She ___________ (be) with the BBC for 5 years. She ___________ (work) as an interpreter for the EU before that. She also lived and worked in Brussels for 2 years when she ___________ (work) for the EU. Now she ___________ (be) a correspondent and she ___________ (travel) all over Western and Eastern Europe, and many parts of South America.

9.We____________(arrive) in Rome at 10 o’clock yesterday morning. We___________(stay) in a little hotel not far from the city center. We______ already________(see) St. Peter’s  and tomorrow we__________(go) on a trip to Pompeii. I________(be) there before. I_________(go) to Italy quite often when I ________(be) a child, but it will be interesting to see if it__________(change) in any way.


10/ Dear Jill,



ABC High School                                                 Teacher : Quỳnh                                                    

 Here I am in New York! I ________ (be) here for two weeks now and it _______ (be) very interesting. My friend, Nancy, who I _________ (meet) in Lodon in 1982 _________ (live) in N Y for three years, so she __________ (know) all about it. Yesterday we _________ (go) to China town and __________ (eat) hot dogs there. We ________ (visit) the Statue of Liberty this Sunday.

II. Rewrite the following sentences as directed

            1. I was lent this book by my brother

            My brother ______________________________________.

 2.  The noise frightened the children

 The children ____________________________________.

            3. The crops are late this year because of the cold weather  .

 -Because _______________________________________

 4. Because his legs were injured,he walked slowly

 Because of _______________________________________

            5. He retired last month because of his illness.

 -Because he _______________________________________

 6. Would you mind   opening the door, please ?

 - Could you ________________________________________

            7. My father said to me ,” Where did you go last night ? “

 - My father __________________________________________

 8. Mary said, “I don’t think what job I’ll choose .”

 - She said ______________________________________

9. My brother had an excellent plan. He did a good job, too.

 -My brother not only_________________________________

  10/She is a faster and more careless driver than I am.

 -She drives______________________________________________________

  11/How old do you think this building is?

 -When do you think________________________________________________

  12/He is sorry now that he didn’t invite Jane to his party.

 -He wishes_______________________________________________________

  13/This furniture is so old that it is not worth keeping.

 -This is such ____________________________________________________

  14/We spent five hours getting to London.

  It took _______________________________________________________

  15/On arriving in London, I wrote a letter home.

 -When I _______________________________________________________

 16/I hope to see her at his party.

 -I’m looking ____________________________________________________

 17/The last time I saw my old friend was in 2000.

 -I haven’t_____________________________________________________

 18/That book was so bad.


 19/That factory is producing many high –quality products.

 -Many high –quality products_____________________________________

 20/Leave now or you’ll miss the train.


            21/It won’t be difficult to sing Happy  New Year song.



ABC High School                                                 Teacher : Quỳnh                                                    

 -I won’t have any _____________________________________________

 22/They cancelled their trip because of the fog.

 -Because _______________________________________________________

 23/ Because of the  heavy traffic , I sometimes come to my office late.

-Because ___________________________________________________

 24/ It is interesting to speak English.

-Speaking _________________________________________________

 25/ He is not old enough to ride a motorbike.

-He is______________________________________________________

 26/Mary didn’t come to the club because of her illness

 -Because Mary _______________________________________________

 27/He had to go to hospital because of much dust from the mines.

 -Because there _______________________________________________

 28/He gave up his job because he was too old .

 -Because of ______________________________________________

            29. He didn’t go to club yesterday, so he didn’t meet me.

 -He would_____________________________________________

 30. People say advertising is wasteful.

 -Advertising _____________________________________________

 31. I thanked the lady. This lady had shown it to me.

 -I thanked the lady wh-__________________________________

 32. Do you know the house ? The door of it are made of glass.

 -Do you know _______________________________________________?

 33/ Some people think he is a famous doctor.

 - He _______________________________________________________

 34/ We will have to sign these letters.

 - These letters ___________________________________________

 35/ Nobody told me that news.


 36. They didn’t go to the movies because of the bad weather.

 -Because the _______________________________________

 37.I recently went back to the town. I was born in that town  20 years ago.

 -I recently went back to the town  wh-________________________

 38/ The workers are going to build that bridge.

 - That bridge____________________________________________

                     39/ We were late for the play because of the long line at the ticket-                   

                     window.- Because there_______________________________________  

                     40/ I couldn’t see anything because it was so dark.


-          Because of_______________________________________________________________

III Fill in the blank with a suitable word

1/  The computer – one ______ (1) the most marvellous inventions in our modern age, has _______ (2) to be extremely helpful to man’s life since it was put in use in 1946. A computer cannot _______ (3) solve the most complex maths problems with lighting speed and perfect _______ (4) but also gather a wide range of _____ (5) for various purposes in many fields. For example, in business and industry, the computer prepares factory inventories, keeps _______ (6) of sales trends and production needs, mails dividend checks, makes out company _______(7), keeps bank accounts up to date and makes out electric bills. In _______ (8) fields it severs the computer always an important role that is unchangeable.



ABC High School                                                 Teacher : Quỳnh                                                    

2/British and American English have a lot of words which look the same but have different meanings. Nobody ever gets _________ (1) trouble if they make a mistake, although you may get a strange look if you ask for the wrong clothes. There are some American English words that the British don’t use at _______ (2). However, most of the _________ (3) between British and American English are small. You can usually understand what words _________ (4) from the context.

       3/Calculating machines have been _______ (1) for a long time. Electronic __________ (2) are comparative newcomers. They are proving so helpful. However, that although very ________(3) many thousands are in use. They can put together weather statistics, keep _______ (4) of planes and ships, land planes on air craft carries, etc. Space _______ (5) would be out of the question without them. Many special purpose computers are ______ (6) built. Some are being used in _______(7).   Computers are sometimes _______(8) electronic brains. However, they can do nothing with the _______ (9) and figures they are not ______ (10) to do.

  4/     Computers are sometimes called electronic brains. Writers often joke(1) ______ a time in the future (2) ________ computers will do all our thinking for us. The idea is foolish. Computers can (3) ________ plan and build themselves. They cannot gather facts and figures they are not built (5) _________ do. But these machines are wonderful proof of (6) _______ clever people are at working out ways of helping themselves.

  5/People can go on learning until they are eighty or ninety. There is really no (1) _________ limit. Many elderly people go to language centres. They want to learn (2) _________ foreign language.

 People are never too old (3) ________ learn. It is true that we can go (4) ________ learning until the day we die.

IV. Make the correct choice:

  1. Mathematics _________ in schools.

         a. teach            b. is taught       c. taught              d. was taught

  2. Apples are more expensive than bananas. Bananas aren’t _______ apples.

         a. cheap as       b. cheaper than         c. as expensive as         d. expensive than

  3. My computer hasn’t ________ since last week.

         a. working       b. work            c. works            d. worked

  4. The fresh air in the countryside is good for our ___________.

         a. health          b. healthy         c. healthily        d. healthful

  7. Do you know the building ________ windows are painted green?

         a. whose         b. which            c. that                 d. who

  8. Lots of people not only own microcomputers but also _______ how to use them.

         a. what            b. to                  c. when               d. know

  9. _________ the bad weather, the match was delayed.

         a. Because      b. Although      c. Since               d. Despite

  10. The weather is ________ than it was yesterday.

         a. more pleasant         b. as pleasant             c. pleasant            d. pleasanter

 11. Can computer __________ our brains? – No, I don’t think so.

         a. replace         b. place        c. take place          d. be replaced

  12. __________ are sometimes called thinking machines.

         a. Newspapers        b. Magazines          c. televisions           c. computers



ABC High School                                                 Teacher : Quỳnh                                                    

  13. A computer ________ can do simple computations _______ lightning speed and perfect accuracy.           a. on               b. for            c. at              d. with

  14. a computer can gather a wide range of information _________ many purposes.

         a. in                b. at              c. for            d. form

  15. How we use them is ________ us, not the computer, to decide.

         a. with            b. for            c. from         d. to

  16. Even though they are taking ________ some of the tasks that were once accomplished by our   brain, computer are not replacing us.

         a. over            b. to             c. up             d. off

  17. For the scientist it can get information __________ outer space or from the depths of the ocean.         a. from           b. for           c. to              d. in

  18. It can multiply two-ten digit numbers ________ 1/1000 second.

         a. in               b. with         c. without      d. at

  19. Writers often joke about the time in the future _______ computers will do all our thinking for us.

         a. that            b. which       c. when          d. whose

20.They have been playing football ______ three o’clock.

 a.for   c.since  d.during

21.She learns English ______ get a job in a foreign company. that order that c.and order to

22.It will take a long time to find out a thorough solution to the problem of pollution.                            b.invent              c.find                           d.look at

23.Better methods of refrigeration depend ______ engineers.

 a.of   b.on   c.with

24.It is very kind  ______ you to help me.   b.with   c.about           d.of   

25.What is the reason ______ your absence ?

 a.why   b.about  c.with  d.for

26.Jane ______ better take care. The roads are very busy.

 a.had   b.should be  d.would be

27.I’ve got a few questions ______.

 a.asking you order to ask c. to ask you  d. for asking you

28.We ______ her a happy birthday.

 a.wished  b.told  c.said  d.wanted

29. The guide walked so ______ that most of the party couldn’t keep up with him. a.lively                            b.rapid                            c.quick    

  30. Calculating machines have been used _________ a long time.

         a. since          b. with         c. ago             d. for

   31. She is a good typist. She types fast and ___________.

         a. accurate     b. accuracy    c. accurately          d. correct

  32. Violence is not the best __________ to an argument.

         a. solute         b. solution          c. solve           d. grown

  33. Toys are necessary for the mental __________ of children.

         a. grow          b. grew               c. growth        d. grown

  34. ________ progress is constantly opening  up new horizons.

         a. scientific   b. science            c. scientist      d. scientifically

  35. I can’t understand. Would you ask him to speak _________?

         a. clear         b. clearly              c. more clearly           d. more clear



ABC High School                                                 Teacher : Quỳnh                                                    

  36. ________ he studies hard, he’ll fail the next exam.

         a. Unless     b. If                       c. Although                 d. Because

  37. If you _______ 56 by 8, you get 7.

         a. add          b. subtract             c. multiply                  d. divide

  38. She is a secretary but she can’t write in ________ .

         a. longhand      b. big shot        c. big name            d. shorthand

  39. What is the ________ river in the world?

         a. longer          b. longest          c. long                    d. more long

  40. The computer has been in use since 1946.

         a. using             b. useless            c. useful            d. used

  41 . The computer can keep bank accounts ________.

         a. up to date      b. out of date      c. fashionable   d. out of fashion

   42. The computer has been considered as the marvel ________ the machine age.

         a. in                   b. at                    c. of                  d. on

    43. At times computers seem almost human.

         a. sometimes      b. sometime      c. At times     d. many times

    44. Some computers can work 500,000 times ________ any person can.

         a.faster than        b. more faster than faster as      d. more fastly than

    45. Our brains are_________ than a computer.

         a. complexer      b. more complex        c. complex          d. more complexer

    46. Flying is ________ than going by car

         a. slower            b. quicker                   c. more quickly   d. more slowly

    47. He doesn’t ski _________ as his sister.

         a. as good          b. as well                     c. so good           d. good

    48. She plays the piano ________ anybody else in her class.

         a. more beautifully     b. more beautiful   c. more beautiful than  d. more beautifully than

 49.John ______ in getting a visa to go to Spain.

 a.was difficult  b.was difficulty c.had difficulty   d.met difficulty

  1.                        The computer, the marvel _____ the machine age, has been____ use since 1946.        b. of/in        c. In/ of                d. Of/from

51. A computer can do simple computations –add, subtract, multiply, and divide __________ lightning speed and perfect accuracy.

a. in                  b. of                           c. with                   d.  from

52. It can multiply two 10-digit numbers ________ 1/1,000 second

a. in                  b. for                          c. with                  d.  into

 53. Some computers can __________ 500,000 times faster than any person can.

a. do                 b. make                         c. work                  d.  decide

 54.Computer is given a “Program” – that is, a carefully worked-out set _______ instructions devised _________ a technician trained in computer language

a. in /of                 b. of /by                  c. with/by                  d.  Into/of

 55. A computer can gather a wide range _____ information _________ many purposes.

a. of/of                 b. of /in                  c. with/in               d.  of/for

56.For the scientist it can get information _____ outer space or _____ the depths of the ocean.

a. in /in              b. from/in                  c. from/from                  d.  of/of

57._________ business and industry the computer prepares factory inventories, keeps track _______sales trends and production needs



ABC High School                                                 Teacher : Quỳnh                                                    

a. In /of            b. From/of                  c. From/for                 d.  At/of

58.  A computer can mails _________ checks, and makes out company payrolls.

a. division            b. dividend                c. decision                 d.  devidend

59. It can keep bank accounts _________and make out electric bills.

a. up out date     b.  up to dated           c. up to date            d. out of date

60.If you are planning a trip by plane, the computer will find out what route to take and what _________ is available.

a. space                b.  pace                        c. spaced                   d. paced

61. ___________ times computers seem almost human.

a. In                  b. Of                           c. At                   d.  Since

62. Computers can “read” handprinted letters, play chess, compose music, write plays, and __________ design other computers.

a. event             b.  even                        c. invent                   d. invent

63. Is it any _________ that they are sometimes called “thinking” machines?

a. wonders             b. wonderfully       c. wonderful             d. wonder

64.  Even though they are taking ________some of the tasks that were once accomplished ______ our own brains, computers are not replacing us

a. At /of            b. Over/in                 c. Over/by               d.  At/by

65. Our brains has   more than 10 _________ cells. A computer has only a few __________ thousand parts.

a. billion/hundred  b.hundred/billion  c. Million/hundred   d.  billion/million  

66. For some time _____ come, then, we can safely say that our brains are ____least 10,000 times more complex than a computer.

a. to/of            b. to/at                 c. for/of               d.  for/at

67. How we use them it ________us, not the computer, ______ decide.

a. for/in            b. for/at                 c. for/of               d.  for/to

      68.___________________is related to mathematical ideas  stated in letters and signs

a. Algebra           b. Geometry                c. Arithmetic                        d. Calculus

69. We call simple calculation with numbers _____________.

a. algebra           b. geometry                c. arithmetic                        d. calculus

70. He is very good at mathematics. He can ___________ difficult problems easily

a. solution           b. solve                    c. solving                              d. solute

V.  Read the passage and decide whether the sentence is true (T) or false ( F )

If you are invited to someone’s house in America for dinner, you should bring a gift, such as a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates. If you give your host a wrapped gift, he/she may open it in front of you. Opening a present in front of the gift-giver is considered polite. It shows that the host is excited about receiving the gift and wants to show his/her appreciation to you immediately. Even if the host doesn’t like it, he/she will tell a “white lie” and say how much they like the gift to prevent the guest from feeling bad.

 If your host asks you to arrive at a particular time, you should not arrive exactly on time or earlier than the expected time, because this is considered to be potentially inconvenient and therefore rude, as the host may not be ready.

  1. [T] [F] If your host asks you to arrive at a particular time, you should arrive exactly on time
  2. [T] [F] If you are invited to someone’s house in America for dinner, you should bring a gift, such as chocolate or flowers
  3. [T] [F] Opening a present in front of the gift-giver isn’t considered impolite.



ABC High School                                                 Teacher : Quỳnh                                                    

  1. [T] [F] Opening a present shows that the host is excited about receiving it
  2. [T] [F] The host will say how much they like the gift to prevent the guest from feeling bad.
  3. [T] [F] . If you give your host a wrapped gift, he/she may open it after you leave
  4. [T] [F] You should not arrive earlier than the expected time
  5. [T] [F] Opening a present in front of the gift-giver is  polite.


VI Fill in the blank

     A. Schools teach mathematics because (1) __________ an important role in our lives. It is(2) ________ for students because it help them research. Scientists(3) ________ on mathematics because it is used in all(4) _________ of study. One recent advance in mathematics is the(5) ________ of calculating machines, or great electronic computers. (6) _______ a few seconds a computer can (7a) ________problems(8) _______ might take a man years to(7b) ________ alone.




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