( UNITS 10 – 11 – 12)
Read the text and choose the correct answer A, B, or C for each of the questions.
What will our houses in the future be like?
In the future, the places we live in and the ways we live will change a lot. Our houses will be more eco-friendly. We will use wind energy or solar energy. We will use our voices to control our houses. It will make our lives more comfortable. There will be underground cities. There will be cities in the air and on other planets, too. We will have to build cities there because there will be too many people and not enough land for houses or buildings.
Work in groups. Take turns to describe your future house and try to persuade your group members to live in it. Who has the best future house in your group?
My future house will be in / on / at ...
It’ll be a villa / a country house /an apartment ...
It’ll be big / small ...
There will be ...
Listen and tick () what people from the Youth Eco-Parliament advise us Track to do for our environment.

Audio script
Write a paragraph of 50-60 words about what you think we should do to improve the environment. Use the ideas from 3 or your own ideas.
I think we can do many things to improve the environment around us. Firstly, ...
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