Teacher : Lê Thị Hồng Quế
September, 2021
Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others:
A. machine B. change
C. chore D. choose

2. A. generous B. bridge
C. generally D. garage

3. A. success B. mutual
C. pursuit D. sincere
/∫ /
/ tʃ /
/ tʃ /
/ tʃ /
/ dʒ /
/ dʒ /
Choose the word whose main stress pronounced differently from the others:
Choose the best option of words :
4. Many of the stories are based ___________ rumor.
A. at B. in C. on D. under

5. My mom is always bad-tempered when I leave my room untidy.
A. feeling embarrassed B. talking too much
C. very happy and satisfied D. easily annoyed or irritated

⇒ (to) be based on: dựa vào
⇒ Bad-tempered(adj.)=annoyed=irritated:tức giận, cáu tiết
6. I was very__________ when my mom kept calling me “honey” in front of my friends.
A. embarrassing B. embarrassed
C. embarrassment D. embarrassingly

7. He`s a(n) __________ man. He always helps people without thinking of any benefit.
A. selfish B. incapable C. unselfish D. mutual

8. Please try to be ___________ to our guests.
A. pleased B. pleasantly C. pleasant D. please
⇒ unselfish (adj.): không ích kỷ
⇒ S chỉ người + Vbe +adj./Ved
⇒be + adj.→ pleasant (adj.): vui vẻ
9. ‘How are you doing?” _ “ ____________________.”
A. Great. Thanks. B. Yes, I am.
C. I’m reading a novel. D. I’m afraid not.

10. ‘How about going to the theater?` `OK,` but I would rather ________ a concert.`
A. attend B. to attend
C. attending D. have attended
⇒ How are you doing?: bạn khỏe không?
⇒ would rather + V0 : thích hơn
11. Last night, we saw a meteor ________ through the sky.
A. streaked B. to streak C. streak D. to have streaked

12. It`s possible _______ a train across Canada.
A. take B. to take C. taking D. to be taken

13. Before we leave, let`s have Shelley ________ a map for us so we won`t get lost.
A. draw B. to draw C. drawing D. drawn
⇒ See + O + V0
⇒ have + Ongười + V0: nhờ ai làm việc gì
⇒ It’s + be + adj. + to V
14. Clay that has been heated or fired in a kiln cannot to be softened again.

15. It is educational for children to observe adults to perform their daily tasks

⇒ will, would, shall , should, can, could + V0
⇒ observe + O + V0 : quan sát
Read the passage and choose one correct answer for each question:
My name’s Mandi. Three months ago, I went to disco where I met a boy called Tom. I guessed he was older than me, but I liked him and thought it didn’t matter. We danced a couple of times, then we chatted. He said he was 18, then asked how old I was. I told him I was 16. I thought that if I told him my real age, he wouldn’t want to know me, as I’m only 13.
After the dicso we arranged to meet the following weekend. The next Saturday we went for a burger and had a real laugh. Afterwards he walked me to my street and kissed me goodnight. Things went really well. We see each other a couple of times a week, but I’ve had to lie to my parents about where I’m going and who with. I’ve always got on with them, but I know if they found out how Tom was they’d stop me seeing him.
Now I really don’t know what to do. I can’t go on lying to my parents every time I go out, and Tom keeps asking he can’t come around to my house. I’m really worried and I need some advice.

16.Why has Mandi written this?
to describe her boyfriend
B. to prove how clever she is
C. to explain a problem
D. to defend her actions
17. Who is she writing to?
her boyfriend B. her parents
C. a teenage magazine D. a school friend
18. Why is Mandi worried?
A. She’s been telling lies.
B. Tom has been behaving strangely.
C. She’s not allowed to go to disco.
D. Her parents are angry with her.
19. Why can’t Tom come to Mandi’s house?
A. She doesn’t want her parents to meet him. B. Her parents don’t like him.
C. He’s nervous of meeting her parents.
D. She doesn’t want him to see where she lives.
20. Which of these answers did Mandi receive?
A. Tell me what you really feel.
B. You must start by being honest with everyone.
C. Everyone’s unfair to you.
D. Don’t worry. I’m sure Tom will change his mind.
Các cấu trúc cần nhớ:
1. (to) be based on: dựa vào
2. Bad-tempered(adj.)=annoyed=irritated: tức giận
4. unselfish (adj.): không ích kỷ
3. S chỉ người + Vbe +adj./Ved
5. be + adj.→ pleasant (adj.): vui vẻ
6. How are you doing?: bạn khỏe không?
7. would rather + V0 : thích hơn
8. can, See, observe + O + V0
10. have + Ongười + V0: nhờ ai làm việc gì
9. It’s + be + adj. + to V
-copy all the lesson into your notebooks.
- Learn all the rules by heart.
Thanks for your attention!
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