Unit 13. Hobbies

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Nội dung

Group 4
There are 11 members in our group
Thiên Lan
Nguyễn Hương
Thúy Quỳnh
Việt Hải
Dương Vân
Hoàng Hương
Bùi Quỳnh
Phương Thảo
Xuân Thơ
Thu Hà
Nguyễn Thị Như Quỳnh
What do you do in your free time?
Going shopping
Talking to your friends
Selfie with your friends
Member 1:
Thiên Lan
I like reading books
Especially novels
I like reading novels, because:
Firstly, novels help me understand myself better.
Secondly, they help me understand life more.
Thirdly, when I read novels, I enrich with my soul.
My favorite novels are
Coffee waiting for a person
After a sunbeat
Strawberry Night
I often read novels when I’m alone in a quiet place.
=> Novel is my best friend
Member 2:
Nguyễn Hương
I read a lot of books but I like reading science most.
Science books often write about the universe, space, time...
So it helps me better understand interesting thing in life, natural phenomena, or human explanations...
The book has become my dear friend.
Member 3:
Thúy Quỳnh
Benefits of reading foreign language books
Reading helps me improve my vocabulary and learns the culture of the countries.
Reading is such a good habit which healthy for your brain and keeps your brain functioning actively.
My hobby is reading book, especially foreign language books in my square time.
My favourite book is "Harry Porter". While reading books, no one can feel disturb or alone.
Member 4:
Việt Hải
My hobby is seeing the movie. I watch many kinds of film such as cartoon, action film, science fiction film, horror film…
Horror film
Action film
However, I extremely indulge in science fiction film.
In my opinion, the best science fiction film is ‘Avatar’.
Member 5:
Dương Vân
My hobby is listening to music.
Specially Kpop music
My idol is Girls’ Generation – a girlgroup of Korea.
I`m interested in listening to music alone or with my sister. I just love listening to music so much.
Member 6:
Hoàng Hương
My favorite kind of music is ballad. When I’m tired, I listen to the soft melodious music, the tiredness will be relieved.
Ballad songs often express our mood and emotions.
I often listen to Vietnamese music, especially the songs of Soobin Hoang Son.
Member 7:
Bùi Quỳnh
The hobby I like most is listening to music..
I usually listen to music in the morning. It makes me so happy to start a new day.
My favorite singer is Bruno Mars. His song is very romantic. And Ed Sheerran’s new song is “Shape of you” which is topping in Billboard 100.
Member 8:
Phương Thảo
Playing badminton is good for my health, it makes me stronger and helps me to relax after all day long
I like playing badminton. After the lesson at the class, I play badminton with my friends.
Member 9:
Xuân Thơ
I enjoy cooking.
Cooking is the only thing which I know how to do best and I usually cook for my family, relatives, friends or people whom I know. Cooking also enables me to expand my creativity.
I can cook the vegetable soup, sweet sour pork ribs, steamed wheat flour cake, grilled fish,...

Member 10:
Nguyễn Hà
I like watching football match.
When I was a child, I was interested in playing football with my friends. I was a player in my local club. Now, I usually watch football match with my family, friends at the weekend.
My favorite team is Real Madrid Club.
My idol is C. Ronaldo.
Thanks for listening