Luc Ngan high school No 4
Mr Vu Thanh Tung
English 12
Bài Dự thi Thiết Kế Giáo Án Điện Tử
Each sentence has a mistake. Find the mistake by underlining it then give the correct answer.

When I will see him tomorrow, I’ll give him you address.
Do you know what he did after he has eaten his breakfast?
Can you help me while I was away?
will see -> see
has -> had
was -> am
Unit 16: The Association of
Southeast Asian Nations
Lesson 5: Language Focus
I. Intonation: The rising-falling tune.
II. Grammar: Adverbial clause of time.
I. Intonation: The rising –falling tune.
Practise reading these sentences with the rising-falling tone. Notice that prominent words are in capital letter.
1.Do you live in a HOUSE or in a FLAT?
2. Is Jane a TEACHER or a STUDENT?
3. Would you like some TEA or COFFEE?
4. Is the baby a BOY or a GIRL?
5. Shall we go by BUS or by TRAIN?
7. Are you COMING or NOT?
8. Is your sister OLDER or YOUNGER than you?
9. Do you want to have lunch NOW or wait till LATER?
10. Did ITALY or BRAZIL win the World Cup?
Adverbial clause of time.
Complete each of the following sentences, using a suitable adverbial clause of time in the box. Use each clause once only.
while they were on holiday - as long as imperialism exists
whenever we are in Hanoi - after the war was over
before you leave - as he walked away
when I see Mary tomorrow - till you get back
as soon as she arrives in Ho Chi Minh city.
Example: ________________ I’ll invite her to our party
When I see Mary tomorrow, I’ll invite her to our party.
Work in pair
1.She’ll phone you ___________________
2. ________________we started rebuilding the country.
3. They met a lot of people _____________
4. _____________ don’t forget to turn off the light.
5. I’ll stay ______________________
6. We’ll come to see you ______________
7. There is a danger of war _______________
8. Tom sang a merry song ________________
as soon as she arrives in Ho Chi Minh City
After the war was over
while they were on holiday.
Before you leave
till you get back.
whenever we are in Hanoi.
as long as imperialism exists.
as he walked away.

Supply the correct tense form of the verbs in brackets.
I’ll help you with your homework as soon as I (do) my own.
I’ll help you with your homework as soon as I have done my own

Work in pair
are playing
1. When he (arrive)_______, he will tell us about the match.
2. Before the head teacher (arrive)_______ ,I’ll give the guests their tea.
3. Peter and John are going to play tennis tonight. While they (play)_____________, we’ll go to the beach.
4. Since they (get)_______ married, they have moved their house twice.
5. As soon as I (finish)____________, I’ll give you a call.
6. After he (graduate)__________ from university, he joined the army
7. Can you look after the children while I (be)_____ out?
8. When I (read)__________this novel, you can have it.
have finished
have read

Main Clause
Adverbial clause of time
Present simple
Present simple
Present continuous
Present perfect
Future simple
Past simple
Past simple
Past continuous
Past perfect
Exercise 3:
Combine two sentences, using one as an adverbial clause of time
You are going to leave soon. You must visit Ha Long Bay before that
You must visit Ha Long Bay before you leave
Work in pair
1. It’s going to start raining. Let’s go out before that
Let’s ____________ before__________
2. I’ll find somewhere to live. Then I’ll give you my address.
I _______________ when ____________ 3.He had done his homework. Then he went to bed.
After he ______________, _________
Let’s go out before it starts raining
I’ll give you my address when I have found somewhere to live
After he had done his homework, he went home
4. We’ll make our decision. Then we’ll let you know.
____________ as soon as _____________
5. I left school (3 years ago). I haven’t met them since then.
I ______________ since ________ ______.
6. Robert was doing the examination. He suddenly began to fell ill during the examination
Robert ____________ while ____________
We’ll get you know as soon as we have made our decision
I haven’t met them since I left school
Robert suddenly began to feel ill when he was doing examination
Rewrite the exercise 1, 2, 3 in notebooks.
Thank you for your attention.
nguon VI OLET