Life in big cities
Discuss and choose the words/ phrases below and define what are the Advantages or Disadvantages of living in big cities.

- air pollution - better transport service
- good education - high cost of living
- higher standard of living - jobless
- job opportunities - noisy
- overcrowded - slums
good education
higher standard of living
job opportunities
better transport service
air pollution
high cost of living
- jobless
1. Read a conversation between two friends about life in big cities. What features do they mention? Are they positive or negative?
A. Positive features:
-There are more employment opportunities.
-People have chances to get high-paying jobs.
-People’s standard of living is higher.
B. Negative features:
-Big cities are overcrowded and overpopulated.
-Many people are jobless/ unemployed.
-Some people live in slums.
We like life in the big city more than that in the countryside for a number of reasons.
- Firstly, jobs are more available in big cities.
- Secondly, living in big cities is a lot more interesting and fun.
- Lastly, living in big cities, people can enjoy better education, public transportation, and health care service.

All members of our group think that rural life is better than urban life.
- We all agree that the cost of living is much cheaper in rural areas.
- People are also more friendly and helpful.
- We can live in an environment with little or no pollution.
In addition, the crime rate is fairly low compared to the city.
The only problem is that people have little access to modern facilities and technology.
-> It is important that the government invest more in rural areas so that people there can have the same opportunities as people in the cities.
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