Teacher : Lê Thị Hồng Quế
September, 2021
What are these people doing ?
They are giving
Here are some common phrases and expressions you can you use for giving and receiving compliments in English:
Giving Compliments:
1. I have never seen such a …
2. What + a / an + adj. + N + S + V!
3. How + adj. / adv. + S + V!
4. Congratulations!
* Accepting:
1. Thank you. That’s a nice compliment.
2. Thanks. It’s nice of you to say so.
3. I’m glad you like it.
4. Thank you for saying so.
* Rejecting:
1. You’ve got to be kidding! I thought it was terrible.
2. You must be kidding!
3. Thank you, but it really isn’t anything special.
- Linda: “Your hairstyle is terrific, Mary!”
- Mary: “___________ .”
Yes, all right.
B. Thanks, Linda. I had it done yesterday.
C. Never mention it.
D. Thanks, but I’m afraid.
2. - “Congratulations on your great achievement!”_ “…………….”
I am not so sure but any time.
B. That doesn’t make sense to me.
C. It’s absolutely nonsense.
D. Thank you very much.
3. Peter’s teacher is commenting on his essay.
-Teacher: “Peter, you’ve written a much better essay this time.”
- Peter: “_______________”
A. Writing? Why? B. Thank you. It’s really encouraging.
C. You’re welcome. D. What did you say? I’m so shy.
4. Daisy and Mary are talking about Mary’s new dress.
Daisy: “That’s a very nice dress you’re wearing.”
Mary: “________________________________”
A. How a compliment! B. That’s all right.
C. It’s nice of you to say so. D. I like you said so.
5. “Congratulations to you on passing the math exam.”
_ “ _________”
A. You’re welcome B. Never mind
C. Don’t mention it D. Thanks a lot
6.- Tim: “Wow! You look terrific in that new dress!”
- Lisa: “ _________”
A. Oh, what a pity!
B. I’m afraid so!
C. Thank you. I’m glad you think so.
D. Why dare you say so?
7. Hung: "How nice! You sang so beautifully!"
- Giang:" _____________ ."
A. Thank you. I am exhausted.
B. Thank you. But I am busy.
C. Thank you. But I am not so sure.
D. Thank you. It’s very encouraging.
8.- Kelly: “How lovely your dogs are!”
- Tim: “ _____________ ”
A. Really? They are.
B. Thank you, it is nice of you to say so.
C. Can you say that again?
D. I love them very much.
9. Carol is wearing a new dress and Helen loves it.
Helen: “ _____________ ”
- Carol: “Thanks. I’m glad you like it. My sister gave it to me yesterday.”
A. What a fashionable dress you are wearing!
B. Oh! I don’t like your fashionable dress.
C. I think you have a fashionable dress.
D. Your fashionable must be expensive.
10. Lien was walking her dogs in the park, she met Lan accidentally.
Lan: “How lovely your pets are!”
Lien: “ _______ .”
A. Thank you, it`s nice of you to say so
B. Really? They are
C. Can you say that again
D. I love them, too
11. Ms. Brook and Ms. Barack are talking about Ms. Barack’s son.
Ms. Book: “_______.”
Ms. Barack: “Thank you. We are proud of him.”
A. Your child is just adorable!
B. Can we ask your child to take a photo?
C. Your kid is naughty.
D. I can give your kid a lift to school.
12. Two friends Diana and Anne are talking about Anne’s new blouse.
Diana: “That blouse suits you perfectly”
Anne: “ .”
A. Nevermind B. Don’t mention it
C. Thank you D.You’re welcome
13. Daisy is talking to Mary about the house.
Daisy:" What a lovely house you have!"
Mary: "__________ "
A. Of course not, it`s not costly. B. No problem.
C. I think so. D. Thank you. Hope you will drop in.
14. Meggy is complimenting Marie on her new dress.
Meggy: “Wow! What a nice dress you are wearing!”
Marie: “_______”
A. Certainly. Do you like it, too?
B. I like you to say that.
C. Yes, of course. It’s expensive.
D. Thanks. My mother bought it for me.
15. The teacher is talking to Laura about her presentation in class today.
Teacher: “ Your speech this morning was beyond my expectation.”
Laura: “_________________________________”
A. Thanks. Without your help, I couldn’t have.
B. Are you kidding me? It’s terrible.
C. It’s OK. It was the least I could do.
D. That’s alright. I’m glad I could help.
16.- “What a terrific hair you are wearing!” - “__________.”
A. I have no idea. B. Thanks. It is a nice compliment.
C. Nothing special. D. Yes, of course.
17. Marry and Janet are at the dancing club.
- Marry: “You are a great dancer. I wish I could do half as well as you.”
- Janet: “_______. I`m an awful dancer.”
A. You`re too kind. B. That`s a nice compliment!
C. You`ve got to be kidding! D. Oh, thank you very much
18. Mai: "How fashionable a pair of trainers you have!”
Nam: "_________________."
A. Do you want to know where I bought them?
B. Thanks for your compliment.
C. I know it`s fashionable.
D. Yes, of course.
19. A: "What a beautiful wedding dress you are wearing today, Daisy!"
B: “____________________.”
A. I`m sorry to hear that. B. Thanks, it`s nice of you to say so.
C. Don`t mention it. D. Thanks for your gift!
20. “How beautiful is the dress you have just bought!” Peter said to Mary.
A. Peter complimented Mary on her beautiful dress.
B. Peter said thanks to Mary for her beautiful dress.
C. Peter promised to say thanks to Mary for her beautiful dress.
D. Peter asked Mary how she had just bought her beautiful dress.
21. - “Congratulations!” – “__________.”
A. You are a good friend C. Thank you
B. You are welcome D. I`m glad to say this.
22. Mai is talking to Susan
- Mai: “Our living standards have been improved greatly.”
- Susan: “_________________.”
A. Thank for saying so B. Sure. I couldn’t agree more
C. No, it’s nice to say so D. Yes, It’s nice of you to say so
23. John and Mike are talking about Mike’s new car.
John: “_______”
Mike: “Thanks. I’m glad to hear that.”
A. Where did you buy your car? B. What a nice car!
C. Your car is new, isn’t it? D. My car is very expensive.
24. Hanh: “It`s very generous of you to offer to pay!”
Quan: “_______________.”
A. I`m glad you like it. B. Thanks a million.
C. That was the least I could do. D. You can say that again.
25. Tom and Tony are talking about a tennis game.
Tom: “I thought your tennis game was a lot better today, Tony.”
Tony: “_____! I thought it was terrible.”
You`ve got to be kidding B. You can say that again
C. No, I think so D. Thanks! Same to you

Make dialogues to practice giving and responding to compliments, using the cues below:
A nice pair of glasses
A new and expensive watch
A new cell phone
A modern good-looking pair of shoes
A fashionable jacket
1. I have never seen such a …
2. What + a / an + adj. + N + S + V!
3. How + adj. / adv. + S + V!
-copy all the lesson into your notebooks.
- Learn all the new words by heart.
- Prepare Lesson 3. LISTENING.
Thanks for your attention!
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