What are the pictures about?
They are about picnics.
1. When is the best time for a picnics?
Work in pairs:
3 What do people often do at picnics?
4. Do you often go to picnics?
2. Where do people often go for picnics?
Unit 6:
* Listen & repeat
It is a glorious day
 Glorious / `glɔ:riəs / (a)
How is the weather?
Huy hoàng, rực rỡ
How is the food?

 It’s very delicious /di`liʃəs/
Thơm ngon
 Spacious / `spei∫əs / (a)= large
The stadium is spacious
Thoáng đãng
How is the stadium ?
guitar /gi’ta:/
 Left- overs (n,pl ) :
Phần thừa,
phần còn lại
What are these ?
 Botanical Garden / bə`tænikəl `gɑ:dn / (n)
Vườn bách thảo
Where is this ?
What are they doing?
At the school gate

= gather /`gæðə/ (v)
tụ tập
glorious / `glɔ:riəs/ (a)
destination /,desti`nei∫n/ (n)
tour / tuə / (n)
delicious / di`li∫əs / (a)
spacious/ `spei∫əs /(a)= large
guitar / gi’tɑ:/ (n)
left-overs / `left`ouvəz / (n)
Botanical Garden / bə`tænikəl `gɑ:dn / (n)
assemble/ə`sembl/= gather /`gæðə/ (v):

Huy hoàng, rực rỡ
Điểm đến, nơi đến
Chuyến đi
Thơm ngon
Thoáng đãng
Phần thừa, phần còn lại
Vườn bách thảo
Đàn ghi ta
tụ tập
= stopping place
Checking vocabulary: Matching.
Unit 6:
* Listen & repeat
Task 1: Listen and number the pictures in the order you hear.
What can you see in this picture?
Where are they?
What are they doing?
What are they doing?
Where are they?
What are they doing?
Task 3:
True or false Correct the false information
1. They played a lot of games on a spacious piece of grassland
2. One of the boys brought along his piano
3. They laughed, talked and danced, too.

6. They didn’t feel happy.
5.In the afternoon, They went on playing soccer.
4. After a delicious meal, some of their slept very soundly
Listen again and fill in the blanks with the words you hear
The weekend picnic I enjoyed most was just ............. weeks ago.
My class decided to pay ................ to the Botanical Garden.
We met at the ....................... on time.
The Botanical Garden was a very .................... place.
We made a short ................ round the garden.
Task 2
Suppose that your class could go for a picnic this weekend, what would your plan be?

work in groups

Think of your plan by answering these questions
Where to go?
How to go there? Bus or bike?
What kind of food to bring?
What to do there?
What to bring along:
when we go to picnic
What do we should do to protect the environment?
-We don’t throw trash on the street.
-We don’t destroy the forests and trees.
-We should put our trash in a trash can
-If there aren’t any trash cans we should put it in a bag and take it home.
-We should collect paper,empty bottles, can… and recycle them.

Work in groups: Discuss the question:
If your class could go for a picnic this weekend, what would your plan be?

Suggested questions:
1.Where would you go for a
picnic this weekend?
2. How would you get there?
3.What would you bring along?
4. What would you do at the picnic?

car/ motorbike,…
food, soft drink, water, fruits, a camera,….
play games, sing, and dance,...
we would have a picnic to .........
We would go there by ...
We would bring ...
We would ...
Suggested answers:
Halong Bay
 Learn by heart all the new words.
Write a paragraph (100 words) telling about a picnic that you joined in.
Remember to do your homework!
 Prepare for the next class - writing lesson.
for coming with us and
nguon VI OLET