Unit 6. Competitions

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Nội dung

Welcome to class 11A4
I. pronunciation
/tr/ /dr/ /tw/
Practice reading aloud these sentences
1 John always enjoys travelling by train.
2 Jane’s teeth are troubling her.
3 George is driving dangerously.
4 Her new dress is an absolute dream.
5 She has an amusing twinkle in her eyes.
6 Think twice before doing something.
II. Reported speech with gerund

1, She thanked him for helping her.
V + O + PREP + V-ING

Thank you

2, She apologized for being late.

3, He suggested going to the beach.
1. V+ O+ PREP+ V-ING.
2. V+ PREP+ V-ING.
3. V+ V-ING
USE: To report apology, accusation, suggestion, admittance, thanks
1 V + O+ PREP+ V-ING

Accuse sb of doing sth
Blame sb for doing sth
Criticize sb for doing sth
Warn sb against doing sth
Warn sb about doing sth
Praise sb for doing sth
Thank sb for doing sth
Prevent sb from doing sth
Stop sb from doing sth
Congratulate sb on doing sth
2. V + PREP +V-ing
Apologize for doing sth
Admit to doing sth
Confess to doing sth
Complain about doing sth
Insist on doing sth
Dream of doing sth
3. V+ V-ing
Change the personal pronouns,
possessive pronouns, possessive adjectives.

1. “Thank you very much for telling me the truth”, he said.
 He thanked me for telling him the truth.
Thank you

2. “It was your fault, you gave us unclear instructions”, he said.
 He blamed me for giving them unclear instructions.
It was your fault

3.“You stole my watch”, the man said to the boy.
 The man accused the boy of stealing his watch.
You stole my watch

4. “Well- done Jack, You have passed the final exam”, Mary said.
 Mary congratulated Jack on passing the final exam.

5.“Don’t drive so fast” Jack said to Peter.
 Jack warned Peter from driving so fast.
Don’t drive so fast

“You mustn’t enter this building”, the man said to Jane.
 The man stopped Jane from entering that building.

6.” I’ll take you home tonight”, my boyfriend said.
 My boyfriend insisted on taking me home that night.
I’ll take you home tonight.

7. “I’m sorry I’m late”, Mary said.
 Mary apologized for being late.

8. “Why don’t go out for a change ? ”,she said.
 She suggested going out for a change.

9. “ I didn’t study for my exam”, he said.
 He admitted not studying for his exam
I didn’t study for my exam.

10. “I didn’t take your pen”, he said.
 He denied taking my pen.
I didn’t take you pen.