Unit 9: At home and away

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VANDON JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL<br>Teacher: Đặng Thị Mỹ Dung<br>English7<br>UNIT 9: AT HOME AND AWAY LANGUAGE FOCUS 3<br>1.How much is it ?<br>2. Prepositions.<br>3. Past simple tense. <br>4. Simple tenses<br>5. More , less , and fewer.<br>1. HOW MUCH IS IT ?<br>Structure:<br> How much +be +noun/ pronoun?<br> OR:<br> How much + do + noun/pronoun + cost?<br>. Now make similar dialogues<br> LAN: How much is the green dress?<br>ASSISTANT: It’s 30,000 dong<br> LAN: And what about the violet dress?<br>ASSISTANT: It’s 35,000 dong<br>2. PREPOSITIONS<br>A. Write the locations of the stores:<br>1. The shoe store is on Hai Bà Trưng Street. It?s the clothing store to the left.<br>2. The bookstore is on Hue Street. It?s the restaurant and the minimart.<br>3. The restaurant is on Hue Street. It?s next to the bookstore .<br>4. The minimart is on Hue Street. It?s next to the bookstore .<br>5. The hairdresser?s is on Tay Ho Street. It?s the library.<br>next to/ near<br>between<br>To the left<br>To the right<br>next to<br>B. Ask and answer the questions with a partner, using ?HOW FAR? <br>- HOW FAR?<br> How far is it from??. to ??.?<br> It?s ???.<br> Example: <br>-How far is it from the clothing store to the book store ?<br>-It?s 450 meters.<br>3. Past simple tense<br> Past simple tense:<br> SUBJECT + V2 / Ved<br>A.Write the past form of the verb in the table:<br><br>buy<br>help<br>remember<br>take<br>send<br>think<br>talk<br><br>bought<br>helped<br>remembered<br>took<br>sent<br>thought<br>talked<br>B.Complete the sentence, using the words in the box:<br>1.I ????..?. Volleyball last week.<br>2.Yesterday, I????????. To my grandmother.<br>3.Last December, Mom ?????.. Me a new bike.<br>4.Dad ?????.. In Hue a few years ago.<br>5.I ?????.. a letter to my pen pal last month.<br>played<br>visited<br>bought<br>worked<br>sent<br>4. SIMPLE TENSES<br>Look at Nga?s diary and complete the dialogue:<br>Nga: Every day I clean my room, ????????????.<br>. and ???????????????..<br>Minh: What did you do yesterday?<br>Nga: I ????????????.? , ????????????.??? ,<br>???????????????? , ????????????????? ,<br>?????????????????.??.., and ????????????..??????. <br>Minh: How about tomorrow?<br>Nga: I ???????????????????? , ?????????????? ,<br>??????????????? , ???????????????? ,<br>??????????????????..?? , and ????????????????? . <br>help my Mom<br>buy new shoes<br>study English<br>cleaned my room<br>helped my Mom <br>studied English<br>watched TV<br>played volley ball<br>Stayed at Hoa’s house<br>will study English<br>clean room<br>help my Mom <br>see a movie<br>visit my grandmother<br>MORE ,LESS , AND FEWER<br>MORE / FEWER + COUNTABLE NOUN<br>LESS + UNCOUNTABLE NOUN<br>EX: <br>1.Before there were 4 bananas . Now there are ???<br>???.. bananas ( 2 )<br>2.Before there were 500 ml of orange juice . Now there is ????? orange juice ( 1000 ml )<br>3.Before there was a lot of milk (600 ml ). Now there is ???? milk (200 ml )<br>HOMEWORK<br>Make 5 sentences with Irregular verbs (past tense).<br>Answer the question: ? What did you do last Sunday??<br>Prepare Unit 10 ( A1 )<br>THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENDANCE<br>GOOD BYE<br>SEE YOU AGAIN<br>