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Đại Lợi – Hằng Nguyễn Bài tập Tiếng Anh 8 | 1 Đại Lợi – Hằng Nguyễn Bài tập Tiếng Anh 8 | 1 Đại Lợi – Hằng Nguyễn UNIT 1: LEISURE ACTIVITIES A. PHONETICS I. Read the following words and put them in th

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  Đại Lợi – Hằng Nguyễn

Bài tập Tiếng Anh 8  | 1

  Đại Lợi – Hằng Nguyễn

Bài tập Tiếng Anh 8  | 1

  Đại Lợi – Hằng Nguyễn

I. Read the following words and put them in the co
ect column.
eak  pray  practice  
 pretty  prize  
ave  print  
other  prawn  
eath  president
occoli  april  
……………………………………………….       ……………………………………………….
2. Underline the words contain cluster /
/ and /pr/. Then read the sentences aloud.
1. The Vietnamese usually buy peach blossoms and apricot blossoms to cele
ate Tet.
2.  My
other practices Spanish pronunciation every morning.
3.  Tuan is the president of stamp collector's club.
4.  We are preparing
ead and milk for the trip tomo
5.  My mother is making apricot jam in the kitchen.
6.  She
ushes her teeth and gets beautiful dresses to prepare for the first day to school.
7.  She has a beautiful
8.  The president has set a new goal for the country.
1. Old one out.
1. A. skateboarding B. football C. novel D. badminton
2. A. news B. comedy C. cartoon D. computer
3. A. adorable B. detestable C. addicted D. hooked
4. A. poetry B. magazine C. newspaper D. present
5. A. peach B.
occoli C. apricot D. grape
2. Write the name of the leisure activities under each picture.

1. ……………………...
2. ……………………..
3. ……………………...
4. ……………………...

5. ……………………...
6. ……………………..
7. ……………………...
8. ……………………...
Bài tập Tiếng Anh 8  | 1

  Đại Lợi – Hằng Nguyễn

3. Write the co
ect form of the ve
1.  Vietnamese students love (go)       picnic at the weekend.
2.  I hate (spend)        all day on (go)          fishing.
3.  People in Britain love (drink)        tea with milk.
4.  Do you like (listen)          to music.
5.  Does Anna fancy (watch)           ho
ible movies.
6.  I prefer (make)       craft to (draw)          a picture.
7.  Kate loves (hang out)        with her friends on her birthday.
8.  I detest (eat)         fish.
9.  Do you mind (turn)          off the TV?
10. Does she adore (work)       with handicapped students?
4. Choose the co
ect answer.
1.  Do you mind     the air-conditioner? It is too cold.
 A. turn on  B. turn off  C. turning on  D. turning off
2. Sitting too long in front of the computer makes your eyes    .
 A. tired  B. harm  C. boring  D. relax
3. When you game online, be careful when you make friend with      .
 A. girls  B. boys  C. strangers  D. your classmates
4.  Anna prefers     TV to       books.
 A. watching/reading  B. watch/read  C. watching/read  D. watch/reading
5.  The phrase "window shopping" means:
 A. buying a window   B. just looking without intending to buy
 C. going shopping through the window  D. buying so many things at the same time
6.  Do you fancy    origami?
 A. making  B. make  C. doing  D. do
7.  The sentence "c u 2moro" means:
 A. See you tomo
ow.  B. Nice to meet you  C. See you later  D. Let me see
8. I hate     up late to do homework.
 A. staying  B. stay  C. get  D. getting
9.  My younger
other used to detest      fish, but now he likes doing it.
 A. eats  B. ate  C. eating  D. eat
10. Computers should only be used for         time.
 A. limited  B. unlimited  C. limit  D. freedom
5. Add the words or phrases in the box to each group.

1.  Playing: football, ...........................................................
2.  Doing: judo, ..............................................................
3.  Making: craft, .............................................................
4.  Visiting: relatives, ..........................................................
5.  Going shopping, ...........................................................
6.  Reading: book, ............................................................
Bài tập Tiếng Anh 8  | 1

  Đại Lợi – Hằng Nguyễn

6. Write some sentences about yourself using the following words:
 "like, love, enjoy, adore, fancy, dislike, detest, hate, don't mind”
 Example: 0. Like: I like watching TV.
1.  Love: _________________________________________
2.  Enjoy: _________________________________________
3.  Adore: _________________________________________
4.  Fancy: _________________________________________
5.  Dislike: ________________________________________
6.  Detest: ________________________________________
7.  Hate: __________________________________________
8.  Don't mind: _____________________________________
7. Each of the sentences below has at least one mistake. Identify the mistakes and rewrite the co
ect sentences in the spaces.
a.  My friends and I are really keen on play computer games.
b.  I really like to getting involved in team sports. It is good for building up co-operative skills.
c.  Minh especially loving to spend her free time sleeping and being lazy in my room.
d.  She enjoys go shopping on weekends and hang out with friends.
e.  I am very interested in studying English.
1. Put the conversation in the co
ect order then practice with your partners. The first and the last are your cue.
 A. Phuc:  I think that "Adeline" is more interesting.
 B. Phuc:  Yes, sure. I'm free.
 C. Mai:  Let's me see. We have "Tomb of the Pharaoh Queen”; “you are my grandma" and "Adeline". Do you love watching ho
ible movies or action movies?
 D. Mai:  Ok. See you soon.
 E. Phuc:  I will pick you up at 7:00. By the way, lend me your English exercise book.
 F. Phuc:  I am hooked on ho
ible movies.
 G. Mai: Would you like to go to see a movie?
 H. Mai:  Are you free tonight, Phuc?
 I. Phuc:  Yes, I'd love to. Which interesting movies are on?
 J. Mai:  Ok. So we'll see "Adeline" in Platinum Movie Center at 7:30 pm.
 K. Mai:  That's interesting. Me, too. So we can choose "Tomb of the Pharaoh Queen" or "Adeline".
Your answers:
1. H
11. D
2. Read the conversation again and answer the questions.
1.  What kind of movies does Phuc like?
Bài tập Tiếng Anh 8  | 1

  Đại Lợi – Hằng Nguyễn

2.  Is Mai hooked on ho
ible movies?
3.  Where will they see the movie?
4.  Which movies do they choose to see?
5.  What time will they meet each other?
3. Give your own opinion for the idea:
"Students should or shouldn't use computer?"
Reason 0: Students can learn English online.
Reason 1:                   
Reason 2:                   
Reason 3:                   
Reason 4:                   
Reason 0: using computer can be harmful for your eyes.
Reason 1:                   
Reason 2:                   
Reason 3:                   
Reason 4:                   
      Now discuss with your partner about this topic using the ideas above to support your choice.
1. Look at the following pie chart on favorite leisure activities for teenager in UK and answer the questions.
1.  What is the most favorite leisure activity for teenager in the UK?
2.  How many percentages of teenager like playing computer game in their free time?
3.  What is the least popular activity?
4.  Are the percentages of students who love watching sports and playing sports equal?
2. Read the text and choose the co
ect answer.
Bài tập Tiếng Anh 8  | 1

  Đại Lợi – Hằng Nguyễn

Advantages of mobile phones for students
It's very clear to all that mobile phones are really useful for students. If students have a mobile phone, then it's easy to contact anyone at their needs. For example, if a student has some problem in school or on the street after school, he can contact their parents immediately. So, the mobile phone is one of the best solutions for any emergency situations. And mobile phone also is a great equipment in order to improve knowledge and communicate with the world. Early morning it works as an alarm clock. Also, it works as reminder if you put some notes on reminder. You can take photos or listen to music anywhere you like. You can manage your spending or receiving money with the help of money management apps. You can use the mobile phone as your personal diary. For these reasons, each student should have a mobile phone.

1. The text is about on         .
A. advantages of mobile phones for students.
B. disadvantages of mobile phones.
C. students use mobile phone all day.
2. For emergency situation, students can   .
A. take some photos.
B. contact their parents immediately.
C. take a taxi to home.
3. Mobile phone can work as       in early morning.
A. alarm clock
B. reminder
C. money manager
4. Should students use mobile phone?
A. Mobile phone is very useful.
B. Yes, they should.
C. No, they shouldn't.
3. Read the text again and answer the questions.
1.  What should students do when they have some problem in school or on street?
2.  Is mobile phone great equipment for students to communicate with the world?
3.  What can we do with money management apps?
4.  Do you think that each student should have a mobile phone?
1. Complete the following paragraph with the words in the “organizing your ideas" box.
 Moreover Thirdly  firstly  for these reasons  secondly

2. Using the organizing ideas clues to reorder the recipe to make a pancake.
How to make a pancake
 A. Firstly, mix the batter ingredients with a whisk until smooth and lump free.
 B. Remember, don't add too much batter if you want the pancakes to be nice and thin.
Bài tập Tiếng Anh 8  | 1

  Đại Lợi – Hằng Nguyễn

 C. Next, pour about half a spoon of batter into the pan and swirl around as soon as the batter hits the pan, this will distribute the mix evenly.
 D. Yum! It's time for a special
eakfast! Or perhaps you want to surprise a special someone. What could be easier, yummier, and more fun with pancakes.
 E. Secondly, put a non-stick frying pan on the heat and add a small amount of oil.
 F. To cook the other side either to flip it over and leave it for another 30 seconds or so to finish cooking.
 G. Then, leave the pancake to cook for about 1 min or until it's just starting to pull away from the sides of the pan and is golden
own underneath.
 H. Finally, transfer to a serving plate.
 Your answers:
1. D
3. Base on the recipes to make a pancake above, writing a paragraph about 60-80 words about how to make your favorite food.
 Your paragraph should include:
1.  What is your favorite food?
2.  What are the ingredients to cook it?
3.  How do you cook it? (step by step: firstly, secondly, thirdly etc.)
 Your writing:
Bài tập Tiếng Anh 8  | 1

  Đại Lợi – Hằng Nguyễn

1. Find the word which has a different sound in the underlined part.
1. A. origami B. prize C. divide D. like
2. A. comedy B. leisure C. cinema D. cele
3. A. adore B. fancy C. attract D. alive
4. A.
ead B. read C. meat D. peach
5. A. school B. church C. children D. watch
2. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word whose main stress is places differently from the rest.
1. A. football B. windsurfing C. badminton D. aerobics
2. A. volleyball B. weather C. winter D. vacation
3. A. climbing B. canoeing C. cricket D. cycling
4. A. leisure B. diving C. origami D. movie
5. A. adore B. enjoy C. fancy D. detest
1. Odd one out.
1. A. leisure B. magazine C. newspaper D. novel
2. A. adore B. enjoy C. detest D. fancy
3. A. market B. mall C. community center D. mart
4. A. a comedy B. a thriller C. an action D. DIY
5. A. boring B. exciting C. interesting D. relaxing
2. Choose the co
ect answer A, B, C or D in each line.
1.  Nam is very    . He takes part in many school activities.
 A. sociable  B. society  C. social  D. reserved
2.  My younger sister has found a       kit in the storage.
 A. CD  B. origami  C. craft  D. book
3.  Most students are interested in       sports.
 A. to play  B. playing  C. play  D. plays
4.  You use “     ”  to giving your opinion.
 A. according to  B. as I have noted C. in my opinion  D. in short
5. Remember that it's easy to      online.
 A. lie  B. lying  C. true  D. dishonest
6.  Peter enjoys         origami with his friends at recess.
 A. making  B. make  C. to make  D. makes
7.  Some parents are thinking of banning children from        the computer.
 A. to using  B. to use  C. use  D. using
8.  The          is the head of school or college.
 A. principal  B. president  C. prince  D. princess
9.  We use phrase “     ” to summary our opinion.
 A. in my opinion  B. for these reasons  C. in addition  D. firstly
10. Lan is hooked        K-pop.
Bài tập Tiếng Anh 8  | 1

  Đại Lợi – Hằng Nguyễn

 A. at  B. on  C. in  D. to
11. He regrets       school early. It is the biggest mistake in his life.
 A. left  B. leaving  C. to leave  D. leave
12. Mark gets the first      in IOE contest.
 A. present  B. prize  C. price  D. president
13. When you do         such as football, volleyball, you develop team spirit.
 A. outdoor activities  B. team sports  C. indoor activities  D. individual activities
14. Nick does leisure activities in his free time which makes he feels        .
 A. clever  B. stress  C. boring  D. relaxing
15. "Do you love it?" can be a
3. Give the co
ect form of ve
in the
1.  Would you like (see)             her? I'm sure you will like her.
2.  Do you mind (lend)         me a pencil?
3.  Do you prefer (read)         novels or (watch)        TV?
4.  I liked (read)         Doaremon comics when I (be)         a child.
5.  Nick enjoys (watch)         action movies in his free time.
6.  I don't mind (do)           my homework but I hate (spend)        all night on it.
7.  I used to (get up)           early when I was young.
8.  Mai likes (sew)       her own dress and she wears the things she makes.
9.  My younger
other used to hate (go)        swimming but now he loves it.
10. Nick enjoys (listen)         to the melodies of Vietnamese folk songs.
1. Look at the pictures and say what activities you like or hate to do in your free time. Try to use as many different ve
s of liking as you can, such as: love, enjoy, fancy, adore, hate, detest, be font of, keen on...etc.
Example: In my free time, I like to go skiing or I like going skiing.
   I hate diving or I hate to dive.
Bài tập Tiếng Anh 8  | 1

  Đại Lợi – Hằng Nguyễn

2. Work in pairs.
 Tell your partner about the activity you like to do best in your free time.
 Your talk should include the following information:
y:  Hey, Elizabeth, how would you like to go to see a movie tonight?
 Elizabeth:  Sounds great! What would you like to see?
y:  I don't know...how about that new ho
or movie at the Arlington Theater?
 Elizabeth:  Oh, I heard about that. It sounds a little scary to me. I'm more into romantic movies. Or maybe a romantic comedy.
y:  No way! I hate that kind of stuff!
 Elizabeth:  Really? Well then, what kinds of movies do you like?
y:  I guess I'm really into action and adventure type of movies.
 Elizabeth:  Oh yeah, well I guess they are okay, as long as they aren't too bloody. I also heard about this great new musical that just came out. What do you think about that?
y:  Musical? I don't know. That doesn't sound too exciting. Is there anything we can agree on?
 Elizabeth:  It doesn't seem like it. Oh, I remember another movie that came out last week. It's a mystery and it had a little romance and some action, too. I heard it's pretty exciting because nobody can guess who the killer is and it has a surprise ending. What do you think about that one?
y:  I guess that doesn't sound too bad.
Bài tập Tiếng Anh 8  | 1

  Đại Lợi – Hằng Nguyễn

1. Match the words in column A with their meaning in column B.
1. comedy
a. scary movies
2. drama
b. movies about love
3. romance
c. movies about love
4. comedy-drama
d. funny movies
5. ho
e. funny plays about love
6. document
f. movies with a lot of action, for example fighting or hunting.
7. action and adventure
g. a play for theatre, radio, or television.
8. western
h. story of something that really happened
2. Read the dialogue again and choose the co
ect answer.
1.  Elizabeth really hates action and adventure movies.
 A. True  B. False
2.  Ha
y likes movies about love.
 A. True  B. False
3.  A ho
or movie is scary.
 A. True  B. False
4.  Action and adventure movies make Ha
y feel scared.
 A. True  B. False
5.  A new mystery movie came out yesterday.
 A. True  B. False
3. Read the article then answer the questions.
Take a Bath!
Traveling is fun because you can see how people in other parts of the world live. One thing travelers don't often think about before traveling is how other cultures bathe. And bathrooms in many countries may be different from the kind you are used to.
In the United States, most people take a shower once a day in the morning. The showerhead is usually mounted on the wall and cannot be moved. The bather simply stands under the water, gets wet, scrubs with soap and often a washcloth, and then rinses off.
Children often take a bath each night and enjoy playing with small toys such as boats and ru
er ducks. Many adults, especially women, enjoy a soothing bath to get rid of stress at the end of the day.
It is important to remember that when you take a shower or bath in the United States, you should be careful to keep the water inside the bathtub or shower. Unlike bathrooms in many countries, there is no drain in the floor. If water gets on the floor it cannot go anywhere and must be cleaned up with a towel or mop. It can also cause problems for the floor. So be careful.
1.  What the traveller don't often think about?
2.  When do Americans often take a shower?
3.  What about children? When do they take a bath?
4.  What should you remember when taking a shower or bath in the United States?
5.  Do you think that taking a bath can get rid of stress at the end of the day?
Bài tập Tiếng Anh 8  | 1

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