I. Choose the word with the underlined pattern pronounced differently from the others.
1. A. approached B. sacrificed C. unwrapped D. obliged
2. A. achieves B. shakes C. plans D. draws
3 A. threaten B. health C. weather D. treat
4. A. campus B. major C. manage D. Language
5. A. illness B. climate C. impact D. emission
6. A. habit B. balance C. change D. atmosphere
II. Choose the word with a stress pattern different from the others.
1. A. ecological B. extinction C. significantly D. economy
2. A. emission B. infectious C. identify D. fertilizer
3. A. analytical B. educational C. university D. qualification
4. A. scholarship B. practical C. computer D. bachelor
5. A. solution
 B. energy
C. pollution
 D. confusion

6. A. woman
 B. gender
C. treatment
 D. alone

7. A. disappearance B. increasingly C. situation D. economic
8. A. harvest B. worldwide C. transport D. severe
III. Choose the best answer
1. Plants _______ carbon dioxide from the air.
A. absorb B. resource C. sort D. export
2. We know of several mass _______ in the earth`s history,
A. distinction B. extinction C. distinct D. extinctions
3. I________ two books on environment protection to complete this assignment.
A. read B. have read C. have been reading D. had read
4. Many of the pictures ___________ from outer space are presently on display in the public library.
A. were sent B. having sent C. sent D. sending
5. They now regret ___________ their son by providing too many material possessions.
A. having spoile B. spoiled C. to have spoiled D. to have been spoiled
6. A taxi __________ us to Hoi An Ancient broke down
A. taking B. was taking C. takes D. which taking
7. Jane apologized for ___________ what her teacher had said.
A. not doing B. not to do C. doing not D. don’t do
8. Why are your hands so dirty? - I ___________ my bike.
A. have been repaired B. repaired C. have been repairing D. has been repaired
9. One of the easiest ways to increase your life ___________ is to eat a healthy diet.
A. expectant B. expecting C. expect D. expectancy
10. John and Max admitted ___________ to submit the assignments the day before.
A. forgetting B. forget C. to forget D. forgot
11. There are many ways for us to reduce our ______ .in order to save our environment.
A. deforestation B. extinction C. carbon footprint D. diversity
12. Global warming also has __________ impact on water supplies.
A. stable B. severe C. infectious D. easy
13. A(n) _________disease is an illness that can be passed from one person to another.
A. dangerous B. chemical C. man-made D. infectious
14. A gas or other substance which is sent out into the air is _______.
A. emission B. greenhouse gas C. carbon footprint D. disease
15. Global warming leads _______ climate change.
A. in B. to C. on D. from
16. We’ll focus ______the effects _____global warming ____ people’s health and life on Earth in general.
A. on/in/on B. on/ of/in C. on/of/on D. in/of/on
17. Using chemical _________ for farming is one of the causes of global warming.
A. deforestation B. fertilisers C. heat-related D. water supplies
18. Global warming is an increase in the average _______ of the earth’s atmosphere.
A. climate B. balance C. temperature D. vehicle
19. Air ________________ is threatening
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