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Trường THCS………..




(Thời gian 90 phút)

I. Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. (5 pts)

1. A. casual   B. baggy  C. flat   D. equal

2. A. occasion   B. champagne C. inspiration  D. baby

3. A. admire   B. hike   C. picnic  D. sight

4. A. publish   B. tunic  C. puppet  D. subject

5. A. dressed   B. carried  C. learned  D. lived

II. Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences. (15 pts)

6. In the evening, there is a football match_______ 8.00 and 10.00.

         A. in            B before  C. after                          D. between

7. She hates_______ in front of everyone.

 A. cries           B. crying  C. to cry  D. cry

8. The fresh air in the countryside is good for our _______.

         A. healthy           B. health  C. healthful             D. healthily

9. They_______ the new books last weekend.

         A. published           B. ordered  C. located              D. commented

10. She said she was learning English_______.

          A. now            B. then   C. here       D. today

11. The doctor made the patient_______ in bed.

 A. stays  B. stay   C. stayed  D. to stay

12. I am looking_______ my daughter. Because she is ill.

 A. of       B. about  C. for               D. after

13. Could the boy_______ in English?

 A. speak  B. speaking  C. speaks  D. to speak

14. Minh is going to have his work_______ before he went out.

 A. do   B. did    C. done  D. to do

15. English people are_______ on their work.

 A. interested  B. keen  C. proud  D. famous

16. Let’s play games, _______?

 A. do we        B. did we   C. shall we  D. have we

17. She wishes she_______ a lot of friends.

        A. makes         B. made  C. has made  D. would make

18. _______ of them wants to go to the theatre.

 A. Each         B. Every  C. All   D. Any

19. Jean cloth_______ completely from cotton in the 18th century.

         A. were made           B. made  C. was made             D. has been made

20. Today, jeans are_______ all over the world.

         A. famous          B. popular  C. traditional               D. wide

III. Put the words in the correct form. (10 pts)

21. He is_______ in making the machines.                           SUCCESS

22. People in the countryside is_______.     FRIEND

23. My sister speaks English_______ than I am.    GOOD

24. What is the correct_______ of this word?     PRONOUCE

25. There is room for further_______ in your English.    IMPROVE

26. She actively_______ in social work.      PARTICIPATION

27. Last year we had an_______ summer holiday.     ẸNOY

28. He was_______ of his achievements in the field of politics.   PRIDE

29. The_______ of the project made me tense.     IMPORTANT

30. It’s a very simple question. You can_______ answer it.    EASY

IV. Use the correct form of the verbs in parentheses. (10 pts)

a. What you (31. do)______ if you (32. be)______ in my situation?

b. I (33. not see)______ him since last week

c. They (34. start)______ learning English when they (35. be)______ 10 years old.

d. Each of them (36. sing)______ English songs when I came

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e. Mr John is the teacher now. He (37. teach)______ English since he came here in 1999.

f. She (38. work)______ here since she left school?

g. If everyone (39. come)______ here, wake me up immediately.

h. What they (40. do)______ at 7 a.m. yesterday?

V. Fill in the blanks with suitable words. (10 pts)

           School exams are, generally (41)______, the first kind of tests we take. They find out how much knowledge we have (42)______. But do they really show how intelligent we are? (43)______ all, isn’t it a (44)______ that some people who are very successful academically don’t have any (45)______sense?

  Intelligence is the speed (46)______ which we can understand and (47)______ to new situations and it is usually tested by logic puzzles. Although scientists are now preparing (48)______ computer (49)______ that will be able to “read” our brains, (50)______ tests are still the most popular ways of measuring intelligence.

41. A. speaking  B. reading  C. doing  D. singing

42. A. fetched   B. gained  C. attached  D. caught

43. A. In   B. Of   C. After   D. Follow

44. A. case   B. fact   C. circumstance D. truth

45. A. natural   B. bright  C. sharp  D. common

46. A. on    B. to    C. in    D. at

47. A. accord   B. react  C. answer  D. alter

48. A. advanced  B. forward         C. ahead  D. upper

49. A. technology  B. hardware   C. software   D. screen

50. A. at this age  B. for the present C. at the time  D. now and then

VI. Read the following passage then answer the questions below. (10 pts)

On Sunday, Ba invited Liz to join his family on a day trip to his home village about 60 kilometers to the north of Ha Noi. The village lies near the foot of a mountain and by a river. Many people go there on weekend to have a rest after a hard working week. The journey to the village is very interesting. People have a chance to travel between the green paddy fields and cross a small bamboo forest before they reach a big old banyan tree at the entrance to the village.

Liz met Ba's family at his house early in the morning; and after two hours traveling by bus, they reached the big old tree. Everyone felt tired and hungry, so they sat down under the tree and had a snack. After the meal, they started to walk into the village for about thirty minutes to visit Ba's uncle. Then, they walked up the mountain to visit the shrine of Vietnamese hero and enjoyed the fresh air there. In the afternoon, they went boating in the river and had a picnic on the river bank before going home late in the evening. It was an enjoyable day. Liz took a lot of photos to show the trip to her parents.

51. With what topic is the primarily concerned?

 A. The picture of the countryside  B. The farmers and the village

 C. The air of the countryside   D. The life of the countryside

52. Which of the following sentence is NOT true?

 A. Liz met Ba's family at his house early in the morning.  B. Liz had a snack under the tree.

 C. Liz had a snack at the house of Ba's uncle. D. Liz took a lot of photos.

53. In the line 8, the word "snack" means_________.

 A. lunch  B. dinner  C. picnic  D. meal

54. The air in the countryside is_________.

 A. fresh  B. polluted  C. dirty  D. beautiful

55. What did Liz do to show the trip to her parents?

 A. She had many photos   B. She visited the shrine of Vietnamese hero.

 C. She met Ba's family at his house.  D. She went boating in the river.

VII. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first. (10 pts)

56. You will be late if you don’t hurry.         Unless.................................................

57. I get to work in thirty minutes.           It............................................................

58. It took Peter three hours to open the doors.        Peter spent.......................................

59. It’s two years since I didn’t meet him.        I haven’t.............................................

60. The garage is going to repair the car for us next week. We are going....................................

                                                             __________THE END_________                            Total:………../70

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