ĐỀ HSG 615 đề thi Tiếng Anh 6

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Trường THCS………..

(Thờigian 90 phút)

I. Choose the words that has the underline pronounced differently from the others. (5 pts)
1.A. though B. enough C. cough D. rough
2.A. chair B. cheap C. chorus D. child
3.A. missed B. closed C. called D. planned
4.A. fat B. any C. gas D. hat
5.A physics B. basic C. sailor D. subject
II.Choose one word that has a different stress position from the others. (5 pts)
6.A. scissors B. object C. wardrobe D. transmit
7.A. comfortable B. commercial C. generous D. demonstrate
8.A. experiment B. assistant C. sociable D. equipment
9.A. advice B. beauty C. picture D. postcard
10.A. theater B. career C. cinema D. gallery
III.Choose from the four options given (marked A, B, C or D) one best answer.(15 pts)
11. David’s school_______ is very bad this term.
A. report B. period C. day D. semester
12. People go to a_______ to look at the famous works of art.
A. stadium B. gallery C. theater D. fair
13. I’d like to go_______ very much.
A. camp B. to camp C. a camp D. camping
14. Hoa is reading short stories_______ Jack London.
A. of B. from C. by D. with
15. John_______ Susan to go out with him but her parents didn’t let her out.
A. insisted B. suggested C. invited D. helped
16. This book is_______ that I try to read it from beginning to end at one time.
A. so interesting B. so interested C. such interesting D. too interesting
17. “Let it be” is a famous song_______. It is one of the best works by this band.
A. singing by the Beatles B. was sung by the Beatles
C. sung by the Beatles D. sang by the Beatles
18. He_______ the train ticket at home.
A. took B. put C. brought D. left
19. She was_______ of watching television.
A. interested B. tired C. tiring D. pleased
20. My mother_______ me that I should wake up earlier.
A. told to B. said C. was told D. said to
21. Our teacher asked us_______ in class.
A. not to talk B. to not talk C. no talk D. without talking
22. Peter broke his leg when he fell_______ his bike.
A. in B. on C. off D. of
23. You should_______ your lesson before the examination.
A. read B. look C. revise D. study
24. Hung is_______ do the crossword puzzles.
A. intelligent enough toB. intelligent enoughC. enough intelligentD. enough intelligent to
25. Her math result is_______ than her English result.
A. bad B. bader C. worse D. well
IV.Supply the correct forms of the word in bold.(10 pts)
26. Why was his lecture so______? bore
27. How many______ are there in a year in Vietnam? celebrate
28. ______ have warned the local people of the disaster. science
29. Colin seems______ for this job. No one can do it better him. suit
30. Winning the______ was the great pride of the school. compete
31. This coffee is too______ to drink. heat
32. I can’t tell the______ between the twins. differ
33. A



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