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Trường THCS………..




(Thời gian 90 phút)

I. Choose the underlined part that pronounced differently from the others. (5 pts)

1. A. honest  B. hour  C. honor  D. huour

2. A. deaf  B. beat   C. lead   D. teach

3. A. there  B. thank  C. youth  A. thirsty

4. A. fund  B. upset  C. tutor  D. plug

5. A. option  B. information C. question  D. invitation

II. Put the verbs in brackets into correct tenses. (10 pts)

a. Yesterday, I (6. spend)_______ two hours (7. do)_______ the homework.

b. The thieves (8. catch)_______ when the (9. leave)_______ the bank.

c. Two hours ago, Mrs. Brown (10. have)_______ Alice (11. take)_______ her son to the school.

d. How many times you (12. be)_______ to Ho Chi Minh City?

e. The moon (13. move)_______ around the earth.

f. Next summer, my parents will let me (14. visit)_______ my grandfather.

g. How about (15. go)_______ to the zoo?

III. Fill in the gaps with suitable prepositions. (10 pts)

a. She went out the room (16)_______ saying a word.

b. The life in the countryside is changing (17)_______ better.

c. She was born (18)_______ 2 o’clock (19)_______ 18th July.

d. Mary is thinking (20)_______ importing flowers (21)_______ China.

e. They are traveling (22)_______ the airport (23)_______ a bus.

f. I am afraid (24)_______ ghost.

g. The fight (25)_______ deforestation is very important.

IV. Put the words in brackets into correct forms. (10 pts)

26. The question isn’t good. It’s_______ to ask.    (import)

27. His father soon died of a_______ heart.     (break)

28. Don’t let the child go out because it’s_______.    (wind)

29. I am going to have a_______ check-up next Monday.   (medicine)

30. The knife is _______ it can cut everything.    (use)

31. Ha Long Bay is in_______ Vietnam.     (north)

32. The wild animals are being_______.     (appear)

33. I couldn’t find any_______ between the two picture.   (different)

34. She is a _______ she sells flowers at a shop in Canada.   (flower)

35. Long put_______ on that towel to stop the bleeding.   (press)

V. Choose the best answer. (10 pts)

36. Do you find anything________ there?

A. interested  B. useful  C. bored  D. easily

37. Ann is very busy these days. She has________ free time.

A. a little  B. few   C. a few  D. little

38. It’s raining very________

A. wet   B. badly  C. hard   D. firmly

39. A new shopping is________ in my neighborhood today.

A. being opened B. opened  C. opening  D. be opened

40. The stolen machines were________ a lot of money.

A. valued  B. cost   C. price  D. worth

41. I finish________ the book and went to bed.

A. read   B. to read  C. reading  D. reads

42. That man can tell us where________.

A. does John live      B. is John living              C. John lives                D. John live

43. ________ clothes do you prefer, T- shirt or pullover?

A. Which  B. What  C. Where  D. How

44. Can you________ your paper with you when I come there, please?

A. collect  B. bring  C. get   D. take

45. Smoking is harmful________ your health.

 By DO Binh – Lien Son High School, Lap Thach, Vinh Phuc      www.violet.vn/quocbinh72



A. on   B. for   C. about  D. to

VI. Rewrite the following sentences as directed. (10 pts)

46. Has anyone asked you for your opinions?   Nam said that__________________.

47. I had a dog once, but I don’t have anymore.   I_________________________________.

48. The water was so cold that the children couldn’t swim in it. The water______________________.

49. Eat more and more vegetables” the doctor said.  The doctor told________________.

50. To live on your salary must be hard.    It________________________________.

51. Tom is the best player in the team.    No one in the team____________.

52. It’s interesting to read this book.    This book______________________.

53. I spend half an hour traveling to work by motorbike everyday.It takes______________________.

54. Peter said he wasn’t feeling well then.    Peter said “I___________________.

55. A boy was injured in the accident, he is now in the hospital. The boy________________________.

VII. Find and correct ten mistakes in the passage. (20 pts)

VIII. Read the passage and answer the questions. (10 pts)

    ends    Just   with  growing    been    can   reason   you  recycling   what

   Most types of paper (66)______ be recycled. Newspapers have (67)______ recycled profitably for decades and recycling of other paper is (68)______. It’s important to know (69)______ you are buying in a paper product, for that (70)______ virtually all paper products should be marked (71)______ the percentage and type of recycled content. (72)______ saying “recycle paper” isn’t enough. “Recycled paper” can mean anything from 100% true recycled paper to 1% re-manufactured (73)______ of large paper rolls. “Post- consumer” mean the paper that (74)______ and I return to (75)______ centers.

IX. Choose the best answer which can fit in the number space. (10 pts).

Many British people go abroad on holiday, to visit family, or on short business trips. People are (76)______ to find out how to get urgent treatment before leaving the UK. They have to (77)______ a form which explains what they (78)______ do if they fall ill or (79)______ an accident, and what arrangements exist in (80)______ country for medical treatment. The regulations are fairly simple but (81)______ people do not have this information, they may (82)______ that private medical care is extremely expensive. It is not unusual for people to discover that they do not have (83)______ money with them  to (84)______ the total costs and (85)______ such circumstances an already difficult situation becomes even more complicated.

76. A. advised   B. suggested   C. said   D. spoken

77. A. put   B. bring   C. till   D. get

78. A. ought   B. will    C. should  D. may

79. A. have   B. get    C. happen  D. take

80. A. their   B. each   C. one   D. this

81. A. because  B. whether   C. as   D. if

82. A. look   B. want   C. find   D. know

83. A. enough   B. little   C. few   D. full

84. A. pay   B. give    C. spend  D. have

85. A. on   B. in    C. at   D. up


__________THE END_________

 By DO Binh – Lien Son High School, Lap Thach, Vinh Phuc      www.violet.vn/quocbinh72


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