ĐỀ HSG 813 đề thi Tiếng Anh 8

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Trường THCS………..

(Thờigian 90 phút)

I. Choose A, B, C, or D to complete each of the following sentences. (15 pts)
1. Would you mind my_______?
A. smoking B. smoke C. smokes D. smoked
2. I_______ to see you at the meeting. Why didn’t you come?
A. waited B. expected C. thought D. looked
3. All of us were_______ that he came first. He hasn’t been working hard so far.
A. surprising B. to surprise C. to be surprised D. surprised
4. Where is Janet? – She’s out. She said she_______ back soon.
A. is B. will be C. would be D. came
5. Several people were hurt in the accident but only one_______ to the hospital.
A. has taken B. was taken C. was taking D. are taking
6. The policeman explained to us_______ to get to the airport.
A. how B. how can we C. how we can D. how can
7. I telephoned the station to make_______ of the time of the train.
A. true B. real C. right D. sure
8. The college got some money by selling one of its_______ old pictures.
A. helpful B. usual C. valuable D. useful
9. –“Pass me that pen, please!” – “______________.”
A. Here you are B. No, it isn’t C. It doesn’t matter D. Yes, please
10. He_______ in the cafe when she came in.
A. sat B. has sat C. has been sitting D. was sitting
11. It was raining_______ we cancelled the trip to Mount Faber.
A. although B. so C. because D. but
12. How far is it from Ha Noi to HoaBinh? – It_______ about two hours by bus.
A. takes B. goes C. needs D. wants
13. Everybody was there, including_______ Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
A. with B. of C. ___ D. in
14. She hasn’t written to me_______.
A. any longer B. never C. already D. yet
15. Surely David’s not going to drive_______ he?
A. does B. is C. isn’t D. will
II. Match a verb in A with a phrase in B to have a complete phrase.(10 pts)
0. to drink
1. to go
2. to look
3. to live
4. to provide
5. to watch
6. to fix
7. to have
8. to prefer
9. to need
10. to arrive
B sample 0. k
a. in an urban area
b. more money
c. the news
d. a meeting
e. at the station at 5.30
f. for suitable jobs in the city
g. the countryside to the city
h. facilities for the people
i. the computer
j. to the countryside in the weekend
k. a cup of tea

III. Supply the correct forms of the word in each of the parentheses. (10 pts)
1. Some of the (village)_________ have lived here all their lives.
2. The room still has many of its (origin)_________ features.
3. He doesn’t know the (mean)_________ of the word.
4. They tried their best to avoid (get)_________ into traffic jams at rush hours.
5. She had her hair (wash)_________ and styled.
6. It’s only a short trip. We (be)_________ back in an hour.
7. He spends most of his free time (play)_________ computer games
8. We produce cheaper goods than our (compete)_________ do.
9. He has been (separate)_________ from his wife for a year.
10. His father is a (special)_________ in Vietnamese history.
IV. Find the word which fits the definition. The first has been done for you.(5 pts)
0. You could keep books on it: ___



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