ĐỀ HSG 912 đề thi Tiếng Anh 9

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Trường THCS………..

(Thời gian 90 phút)

I. Phonetics:
Choose the word which is pronounced differently from the others.
1. A. use B. music C. public D. value
2. A. breath B. bread C. dead D. great
3. A. bubble B. truck C. pollute D. public
4. A. learn B. fear C. clear D. hear
5. A. cook B. look C. book D. proof
6. A. children B. chorus C. check D. chicken
7. A. caps B. jeans C. shirts D. pants
8. A. invite B. tropical C. primary D. divide
9. A. student B. menu C. fur D. tutor
10. A. hot B. here C. hour D. hope
II. Reading and choose the best answer.
Strange things happen to time when you travel, because the earth is divided into twenty- four time zones, one hour apart. You can have days with more or fewer than twenty- four hours, and weeks with more or fewer than seven days.
If you make a five- day trip across the Atlantic Ocean, your ship enters a different time zone every day. As you enter each zone, the time changes one hour. Traveling West, you set your clock back; traveling East, you set it ahead. Each day of your trip has either twenty - five or twenty - three hours.
If you travel by ship across the Pacific Ocean, you cross the international date line. By agreement, this is the point where a new day begins. When you cross the line, you change your calendar one full day, backward or forward. traveling East, today becomes yesterday; traveling east, it is tomorrow.
11. The difference in time between zones is____________.
A. seven days B. more than seven days
C. one hour D. twenty - four hours
12. From this selection it seems true that the Atlantic Ocean____________.
A. is in one time zone B. is divided into twenty - four zones
C. can`t be crossed in five days D. is divided into five time zones
13. If you cross the ocean going East, you set clock____________.
A. ahead by twenty - three hours B. ahead one hour in each new time zone
C. back one full day for each time zone D. ahead one hour for the whole trip
14. The international date line is the name for____________.
A. the beginning of any new time zone B. any time zone in the Pacific Ocean.
C. the point where a new day begins D. any point where time changes by one hour
15. The best title for this selection is____________.
A. How Time Zones Were Set Up B. Crossing the International Date Line
C. how Time Changes Around the World D. A trip Across the Atlantic
III. Reading and choose the best answer from A, B, C or D.
Compost is a wonderful natural resource that helps plants grow well. Today I am going to tell you (16)_______ to start a compost heap. First we must use only household and garden matter (17)_______ tea leaves and egg shells, but we must (18)_______ them first. Don`t use any meat or grain products because this attracts rats. Find a place (19)_______ your garden that gets a few hours of sunlight each day. The (20)_______ also needs moisture but it will get this from condensation. Cover the heap with a sheet of strong- plastic if the weather is wet. Keep adding to pile and after six months, your compost can be used for your fields, gardens.
16. A. why B. how C. where D. what
17. A. include B. to include C. included D. including
18. A. wash B. to wash C. washing D. washed
19. A. on B. for C. at D. in
20. A. glass B. cans C. compost D. bottles
IV. Choose the best answer from A, B, C or D.



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