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Trường THCS………..
(Thời gian 150 phút)
I. Phonetics:(10ms) Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounce differently from that of the others.
1. A. honorable  B. honesty . C. historic.  D. hourly
2. A. chemistry.  B. Christmas.  C. character.  D. challenge
3. A. information. B. calendar.  C. location.  D. limitation
4. A. geography.  B. gentleman.  C. ga
age.  D. general
5. A. influenced.  B. closed.  C. watched.  D. astonished
Choose the words whose stress pattern is different from that of the others
6. A. suspicion.  B. prediction.  C. neighbour.  D. adventure
7. A. favourite.  B. edition.  C. pollution.  D. religion
8. A. successful.  B. regional.  C. beautiful.  D. wonderful
9. A. flashlight.  B. typhoon.  C. ca
iage.  D. earthquake
10. A. introduce.  B. follow.  C. translate.  D. hu
II. Choose the co
ect answers to fill in the blanks.(20ms)
11. They ….. me believe that they had left the district.
A. led.   B. made.  C. assured.  D. confirmed
12. This work needs….by ten today.
A. finish  B. finishing.  C. to finish  D. to have finished
13. Would you mind ….these plates a wipe before putting them in the cupboard.
A. making  B. doing  C. giving  D. getting
14. You must lend me the money for the trip. ……..I won’t be able to go.
A. Consequently B. Nevertheless C. Otherwise  D. Although
15. ……..of going to the beach, we went up to the mountains.
A. On behalf  B. in place  C. Instead  D. On account
16. The Wilsons were lucky when they…..to sale their house so quickly.
A. could  B. succeeded  C. managed     D. risked
17. I studied English for seven years in high school.    ..…., I had trouble talking with people when I was traveling in England. A. Therefore              B. On the other hand              C. Moreover                                D. Nevertheless
18. Do you understand…?    A. What is the lecturer saying  C. What the lecturer is said
B. What the lecturer saying  D. What the lecturer is saying
19. If you had left early, I think….there in time.
A. You will reach B. You’d have reached C. You could reach    D. you reached
20. She wondered…her father looked like now, after so many years away.
A. How   B. What  C. Whose  D. That
21. ……I can’t make the presentation myself, I’ve asked my assistant to be prepared to do it for me.
A. For   B. In the event that C. Only if  D. On the other hand
22. The fire ……to have started in the furnace under the house.
A. is believed  B. that is believed C. they believed D. that they believed
23. Someone comes to visit us soon,…….?
A. doesn’t he  B. hasn’t he C. haven’t they  D. don’t they
24. You can bo
ow my book ……you
ing it back by Monday.
A. as long as  B. unless  C. so that   D. as far as
25. He talks so much as if he ….the owner of the party.
A. is   B. being   C. was   D. were
26. We spend some days ……some sight-seeings around the town.
A. do   B. to do  C. did   D. doing
27. I am going to have my car….by the end of the day.
A. repair  B. repaired  C. to repair  D. repairing
28. All his companies had been successful and was known  to be…rich.
A. absolutely  B. completely  C. extremely  D. seriously
By DO Binh – Lien Son High School, Lap Thach, Vinh Phuc      www.violet.vn/quocbinh72


29. Mrs. Karen went to a lot of…..and expense to choose and send that present.
A. anxiety  B. trouble  C. difficulty  D. care
30. I prefer to read about the life stories of real people, ……the people themselves.
A. writing by  B. informed  C. written by  D. write by
III. Identify the mistake in each sentence.(5ms)
31.The earliest references to Jericho so a city date back several thousand years.
A       B  C      D   
32.There is not enough room in Zoos to house all the others subspecies that need preserving
                  A         B                      C                                              D
33. Much unknown plants and animals are disappearing as the tropical forests are destroyed.
                A          B          C                                D
34.During the bleak winter, food became too scare that starvation and famine were widespread.
         A                                         B                      C                                              D
35.While searching for gold, the Spanish found the Grand Canyon to be an impassably ba
  A                            B                   C                                                       D
IV. Read the text. Use the words given in
acket to form a word that fits in the space.(20ms)
Erosion of (36. American)’s America farmland by wind and water has been a problem since settlers (37. firstly) first put the prairies and grassland under the plow in the (38. nineteen) nineteenth century. By the 1939s, more than 282 million acres of farmland were (39. damaging) damaged by erosion. After 40 years of (40. conservationist) conservation efforts, soil erosion has accelerated due to new demand (41. place) placed on the land by (42. heaviness) heavy crop production. In the years ahead, soil erosion and the (43. pollutant) pollution problems it causes are likely to replace petroleum (44. scarcely) scarcity as the nation’s most critical (45. nature) Natural resource problem.
V. Rewrite the following sentences without changing the meaning:(20ms)
46. House prices have risen dramatically this year.    
There has been a dramatic rise in house prices this year.
47. Helen can play the piano better than Elizabeth.    
Elizabeth cannot play the piano as well as Helen.
48. The garage is going to repair the car for him next week.  
He is going to have his car/ the car repaired next week.
49. John and Mary moved to Edinburgh twenty years ago.   
It is 20 years since John and Mary moved to Edinburgh.
50. “ Where do you come from, John?” Mrs. Smith asked.   
Mrs. Smith asked John where he came from.
51. My mother was the most warm-hearted person I’ve ever known.
I’ve never known a more warm-hearted person than my mother.
52. I’m so
y that I asked her to stay.    Now I wish I hadn’t asked her to stay.
53. They’ll have to change the date of the meeting again.   
The date of the meeting will have to be changed.
54. He lost his money simply because he wasn’t careful.   
If he had been (more) careful, he wouldn’t have lost his money.
55. People say that he is the best doctor in this hospital.  
He is said to be the best doctor in this hospital.
VI. Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it is as similar as possible in meaning to the original sentence. Use the word given and other words as necessary. Do not change the form of the given word.(10ms)
56. He can speak French well enough to go to the conference.  good 
His French is good enough to go to the conference.
57. His a
ival was completely unexpected.    took 
His a
ival took us (completely) by surprise.
58. Sarah wore dark glasses so that no one could recognize her.      avoid...........
Sarah wore dark glasses to avoid being recognised.
59. “I wonder if you could possibly open the door for me?”. mind 
Would you mind opening the door for me?
By DO Binh – Lien Son High School, Lap Thach, Vinh Phuc      www.violet.vn/quocbinh72


60. Martin had difficulty in accepting the loss of his money.  hard 
It was hard for Martin to accept the loss of his money.
VII. Cloze tests. Fill each of the numbered blanks in the following passage. Use only one word in each space.(20ms)
 It was the day of my grandmother’s  80th birthday when the sitting-room ceiling fell down. All the family were there, at my Uncle Philip’s house, (61) which was a large, old building situated in a small, peaceful village north-west (62) of Oxford. We (63) Had already finished lunch and, as (64) it was such a beautiful afternoon, we were all outside (65) In/ admiring the garden, drinking coffee and catching (66) up on all the family news. Grandmother, (67) Who was rather deaf, was (68) As usual, telling stories about her childhood in Manchester, (69) While in the sunshine, laughing children and barking dogs chased each (70) Other around.
 Suddenly, (71) there was a tremendous crash. We all looked round in astonishment, wondering what on earth had (72) Happened/ occu
ed Uncle Philip and my father ran into the house, and then my sister and I (73) Followed There, the most extraordinary sight met our eyes. The sitting-room was (74) In ruins and the air was thick with dust. Uncle Philip (75) Was standing in the (76) middle/ centre /corner of the room, holding Tabatha, his cat, who looked te
ified. “It’s (77) One of the problems of living in a house as old (78) as this,” he explained calmly. Meanwhile, outside, Grandmother asked (79) for more coffee and enquired when the cake (80) Would/could/might be cut.
VIII. Choose the suitable word to fill in each blank(15ms)
 The problem of homelessness is an international one. In the capital cities of the world, the (81) sight of people begging on the stress is becoming increasingly (82) common. But all over the world, homeless people are taking the future into their own (83) hands By selling “street papers” they no longer to beg for a (84) living
 The concept of the street paper is (85) simple It is sold by homeless and ex-homeless people who buy it at a (86) fixed price of 30p and sell it to the public for 70p, keeping 40p for themselves. If they have no money, then they can get the first ten copies on (87) credit and pay for them later. Every paper seller receives training and is given a special (88) identity badge.
 The paper itself (89) contains articles of general and social interest, film and book (90) reviews cartoons and the (91) occasional cele
ity interview. Advertising and sales (92) provide most of the income, and all profits go (93) back into helping homeless people.
 The Big Issue is the street people of the British homeless. It was set up in 1991, and (94) since then it has helped hundreds of people to get (95) off the street and back into society.
 81. A. sight  B. vision  C. look   D. view
 82. A. usual  B. common  C. rare   D. routine
 83.  A. heads  B. shoulders  C. hands  D. mouths 
 84.  A. life   B. living  C. being  D. pay
 85. A. easy   B. straight  C. plain  D. simple
 86.  A. stuck  B. steady  C. held   D. fixed
 87. A. credit  B. cheque  C. cash   D. card
 88.  A. character  B. personality  C. manner  D. identity
 89.  A. consists  B. contains  C. keeps  D. gets
 90. A. stories  B. reviews  C. opinions  D. views 
 91. A. sometimes  B. often  C. occasional  D. seldom
 92. A. give   B. provide  C. show  D. offer
 93.  A. back   B. out   C. through  D. forward
 94.  A. from  B. of   C. for   D. since
 95.  A. out   B. away  C. off   D. up
IX. Read the following passages and choose the best answers to the questions.(5ms)
 Having reached the highest point of our route according to plan, we discovered something the map had not told us. It was impossible to climb down into the King valley. The river lay deep between mountain sides that were almost vertical. We couldn’t find any animal tracks, which usually show the best way across country, and the slopes were covered so thickly with bushes that we could not see the nature of the ground. We had somehow to
eak through to the river which would give us our direction out of the mountains into the inhabited lowlands.
By DO Binh – Lien Son High School, Lap Thach, Vinh Phuc      www.violet.vn/quocbinh72


Our guide cut a na
ow path through the bushes with his long knife and we followed in single file. Progress was slow. Then, when we thought we had really reached the river, we found ourselves instead on the edge of a cliff with a straight drop of 1,000 feet to the water below. We climbed back up the slope and began to look for another way down. We climbed, slipped, sweated, and scratched our hands to pieces and finally a
ived at the river. Happily we strode downhill along its bank without having to cut our way. However, after a few miles the river entered a steep-sided gap between rocks and suddenly dropped thirty-five feet over a waterfall. There was no path alongside it and no way round it.
Then one of the guides saw the way of overcoming the difficulty. There was a fallen tree lying upside down over the waterfall with its leafy top resting on the opposite bank below the falls. Without hesitation he climbed down the slippery trunk to show us how easy it was. Having got to fork of the tree, he moved hand over hand along a
anch for four or five feet with his legs hanging in space, then he dropped onto the flat bank the other side, throwing his arms in the air like a footballer who has scored a goal and cheerfully waving us on.
96. Having reached the highest point on their route, the travelers expected to be able to
A. track animals to the river.    B. put away the maps they have been using.
C. approach the river from a different direction D. get down to the river without much difficulty.
97. The travelers wanted to get to the river because
A. it would lead them to the waterfall        B. it would show them which way to  go.
C. it was the only possible route out of the mountains. D. it was a quicker route than going over the mountains.
98. One the reason why the travelers took so long to get to the river was that.
A. it was too hot to move quickly.  B. there was no proper path
C. they all tried to go different ways.  D. they could not follow the animal track.
99. The travelers were happy when they reached the river because
A. they had a sense of achievement.  B. the going was much easier then.
C. they were eager to see the waterfall. D. they knew they were near their destination.
100. To get path the waterfall the guide had to
A. use a fallen tree as a kind of
idge. B. cross the river above the waterfall.
C. slide down a step river bank.  D. swing across the river from high
X. Write about the topic (about 200-250 words)(25ms)
What are the causes of violence? What must be done to prevent it?
By DO Binh – Lien Son High School, Lap Thach, Vinh Phuc      www.violet.vn/quocbinh72

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