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Trường THCS………..




(Thời gian 90 phút)


Thời gian làm bài : 60phút ( không kể thời gian giao đề)

I/ Pick out one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words. Identify your answer by writing the corresponding letter A-b-C or D on your answer sheet


A. alien

B. alike

C. amount

D. appear


A. jeans

B. caps

C. pants

D. shirts


A. cheerful

B. machine

C. chance

D. champion


A. bath

B. bathe

C. both

D. breath


A. covered

B. showed

C. dressed

D. sleeved

          II/ Circle the best option from A, B, C or D to fill in the blanks in the following sentences:

              6. I suggest _________up the beach.

    A. clean                B. to clean   C. cleaned   D. cleaning

7. Thuy's grandmother turned the television _________ to see the weather forecast.

    A. off    B. on    C. up    D. down

8. There is too much traffic. _________, the air is polluted.

A. Since   B. Therefore   C. However   D. But

               9.  There are_______________good programms on TV that I rarely watch it.

      A. such few    B. such little   C. so few   D. so little

               10. It’s important that he_____________the book for me.

    A. finds    B. will find   C. found    D. find

               11. Let’s go somewhere for a drink,___________?

    A. shall we    B. do we   C. will you   D. do you

       12. He never stopped______________ until his last minute of life.

        A. to work    B. to be working  C. working   D. to have worked

              13. I hurried____________I wouldn’t be late for class.

               A. since    B. so that   C. as if    D. unless

14. If people _________energy, there will be no shortage of electricity.

A. save    B. will save   C. saving    D. would save

15.The children laughed _________when they are watching a comic.

A. happily   B. happy   C. happiness   D. unhappy

16 ________ he worked hard, he couldn’t pass the exam.

A. So    B. Because of   C. Even though   D. Therefore

               17.  + Can you tell me when________________is?               _ Yes. It’s on the third Sunday in June.

  A. Mother’s Day                  B. Father’s Day          C. Tree Planting Day  D. Thanksgiving Day

18. Miss Hanh, ________ sings very well, is my English teacher.

A. whom   B. who    C. which   D. that

19. What would you do if you ________ me?

A. are    B. have been   C. were   D. will be

20. Three thousand cars___________ next year.

A. produced   B. were produced  C. will produce  D. will be produced

III/ Choose the best answer to complete the passage.

 There has been a revolution in the world of newspapers. Not many years (21) ago, newspapers were still being produced using techniques unchanged for (22) over hundred years. The journalists gave their stories to a typist, who prepared them for an editor, who passed them on (23) to the printer. The printer, who was a (24) very skilled man, set up the type. (25) This was

By DO Binh – Lien Son High School, Lap Thach, Vinh Phuc      www.violet.vn/quocbinh72


then collected to make the pages. When the pages were completed, the printing machines could be (26) started. Nowadays what (27) happens? The journalist types their stories into a computer. The (28) computer checks their spelling, plans the pages, shape the articles. When the pages are ready, another computer may control the spelling. (29) There can be no doubt about it, producing a newspaper is an entiderely different (30 management now.

21 A. before  B.after   C. ago                  D. yet

22  A. a   B. some  C. an          D. over

23 A. to               B.by   C.through      D. with

24 A. hardly  B. mostly  C. partly      D. very

25 A. They  B. Which  C. This            D. All

26 A. swiched  B. started  C. stopped      D. moved

27 A. gives  B. occurs  C. goes             D. happens

28       A. computer  B. editor  C. typist      D. priter

29 A. It   B. There  C. You            D. We

30 A. skill   B. work  C. business      D. management

IV. Read the text caefully, and then choose the correct answers.

   To do well at school, college or university you usually need to do well in exams. All the students hate exams’  may be a generalization, but it is fairly true one. Certainly, all of the students I’ve known disliked doing exams. None of them thought that the exam system was fair; to do well in an exam you simply had to be able to predict the questions which would be asked. This was the case as regards two students in my class at college. Both of them were exceptionally bright, but in the final year exam neither of them got an A grade. In fact, they both got Cs. The exam had tested us on questions which had come up the previous year. They had both assumed that the same questions wouldn’t come up again, and hadn’t  prepared for them.

 31.  Students need to do well in exams…………………....

  1. in order to do well at school. C. Because they need to do well at school .
  2. So that to do well at school D. Therefore they have to do well at school

32.  The statement  All the students hate exams  is………………………….

A.  extremely true                         B.  completely true C.  quite true                                  C.  very true.

33. Which of the following sentences is Not true ?

    A.  All of the students  the writter  have known thought that the exam systerm was unfair.

    B.  To do well in an exam you simply had the ability to predict the questions which would be asked.

   C.    None of the students  the writter have known disliked doing exams.

           D.  All the students hate exams’   is fairy true  generalization

    34. Why did the two students in the writers class get C grades in the final   exam?

  1. Because the exam was really difficult.
  2. Because they didn’t prepare for the questions that had come up the previous year.
  3. Because they were dull students. D. Because the questions weren’t in their lessons.

35. The writers main purpose of writing the passage is to………………………………...

A.  describe the importantance of exams.    B.  discuss how exams effect on the students.

C.  expalin the equality in examinations. D.  criticize the exam system.

V: Rewrite the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one

36.  They had bad marks because they were lazy.   They were lazy so they had bad marks.

37.  “Don’t go to bed too late”. My mother said to me. My mother asked me not to go to bed too late.

38.  I’m sorry I won’t be home tomorrow.    I  wish I would be home tomorrow.

39.  They enjoy walking in the rain.     They are fond of  walking in the rain

40.   She moved to that house in 1973.    She has lived in that house since 1973.


By DO Binh – Lien Son High School, Lap Thach, Vinh Phuc      www.violet.vn/quocbinh72

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