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Trường THCS………..
(Thời gian 90 phút)
A. VOCABULARY: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the words. 1. Viet Nam declared its ..... independence....on September 2nd 1945.     ( depend)
2. Poets take ....... inspiration.....from many things in life.                           (inspire)
3. Can you see the ......... difference........ between the two shirts?          (differ)
4. Uniform makes students ....... proud......... of her school.           ( pride)
5. Books help people get more ..... knowledge..........                               (know)
6. The film last night was very .......... boring.........                                 (bore)
7. They are trying to look for another ......... explanation........                (explain)
8. Graham Bell was an ............ inventor...........                                  (invent)
9. You must be ........ careful............ when you open that door             (care)
10. Air ..... pollution......makes our health worse and worse.                (pollute)
GRAMMAR.   Supply the co
ect form of ve
s in the blankets.
Hello, Peter! I … have not seen.. (not see ) you for a long time. How are you doing?
You … will be stopped …(stop) by a policeman if you try to cross the road now.
She wishes,  she…… didn’t give … ( not give ) them her phone number.
I’m so
y I haven’t written… (not write) to you lately but my house … was
oken … (
eak)  into a few weeks ago and I have been feeling rather upset since then.
He kept ( talk )....... talking....... about you last night.
Look! A man (run) .... is running....after the rain. He (want) .... wants....to catch it.
My friends (sing)....... were singing.....when we (come).... came....in the room.
This exercise looks (look) …… difficult. You Have you done? (do) …… one like this before ?
I am sure the letter won’t a
ive in time unless it (send) is sent by air.
Do you hear someone (cry) . crying softly in the next room?
II. Each sentence below contains an e
or. Underline it and write the co
ect answer in the space provided
 EX : I wish I  will come here again.                                                             ..would…
1. Mr. Quang said that he was going to Ho Chi Minh city tomo
ow.               tomo
ow -> the following day
2. The children prefer watching TV to read books.                                              read          -> reading
3. If he finished his work, he wouldn’t have been punished last night.           finished    -> had finished
4. He drives too fast that no one likes to ride with him.                                     too            -> so
5. Your sister rarely goes to the li
ary, doesn’t she?                                           doesn’t      -> does
6. If I was Lan, I would help you.                                                                             was           -> were
7. The girl whom picture you took is my sister.                                                   whom       -> whose
8. I’d rather typing this letter than write it because it’s faster.                             typing       -> type
9. The new Mall was building in our town last month.                                        building    -> built
10. He died on lung cancer because he smoked a lot of cigarettes.                  on              -> of
I. Read the passage and then complete the summary with the missing words. (10 ms)
  During the last Christmas holidays, a group of my classmates decided to have an excursion to Johore Bahru. I was elected as the leader and did the burden of making a
angement for the trip fell on my shoulders.
We left early in the morning by the first Singapore – Johore express bus and reached the custom check-points half an hour later. From the custom we went by a chartered van to the Johore Bahru seaside. As it was clear sunny day we had decided to have a dip in the water. For nearly an hour we enjoyed the bath much to our satisfaction.
By the time our sea-bath was over. It was about 9 am and we had an appetizing
eakfast, with sandwiches, cakes and coffee which we ca
ied along with us. Then we relaxed under a shady
By DO Binh – Lien Son High School, Lap Thach, Vinh Phuc      www.violet.vn/quocbinh72


tree for a while. Later we visited the zoo we had some fun there with the monkeys in cages. Then they went round the tour for sightseeing. By the time, our sightseeing was over, it was about 1 p.m. We had a sumptuous lunch of chicken rice and returned home by bus.
* Complete the summary with the missing words.
  During the last Christmas holidays, the writer and __ her classmates _ (1) had an interesting excursion in __ Johore Bahru _(2) . She was elected __ as the leader _(3) so she was responsible for making a
angement _ for the trip _(4). First they took the first __ Singapore – Johre express bus (5) to the custom check-points then went by a _ a chartered van _ (6) to the Johore Barhu sea-side. They had a _ very good / enjoyable time _ (7) there. Next they visited_ the zoo _ (8) and enjoyed themselves there too. After that they made_ a sightseeing _ (9) around the city and then returned home __ by bus _ (10). They had really lovely holidays.
II. Read the passage and then answer the questions below.
Alfred Bernard Nobel (1833 - 1896) a Swedish scientist was the first man to make dynamite. He allowed his invention to be used in peace. However, he saw it being used in war to destroy things, he was extremely unhappy. On his death, he left all his money to be spent upon a prize every year. The Nobel Prize is now one of the greatest prizes that a person can ever receive. It is given every year for the best work in one of the following subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Medicine; Literature and Peace. Some of the world's greatest scientists are asked to choose who should be given the prizes.
               What was Nobel's invention about?
               How was he when he knew his invention being used for bad purpose?
               Did he give all the money to his relatives on his death?
               What is his money used for?
               Can we choose who should be given the prizes? If not, who can?
It was about dynamite
He was very / extremely unhappy
No, he didn’t.
His money is used for the best working one of the following subjects: physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and peace.
No, we can’t. Some of the world’s greatest scientists.
III. Read the text and fill in each gap with ONE suitable word.
The Old Clock
John lived (1) with his mother in a very big house, and when she died, the house became (2) too big for him, (3) so he bought a smaller one in the next street. There was a very nice old clock in his first house, and when the men came to take his furniture (4) to the new house, John thought, "I'm not going to let them (5) ca
y my beautiful old clock in their truck. Perhaps they'll
eak it, and then repairing it will (6) be expensive." So he picked it up and began to ca
y it down the road in his arms.
It was heavy, so he stopped two or three times to have a (7) rest.
Then suddenly a small boy came along the road. He stopped and looked (8) at John for a few seconds. Then he said to John, "You're a foolish man, (9) aren’t you? Why don't you (10) buy a watch like everybody else?"
I. Finish each of the sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it.
This is the first time we have eaten this kind of food.  
->We have never eaten this kind of food before.
I don’t usually eat at restaurants.   
->I’m not used to eating at restaurants.
3. She can’t ca
y the bag. It is very heavy.    
->The bag is too heavy for her to ca
   If you don’t study harder, you will surely fail the next exam. 
->Unless you study hard, you will surely fail the next exam.
   The nurse asked Mr. Brown how old Mr. Brown’s little boy was then. 
By DO Binh – Lien Son High School, Lap Thach, Vinh Phuc      www.violet.vn/quocbinh72


-> “ How old is your little boy now, Mr. Brown ?” the nurse asked.
“ How old is your little boy now?” the nurse said to Mr. Brown.
6. No one in class can play football better than Nam.   
->Nam is the best football player in class.
7.  Although she had a good salary, she was unhappy in her job. 
-> In spite of her good salary, she was unhappy in her job.
    In spite of having good salary, she was unhappy in her job.
8.  He thinks learning English is easy.     
-> He thinks it is easy to learn English.
9. I wonder if you can lend me something to wear tonight. 
-> Would you mind lending me something to wear tonight?
10. “ Why don’t you put a better lock on the door, Mr. John ?” Said Mr. Bill
   -> Mr. Bill suggested (that) Mr. John should put a better lock on the door.
11. “ Can I bo
ow your typewriter, Laura?” asked Peter.
   -> Peter asked Laura if (Peter) / he could bo
ow Laura’s / (her) typewriter.
II. Make all the changes and additions necessary to produce from the following sets of words and phrases complete letter.    
Dear Julia!
Thank you / lovely letter, which / wait / me / I / return / holiday yesterday.
Thank you (very/ so much) for the / your lovely letter, which was waiting for me when I returned (back) from my/ our holiday(s) yesterday .
I / be / glad / hear you / your family / be / well and enjoy / live / new house.
I am/ was glad to hear that you and your family are/ were well and you are/ were enjoying living in the/ your new house.
I / just have / wonderful holiday / some friends / Northern Ireland.
I have just had a wonderful holiday with some friends in / from Northern Ireland.
We / fly / Lon don / Belfast and / visit lots / interesting places.
We flew from London to Belfast and (we) visited lots of (the) interesting places.
We / spend most / time / fish and / walk / mountains.
We spent most of the time fishing and walking in the mountains.
Now I / be / ready / go back / work / Monday.
Now I am ready to go back to work next Monday.
I look forward / see both / you / my birthday / September 16th.
I look/ am looking forward to seeing both of you at my birthday on September 16th.
Let’s hope / weather / be / fine!
Let’s hope (that) the weather will be fine.
With best wishes
……… THE END ………
( Good luck to you)
By DO Binh – Lien Son High School, Lap Thach, Vinh Phuc      www.violet.vn/quocbinh72

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