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Sở giáo dục và đào tạo Hải Phòng Môn : Tiếng Anh- Lớp 10 - Năm học 2011-2012
Trường THPT Lê quý Đôn
Thời gian làm bài :150 phút
- Đề thi có 5 trang -
(Chú ý: Thí sinh làm bài vào tờ đề này, không dược dùng bất kỳ tài liệu gì.)

Question 1: Phonetics
a- Choose the word whose underlined part is pronouced differently from that of the others in each group.( 5p)
1. A- thank B- than C- month D- youth
2. A- advantage B- adventure C- advertise D- addtion
3. A- month B- cloth C- without D- marathon
4. A- good B- noon C- soon D- food
5. A-brilliant B- strip C- stripe D- tip
b- Choose the words whose stress pattern is different from that of the others in each group.(5p)

6.  A. cosmetics      B. economics       C. photography      D. experience
7.  A. lemon      B. physics      C. decay      D. decade
8.  A. modernize     B. vaporize      C. organize      D. deliver
9.  A. vacancy      B. calculate      C. delicious      D. furniture
10.  A. enjoy      B. require      C. apply      D. whisper

Question2: Supply the correct form of the verb in brackets( 10p)
1. It is very necessary that she (improve) _______________________ her writing skill.
2. They went to the party without (invite) _______________________.
3. Miss White (finish) ____________________ her course by the time we return next month.
4. He would rather his wife (not talk) ______________________ too much.
5. Your coat is dirty. You must have it (clean)___________________.
6. Jack spent his money as if he (win) ____________________ a lottery.
7. Tom will never forget (send) __________ to a boarding school when he was just 8 years old.
8. You don’t need to describe her. I (meet) ___________________ her several times.
9.If my candidate had won the election, I (not be) ______________ disappointed like this.
10. The weatherman advises (not stay) ______ out too late tonight because of the coming storm.
1. _________________ 4. _________________ 7._________________ 10._____________
2. _________________ 5. _________________ 8. _________________
3. _________________ 6 _________________ 9. _________________
Question 3 : Fill each blank with correct form of the word in bracket( 10p)
1. His boss told him off because he had behaved ______________________(responsible).
2. The (conclude)___________________ is that the plan will fail.
3. Although he was not (enthusiasm)__________________ about helping me, he did so all the time.
4. He has worked well and has produced some( interest) ____________ essays.
5.The problem of (employ)_________________ is getting worse due to the economic crisis.
6. We have had a lot of (complain)__________________ from the customers today.
7.You need a lot of ( patient)_______________ to be a teacher.
8.Sorry about the mistake, I ( understand) _____________________ the instructions you gave me.
9.He was ( hope)______________________ when he did the test badly.
10.What is the( wide) _____________________ of your television screen?
Question 3: Fill each blank in the following sentences with a suitable preposition. (10 pts)
This house reminds me _________________ the house I grew up in.
The author had written 2 famous novels ________________ the age of 30.
Let’s go to the cinema _________________ a change tonight, shall we?
_________________ the time being, you’d better not say anything to the director.
Do you feel _________________ going out tonight?
We need to find a solution _________________ the problem as soon as possible.
Who is responsible _________________ all this damage?
The two girls have nothing _________________ common.
We’re going _________________ a camping trip next weekend.
10. The tomb was discovered ___________ accident.
11. Help! Help! My house is ___________fire!
12. Mrs Brown has cleaned the house ___________ top ___________ bottom.
13. Your work is quite good ___________ the whole.
14. He stepped on my toe ___________ purpose.
15. He is very extravagant and is always ___________ debt.
16. It is a good idea to keep ___________ good terms ___________ your teacher.
17. I `ve just bought a new house ___________ the outskirts ___________ Brighton.
Question 4: Choose the best option to