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HỌ VÀ TÊN: ---------------------

Học sinh làm bài bài trên đề thi này- Đề thi gồm có 3 trang, 40 câu.

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.

If parents bring up a child with the sole aim of turning the child into a genius, they will cause a disaster. According to several leading educational psychologists, this is one of the biggest mistakes which ambitious parents make. Generally, the child will be only too aware of what his parents expect, and will fail. Unrealistic parental expectations can cause great damage to children.
However, if parents are not too unrealistic about what they expect their children to do, but are
ambitious in a sensible way, the child may succeed in doing very well – especially if the parents are very supportive of their child.
Michael Collins is very lucky. He is crazy about music, and his parents help him a lot by
taking him to concerts and arranging private piano and violin lessons for him. They even drive him
50 kilometers twice a week for violin lessons. Michael’s mother knows very little about music, but his father plays the trumpet in a large orchestra. However, he never makes Michael enter music competitions if he is unwilling.
Winston Smith, Michael’s friend, however, is not so lucky. Both his parents are successful musicians, and they set too high a standard for Winston. They want their son to be as successful as they are and so they enter him for every piano competition held. They are very unhappy when he does not win. Winston is always afraid that he will disappoint his parents and now he always seems quiet and unhappy.

1: One of the serious mistakes parents can make is to .
A. push their child into trying too much B. help their child to become a genius
C. make their child become a musician D. neglect their child’s education
2: Parents’ ambition for their children is not wrong if they .
A. force their children into achieving success B. themselves have been very successful
C. understand and help their children sensibly D. arrange private lessons for their children
3: Who have criticized the methods of some ambitious parents?
A. Successful musicians. B. Unrealistic parents.
C. Their children. D. Educational psychologists.
4: Michael Collins is fortunate in that .
A. his father is a musician B. his parents are quite rich
C. his mother knows little about music D. his parents help him in a sensible way
5: The phrase "crazy about" in the passage mostly means .
A. "surprised at" B. "extremely interested in"
C. "completely unaware of" D. "confused about"
6: Winston’s parents push their son so much and he .
A. has won a lot of piano competitions B. cannot learn much music from them
C. has become a good musician D. is afraid to disappoint them
7: The word "They" in the passage refers to _.
A. concerts B. violin lessons C. parents in general D. Michael’s parents

8: All of the following people are musical EXCEPT .
A. Winston’s father B. Winston’s mother C. Michael’s father D. Michael’s mother
9: The word "unwilling" in the passage mostly means _.
A. "getting ready to do something" B. "eager to do something"
C. "not objecting to doing anything" D. "not wanting to do something"
10: The two examples given in the passage illustrate the principle that .
A. successful parents always have intelligent children
B. successful parents often have unsuccessful children
C. parents should let the child develop in the way he wants
D. parents should spend more money on the child’s education

II. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from others:
11: A. separate B. event C. religion D. depend
12: A. volunteer B. populous C. poverty D. construct

III. Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others.
13: A. museum B. industry C. advise D. desire
14: A. teenager B. organize C. different D. attendant

IV. Choose one best option to complete each sentence.