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Phßng gi¸o dôc h­ng hµ Tr­­­êng THCS TT    §Ò kiÓm tra kú II( TiÕt 90) M«n : Anh V¨n 6 (Thêi gian lµm bµi 45 phót) I. Choose the best answer.(3,75 marks) 1. “__________are you going to stay here?

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Phßng gi¸o dôc h­ng hµ
Tr­­­êng THCS TT
  
§Ò kiÓm tra kú II( TiÕt 90)
M«n : Anh V¨n 6
(Thêi gian lµm bµi 45 phót)

I. Choose the best answer.(3,75 marks)
1. “__________are you going to stay here?”  “ For two weeks”.
 A. How long  C. How often
 B. How far D. How much
2. I’m going to vistit my uncle_____ Saturday morning
 A. in B. on C. at D. about
3. what about _____ a cup of coffee?
 A. have B. having C. you have D.do you have
4. How is he going to go?
 A. on B. in C. with D. by
5. Let’s _____ the movie
 A. go  B. to go C. going D. is going
6. What do you do ____ your free time?
 A. at B. in C. on D. to
7. ____does she go jogging? once a week
 A. How often B. How long C. How about D. How
8. He____ to go to the movie everyweek.
 A. goes often B. often goes C. go often D. is often
9. What’s the weather____ in the summer? It’s hot.
 A. likes B. like C. to like D. is like
10. What are you going to do in Hue?
 I’m going ____ the citadel.
11. Why don’ twe ___ to Huong pagoda?
 A. visit B. to visit C. visits D. to visiting
12. ____ are you going to stay?
 A. How long B. How C. How often D. How old
13. How long are you going to stay? For two weeks
 A. week  B. weeks C. a week D. weekly
14. ____ are you going to stay?___ two weeks.
 A. How long - in  B. How often- for
 C. How long - for  D. How long - at
15. she listen to music___ a week.
 A. two times B. twice C. twice a week D. two
II. Choose the wotd different from others.(1mark)
1.A. house  B.school C.classroom D. weather.
2. A.hot B. cold C. cool D. chair
3. A. summer B. fall C. winter D. fly
4.A. white B.
own C. yellow D. season

5. A. baminton B. volleyball C. soocer D. teacher
III. Match A with B.(1,25mark)
1. does he goplay soocer in his free time?
2. how often does he go to school?
3. what is he going to do this day?
4. how long are you going to stay?
5. Let’s go camping.
a. six times a week.
b. he is going to visit his friends.
c. for a week.
d. no, he plays tennis
e. yes, good idea.
1___ 2___ 3___ 4____ 5___
IV. Read then choose the best answer.(2,5marks)
 There are four_(1)__ in a year. They_(2)_ spring, summer, fall and _(3)_. In the spring, the weather is usually warm. Sometimes it is cold but not very cold. There are many flowers in the spring. In _(4)_, the day is long and the night is short. We often _(5)_ swimming in this season. The fall  is the season of fruit. In the winter, it’s usually very _(6)_. The day is short and the night is long.
 1. A. season B. seasons C. a season
 2. A. is B. are C. be
 3. A. winters B. winter  C. a winter
 4. A. a B. an C. the
 5. A. go B. to go C. goes
 6. hot B. cold D. cool
True or false statement.
 1. There are three seasons in a year.
 2. The weather is warm in the summer.
 3. We often go swiiming in the fall.
 4. in the winter, the day is short and the night is long.
V. Put the adve
s of frequency in co
ect place.(1,25marks)
 1. Lan listens to music in her free time? (often)
 2. Minh goes fishing. (never)
 3. Where does Hoa go on her summer vacation. (sometimes)
 4. They are late for school. (always)
 5.  I want to go to Huong pagoda in summer.

Phßng gi¸o dôc h­ng hµ
Tr­­­êng THCS TT
  
§¸p ¸n ®Ò kú II( TiÕt 90)
M«n : Anh V¨n 6
(Thêi gian lµm bµi 45 phót)

Mçi c©u ®óng 0,25 ®iÓm
I. 1.A 2. B  3. B  4. D  5. A  6. B  7. A 8. B                            9. B                            10. B              11.A              12.A                            13.B                            14. C              15.B
II. 1. D 2. D  3. D  4. D
III. 1. D 2.A 3.B 4.C 5.E
IV. 1.B 2.B 3.B 4.C 5.A 6.B
1F 2.F 3.F 4.T
1. Lan often listens to music in her free time.
2. Minh never goes fishing.
3. Where does Hoa sometimes go on her summer vacation.
4. They are always late for school.
5. I always want to go to Huong pagoda in summer.

Phßng gi¸o dôc h­ng hµ
Tr­­­êng THCS TT
  
§Ò thi gi÷a kú II
M«n Thi: Anh V¨n 6
(Thêi gian lµm bµi 45 phót)

I.Choose and circle the best answer.
(Chän vµ khoanh trßn c©u tr¶ lêi ®óng)
1.Would  you like_______ chicken? (a/an/some/any).
2. What is your favorite _______ Mai? I like fish.
( Vegetables, drinks, meat, food)
3. She doesn’t want_______ meat. (a/an/some/any)
4. I want to buy_______  eggs. (a/an/some/any).
5.______ apple juice is 3000 dong.(a/an/some/any).
6. How______ eggs does he need? (many, much,do).
7. How______ is a bowl of rice at the canteen?It is 3000 dong ( many, much, about).
8. She is  _____ aerobics.( play, plays, does, doing).
9. What do you do _____ your free time? (at. on, in, about)
 I playing soccer and go fishing.
10. How______ do you go fishing? Twice a week.( often, many, much)
11. Do you like sports?______
( yes, a lot; I would; No, I like it; yes we are).
12._____ sports does Lan play? (When; where;which,how)
13. She listens to music three times _____ week.( once, a, two,and).
14. My father ______ football. ( Does, likes, doesn’t, to play, play)
II. Match the question in A with the answer in B.
(H·y nèi c©u  hái ë cét A víi c©u tr¶ lêi ë B)
A B What is Mai doing?
How much do you want?
How many eggs do you want?
Can I help you?
What’s your favorite food?
How do you feel Hoa?
Are there any noodles?
What does your mother like?
She  likes chicken.
A dozen, please.
Three hundred grams, please.
I like fish.
Yes, I like some beef please.
No, there aren’t.
I’m hot and thirsty.
She is playing football.
Answers: 1__             5__
      2__    6__
      3__    7__
      4__    8__
III. Which one is different?(Chän tõ kh¸c lo¹i trong c¸c tõ sau)

Milk, coffee, fish, meat, chair.
Beans, ca
ots, potatoes, lemonade.
Chicken, toothpaste, egg, beef.
Cooking oil, kilo, rice, egg.
Swim, play, listen, chocolate.
IV. Fill in the blank with a word from the box.
lunch       leaves           in             eleven             teacher            near           goes     to
        This is my teacher, Trang. She is a_____. She teaches at a small school__(2)___ the village. She gets up at six. Every morning she ___(3)____ the house at a quarter to seven. The school is not __(4)__  my house, so she __(5)___ to work by bicycle. Her class starts at seven and finishes at__(6)__. My sister goes home and has__(7)__ at a quarter __(8)__ twelve.
Answers:  1__   5__
  2__   6__
  3__   7__
  4__   8__
True (T) or False (F).
Trang is a student.
She goes to bed at six.
She leaves home at a quarter to seven.
  The school is near her house.
  She has dinner at a quarter to twelve.
Answers:1__ 2__ 3__ 4__ 5__
                                                                                     The end

Phßng gi¸o dôc h­ng hµ
Tr­­­êng THCS TT
  
§¸p ¸n ®Ò thi gi÷a häc k× II
M«n: TiÕng Anh 6 ( Thêi gian lµm bµi 40 phót)
Mçi c©u ®óng 0, 25 ®iÓm
I.1. some           8. much
 2.food 9. in
 3. any 10. often
 4. some 11. yes, alot
 5. an 12. which
 6. many 13. a
 7. much 14. likes
II. 1h 2c         3b             4e           5d 6g        7f 8a
III.            1. chair
 2. lemonade
 3. toothpaste
 4. kilo
 5. chocolate
1. Teacher 6.eleven
2. in 7.lunch
3. leaves 8.to
4. near
  5. goes
True or false: 1. F 2. F 3. T 4. F              5. T

Phßng gi¸o dôc h­ng hµ
Tr­­­êng THCS TT
  
§Ò thi cuèi häc k× II
M«n: Anh v¨n 6
( Thêi gian lµm bµi 40 phót)

I. Choose the best answer.
1. London is_____ than Ho Chi Minh city.
 A. big B. bigger C. biggest D.  the bigger
2. Twins Tower is the ______ building in the world.
 A. tall B. taller C. tallest D. the taller
3. We shouldn’t waste too much  water. We should_____
 A. save B. to save C. saving D. to saving
4. He doesn’t need _____ more eggs.
 A. a b. an  C. some  D any
5. _____ language do you speak? I speak Vietnamese.
 A. which B. where C. when D. how
6. What’s the wheather like____ the spring.
 A. at B. on C. in D. for
7. How often do you watch TV?____ a week
 A. once B. one C. a D. an
8. What about____ volleyball?
 A. to play B. playing C. to playing D. is playing
9. How____ are they going to stay?
 A. long B. often C much D many
10. How_____ milk do his cows produce.
 A. much B. many C. long D. often
11. He grows ____ fruit trees.
 A. a B. a few C. a little D. little
12. He is ____  aerobics now.
 A. playing B. doing C. to do D. do
13. Would you like ____ soda?
 A. some B. any C. a D. an
14. Mai ____ a dozen eggs.
 A. drink B. need C. needs  D. to need
15. Does he like  soccer? ____
 A. No, he doesn’t B. No, he does D. No, he like not
16. What do you do____ your free time?
 A. in B. on C. at D. for
17. ____ oranges are there? There are four.
 A. How many B. How much C.How often D. How long
18. You ___ stop. That sign says “stop”.
 A. can B. mustn’t C. must D. musts
19. What do you do?

 A. you are a student B. she is a student
 C. I’m a student D. he’s a student
20. The garden is in front ___  Mai’s house.
 A. in B. of C. on D. at 
II. Match the question in A with the answer in B.
1.How often does he go to school?
2. Does  he fly his kites in his free time?
3. What is the biggest city in the world?
4. Where is Lan from?
5. Where are you going now?
A. We are going to the cinema?
B. Mexico city.
C. She’s from France.
D. Everyday.
E. No, he plays badminton
III. Choose one word to fill in the blank.
 Mary lives__(1)__ a village in London. Her day starts __(2)__ 4 o’clock. She gets up, and she walks three kilometers to the river. She takes some water and she ca
ies it back to  her house . The water is very__(3)__. It isn’t  clean but there __(4)__ any water in the village. She doesn’t  go to school. She can’t read or write. She __(5)__ her mother to clean the house.
 1. A. on B. in C. at D. for
 2. A. in B. at C. on D. of
 3. A. heavy B. heavily C. heavi D. not heavy
 4. A. isn’t B. aren’t C. is D. are
 5. help B. helps C. helping D. to help
True or False
Mary lives in London
she takes some eggs and ca
ies them back to her house
There are a lot of water in the village
She doesn’t go to school because she can’ read and write.
Her mother helps her to clean the house
IV. Which one is different?
 1A. wants B. needs C. goes D. fish
2A. thirsty B. hungry C. hot D. vegetables
3A. sometimes B. always C. often D. eat
4A. orange B. apple C. banana D. beef
5A.Warm B. hot C. cold D. feel

Phßng gi¸o dôc h­ng hµ
Tr­­­êng THCS TT
  
§¸p ¸n ®Ò thi cuèi häc k× II
M«n: Anh v¨n 6
( Thêi gian lµm bµi 40 phót)

1.bigger 11. a few
2. tallest 12. a little
3. save   13. playing
4. any   14. some
5. which   15. needs
6. in   16. in
7. once   17. how many
8. playing   18. must not
9. long   19. I’m a student
10. much   20. of
II. 1. D 2. E 3. B 4. A
III. 1. in 2. at 3. A 4. A 5. B
III. 1T 2. F 3. T 4. T 5. F
IV. 1. Fish 2. vegetables 3. eat 4. beef 5. feel

English test 2 (®Ò thi gi÷a k× 2)
Grade 7 (35’)
Question 1: Choose the word in each group that has underlined, italic part pronounced differently from the rest.
1/ A. set  B. between  C. get   D. met
2/ A. started B. needed  C. protected  D. stopped
3/ A. ground B. should  C. about  D. amount
4/ A. durian B. cucumber  C. painful  D. duty
5/  A. worked B. hoped  C. forced  D. sailed
6/ A. improve B. coveralls  C. gloves  D. stomach
Question 2: Complete the sentences with the most suitable words:
They don’t drink coffee. …… do their friends.
A. either  B. neither  C. too  D. so
She hates fish and …… do I.
A. either  B. neither  C. too  D. so
You can buy pineapples and bananas at the …… stall
A. meat  B. fruit  C. food D. chicken
I …… like some spinach and cucumbers.
A. hard  B. did   C. would D, do
What …… the weather like there?
A. does  B. did   C. was D. will
I like …… badminton.
A. playing  B. making  C. working D. acting
y is working at a bank …….
A. at the moment  B. a year ago  C. for a year  D. in a moment
Who is …… , Mary or Cathy?
A. tall   B. taller  C. tallest  D. more taller
The Robinsons always go to Vietnam …… plane.
A. in   B. on   C. with  D. by
…… noodle for
eakfast yesterday?
A. Did you eat B. Were you eat C. Did you ate D. Do you ate
It took us two hours …… to Hanoi.
A. drive  B. driving  C. to drive  D. drove
Hoa and her
other ……. at home last Sunday.
A. didn’t are  B. wasn’t  C. weren’t  D. not were
Were you absent …… school last Monday?
A. from  B. at   C. in   D. on
You …… take a taxi. It is raining out side.

A. would better B. must  C. have to  D. had better
She never touches …….. food.
A. healthy  B. unhealthy  C. good  D. delicious
…. up late. It is harmful to your heath.
A. Don’t stay  B. Not stay  C. Not to stay D. Stay
Please show me ….. this machine works.
A. what  B. how  C. which  D. when
When I saw her, I thought she looked……
A. happy  B. happily  C. to be happy D. being happy
Shall we go out tonight?
A. Yes, we go B. Yes, I can C. Yes, let’s  D. Yes, we are
They are good student. They study very ……
A. better  B. good  C. goodly  D. well
Question 3 : Read this passage. Then answer .True or False? Check (√) in the boxes.
Even before it is born, a baby has small teeth under its gums. At about the age of six months, its first tooth starts to grow. Before the young child is three years old, it has twenty small teeth. Between the ages of six and twelve a second set of teeth form in the gum below the first teeth and push them out.
 gum (n) : lîi          tiny(a) :nhá     appear (v): xuÊt hiÖn
1. A baby has teeth under its gums even before its birth.
2. A baby’s first tooth appears as soon as it is born.
3. A three-year-old child has twenty tiny teeth
4. A child’s second set of teeth appear before it is six years old.
5. A child’s second teeth begin to grow while the child still has first teeth.
Question 4: Choose one sentence that has the same meaning as the root one.
Mr. Thanh couldn’t enjoy the meal because of the stomachache. The stomachache prevent Mr.Thanh from enjoying the meal.

               A. The stomachache prevented Mr.Thanh from enjoying the meal.
               A. The stomachache prevented Mr.Thanh from enjoy the meal.
     A. The stomachache prevented Mr.Thanh in enjoying the meal.
What is your daughter’s age, Mrs. Mai? How old is your daughter, Mrs. Mai?

     B. How age is your daughter, Mrs. Mai?
     C. How old is her daughter, Mrs. Mai?
     D. How old is Mrs. Mai’s daughter?
Hoa didn’t go to school because of her sickness. Because of Hoa was sick, she didn’t go to school yesterday.

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