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Hk1 anh 7
I. You will hear a woman asking for information about a city bus tour. Listen and complete answers 1-5.
City Bus Tours
Bus Tours depart…
Every  minutes.

Last tour departs at

Ticket prices:
Adults: £10  Children: £

Tour Bus Office Address:

Buses leave from
The  Hall

II/ Choose the best answer for each sentence. (2 points)
5. Would you like some coffee?____________
A. No, thanks. B. Yes, of course. C. No, I wouldn’t. D. Yes, I would.
6. Excuse me. I’m looking ____________ the museum. Is it far from here?
A. after B. for C. at D. up
7. _____________ do you go to the library? At every break.
A. How long B. How many C. How often D. How much
8. Nga is ______________ a play for the school anniversary celebration.
A. making B. rehearsing C. practicing D. scoring
9. There are lots of _____________ activities for the boys or girls at recess like blindman’s buff, playing catch and skipping rope.
A. boring B. lazy C. cheap D. energetic
10. Could you tell me how ______________ to Ben Thanh market?
A. getting B. gets C. to get D. to getting
11. The United State’s Library of Congress is one of the ____________ in the world.
A. large B. larger C. largest D. large than
12. Mr. Nam repairs machines in the factory. He is (a/an)_____________
A. artist B. shop assistant C. driver D. mechanic
III/ Read the passage below. Choose the TRUE or FALSE for the statements. (1 point)
Dear Harry.
Thank you for your letter. It is very interesting to know about schools in the USA.
I think schools in Viet Nam are a little different. We usually wear uniform. Classes start at seven in the morning and finish at half past eleven in the afternoon. Students have a 30-minute break after three periods. At break, many students run into the yard and play games, some go to the canteen and buy something to eat or drink. Our school year lasts for almost nine months, from September to May.
Write soon and tell me more about your study.
Your friend,
13. Schools in Viet Nam are very different from schools in the USA.
14. After three lessons students have a 30-minute break.
15. Many students go to the canteen at break.
16. Nam’s school year ends in May.
IV/ Choose the most suitable word to complete the passage. (1,5 points)
Her parents like the life in the countryside. Everything is fresh and cheap here. Her father is a farmer and her mother is a farmer, too. They love their (17)____________ very much. They work on the farm house together. They have a big field where they grow a lot of rice. It is their main (18)____________. They also raise some chicken which (19)___________ their eggs and a buffalo which works on the farm with them. Their farming work is (20)____________ and busy but they are always happy. (21)____________ the year, they don’t have any public holidays but they have some days off after the harvest time. They often takes their children to (22)_____________
17. A. job B. to working C. working
18. A. plant B. tree C. crop
19. A. break B. give C. collect
20. A. hard B. hardly C. lazily
21. A. Every B. During C. A
22. A. the city B. the village C. the town
V/ Use the correct form or tense of the verbs given in each sentence. (1,5 points)
23. Aunt Lien enjoys (cook)_______________ for family.
24. You (be)_______________ a famous singer one day.
25. It’s five o’clock. My sister (do)____________ aerobics at the ABC club.
26. The student (not, study)_______________ this week. He is still on his holidays.
27. It is not safe (leave)_______________ medicine around the house.
28. Don’t worry! The bus (come)_______________ in half an hour