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Phßng Gi¸o Dôc §T TX Th¸i Hoµ              §Ò Thi Thö Vµo Líp 10 THPT

      Tr­êng THCS NghÜa Mü                              N¨m Häc 2009-2010

                                                                            M«n Thi: TiÕng Anh

                                                              Thêi Gian: 60 Phót (Kh«ng kÓ thêi gian giao ®Ò)

Name : ………………………………..

Class.9 ……( SBD ) ………………….


I. Choose the word in each group that has underlined, italic part pronounced differently from the rest .

1. A.claimed              B.warned             C.occurred             D.existed

2. A.grade                  B.replace             C.wander               D.parade

3.                 B.ready                C.heavy                 D.appear

4. A.throw                 B.thought             C.through              D.though

5.                 B.hour                  C.hundred             D.head

II.Use the correct tense or form of the verbs in brackets

1. I __________( do) my homework when you ___________ (phone) me last night.

2. It often ____________ (rain) hard in summer.

3. You ____________ (get) good marks if you study harder.

4. My brother enjoys ___________ (read) in his free time. Now he __________

(read) a magazine.

5. We ____________ (not see) him for two weeks

III. Circle the best anser A,B,C or D to complete each sentence .

1.Do you know that girl ? ____________ is her name ?

      A.which                   B.who                 C.when                 D.what

2. You really saw a UFO, Mr.Brown, ___________

     A.weren’t you           B.didn’t you       C.don’t you          D.aren’t you

3. If I ___________ Minh’s address, I __________ her a letter .

     A.have – write      B.had- will write      C.had- would write       D.had- wrote

4.We haven’t seen Liz ____________ two months.

     A.since                      B.for                   C.until                  D.before

5. I wish this exam ____________ easier.                           B.will be             C.would                D.were

IV.There is a mistake in the four underline parts of each sentence. Find and correct the mistakes.

1.If he would speak more slowly, I could understand him.

                      A                       B          C                          D

2.Kangaroos, that can be seen everywhere  in Australia, have long tails

                         A             B                                   C                        D

3. After living in London for two months, my brother got used to drive on the

left   A                             B                                                              C           D

4.Linh wishes that she is giving a teddy bear at Christmas.

                A                         B            C                   D

5.Hoang has felt much better when he took the pill.

                       A    B                   C          D

V.Rewrite the following sentences in such a way that the meaning of the second sentence remains unchanged as the first one’s.

1.I ‘d like you to help me to open the window.

    Do you mind ________________________

2.Nam is reading an English novel. It is very interesting.

    The English novel ____________________________

3.” Do you like English, Lan? “Hoa asked

    Hoa asked __________________________________

4.They built a new school in our village last year

    A new school ________________________________

VI.Read the text, then answer the questions below it.

     A hobby is what a person likes to do in his/her spare time. Hobbyists raise pets, watch birds, or hunt animals. They also climb the mountain, fish, ski, skate, and swim. Hobbyists also paint pictures, attend concerts and play musical instruments. Some hobbyists like collecting things. They collect everything from books to butterflies and from shells to stamps. People have hobbies because these activities offer enjoyment , friendship, knowledge, and relaxation. Sometimes they can bring financial profit. Hobbies also bring interesting activities for people who have retired. People rich or poor, old or young, sick or well, can follow a satisfying hobby, regardless of their age, position, or income. Hobbies can help a person’s mental and physical health. Doctors have found that hobbies are available in helping patients suffering from physical or mental illness. Hobbies give these patients activities to do, and provide the interests that prevent from thinking about themselves.

1. What is a hobby ?


2. What do some hobbyists collect ?


3.Why do people have hobbies ?


4. Who can follow a satisfying hobby ?






The end.











I.(1,5p) (mçi c©u ®óng 0,3 p )

1.D              2.C                   3.D               4.D                 5.B

II.(1,5p) (mçi c©u ®óng 0,3 p )

1. was doing – phoned

2. rains

3.will get

4.reading – is reading

5.haven’t seen

III.( 1,5) ( mçi c©u ®óng 0,3p)

  1.D          2.B             3.C           4.B             5.D

IV.(1,5 p) ( mçi c©u ®óng 0,3 p )

1.A-spoke              2.A-which                 3.D-driving            4.B-was/were giving


V.( 2 p) ( mçi c©u ®óng 0,5 p )

1. Do you mind helping me to open the window ?

   Or: Do you mind opening the window (for me) ?

2. The English novel (which/ that) Nam is reading is very interesting .

3. Hoa asked ( Lan) If/ whether Lan (she) liked English

4.A new school was built in our village last year.

VI.( 2p ) ( mçi c©u ®óng 0,5p )

1.A hobby/ It is what a person likes to do in his/her spare/ free time

Or : A hobby/ It is what a person likes to do when he/ she has spare/ free time

2.Some hobbynists / They collect everything from books to butterflies, and from shells to stamps

3.( People / they have hobbies) because these activities offer enjoyment, friendship, knowledge, and relaxation

4.People rich or poor, old or young, sick or well, can follow a satisfying hobby(regardless of their age, position, or income)


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