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I. Choose the word that has the underlined pronounced differently from the others.

1. A. trust    B. mutual   C. number   D. uncertain

2. A. good    B. gossip   C. game   D. geometry

II. Choose the word that has the main stress differently from the others.

3. A. quality   B. friendship  C. common  D. enthusiast

4. A. condition   B. option   C. suggestion   D. relation

III. Choose the best option for each sentence.

1. They __________ close friends for many years.

   A. are    B. are being  C. have been  D. had been

2. If I were you, I __________ harder to pass the examination.
   A. would work   B. will work   C. worked    D. work
3. We were all hungry, so she suggested __________ dinner early.
   A. to have    B. having   C. had   D. have

4. She's made friends________ little girls who live next door.

   A. to    B. of    C. by     D. with

5. The children seem to be totally capable________ working by themselves.

   A. on   B. of    C. in    D. for

6. Your friendship should be based ________ mutual trust.

   A. in   B. on    C. by    D. with

7. The company expects________ from its employees.

   A. humour   B. quantity   C. interest   D. loyalty

8. I've got lots of_______, but only a few are really good friends

   A. close friends   B. acquaintances   C. neighbors   D. partners

9. Friendship is a two-sided________, it lives by give-and-take.

   A. affair   B. event   C. aspect   D. feature

10. The bus ______  I take to school every morning is always crowded .

  A. which  B. when  C. where  D. why

11. When we came, they ______ dinner.

   A. have  B. had   C. were having  D. have had

12. When I came to the party, Sally and Tom _______

  A. were dancing         B. are dancing       C. have danced      D. have been dancing

13. If she hadn’t overslept, she ________ late for the interview.

  A. wouldn’t be   B. wouldn’t have been    C. hadn’t been   D. would have been

14. Annie denied _______  the brick through the window.

  A. throw B. to throw C. threw D. throwing

15. When I found my purse, someone_______ the money out of it.

   A. took  B. had take  C. would take  D. was taking

16. By the he came, his friends _______ the party.

   A. had left  B. left   C. leave  D. have left

17. “Let’s go to the cinema now”. “Oh!___________”

   A. Good idea! B. I don’t C. Why’s that? D. I need it.

18. If the disaster ________ in an area, people from other areas will offer help.

  A. happens   B. will happen  C. happening  D. would happen

19. I am late because my alarm clock didn’t ________ this morning.

  A. come on  B. ring out  C. go off  D. turn on

20. If it ________warm yesterday , we would have gone to the beach.
   A. was            B. were             C. had been                D. could be

21. If they didn’t live so far away, I _______ them every week.
   A. visit   B. visited   C. will visit   D. would visit

21. Would you like _________ somewhere for a rest?
   A. to go  B. go   C. went  D. going

22. The milk _______ I took made me sleepy.
   A who   B. whom   C. which   D. whose

23. Mr. Pike, _______ is our boss, has just come back from Paris.
   A. who   B. whom   C. which   D. that

24. The woman _______ son is studying at Hanoi University of Technology is a teacher.
   A. who   B. whom   C. whose   D. which

25. He wanted to know the reason _______ I was late.
   A. as   B. for    C. why   D. because

IV. Mistake Correction

1. Hi, my name is Mary. What’s you name ?
    A                      B           C         D 

2. How old you are ? - I’m eleven years old.
       A          B                       C           D

3. This is Ms Howl and that are Ms Brown.
     A    B                          C    D

4. I live at Hung Duong Street.
    A B  C                       D

5. Do you have a good neighbors?
     A              B  C    D   

6. I often goes to the supermarket twice a week.
        A      B                                     C     D

7. There is a butter in the fridge.
               A B              C      D

8. Do they going to get married?
     A            B          C      D

9. They will go in holiday next month.
               A       B     C            D

10. You can walk safe in the city late at night.
                A             B          C             D

Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.

 There are many proverbs about friends and friendship, such as “True friendship is like sound health; the value of its seldom known until it is lost”, and “A real friendship is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out”. When you read these quotes, stop and think about your friend – ship. Do you and your friend act in a caring way towards one another, do you respect them and do they respect you, but most of all do you value the relationship and love spending time together? Friendship is more than just hanging out together at lunch and gossiping about other people. True friend – ship is when two people have mutual respect for one another, and really care about the each other’s feelings and dreams. You need to be able to be honest with your friends. If there is ever a time where you feel that you cannot tell them the truth, for fear that they will be mad or will not understand, then they are not true friends. Friends share with each other important things that they would not share with others. Friends also care about each other, stick up for one another and enjoy spending time together.

1. The passage is about _________________.

 a. a friend        b. friendship

 c. proverbs about friends and friendship   d. caring for friends

2. The author advised us ________________ .

 a. not to tell a secret to a friend    b. to respect our friends

 c. not to tell a friend about important things.   d. to make friends to gossip.

3. Friends _________.

 a. should not spend time together   b. should be honest

 c. should gossip about others    d. should not care much

4. Which sentence is NOT true?

 a. Friends should respect each other.

 b. We should be honest with our friends.

 c. We can share important things with a friend.

 d. Dishonesty is needed for true friendship.

5. Which of these can be used to describe true friendship?

 a. be honest and be mad    b. hang out and gossip

 c. have lunch and gossip    d. trust, respect and share



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