Mother said:" I have a headache today."
Helen said:" I`m watching the late night show now."
Mr Cooper said:" I take my medicine regularly."
Mrs Miller said:" I don`t feel better now."
Sarah said:" My father takes me to school every day."
He said to the reporters:" I`m a farmer in Cornwall."
She said “My mother doesn’t buy this book today”
The boys said “We have to try our best to win the match”
Her classmate said “Lan is the most intelligent girl in our class”
Phong said “My parents are very proud of my good marks”
Tracy said: “I need to go home now”
Lucy said to me: “ I clean the house twice a day”
My sister said to me: “ I don’t talk to my friend anymore.”

1. Mr Brown said:" I was watching TV here last night."
2. Sandy explained:" I saw the accident at the corner of High Street 2 weeks ago."
3. Bob said:" We had a wonderful time at Peter`s party yesterday."
4. The farmer said:" I didn`t see her at this time yesterday."
5. Will and Tim said:" We were very happy about the present."
6. Mr Jones said: As a young boy I collected stickers."
7. Peter reported:" We played a lot of tennis here last year."
9. The Clarks told us:" We drove right down to Athens last summer."
10. Peter said:" They were interested in these countries."
11.“I’ve worn this skirt for many times” She said to me.
12.“She has given you her mobile number” John said.
13.“My father has worked for this company for 12 years”. Ba said to me.
14.“We have visited this country for three times” – the visitors said to us.
15.“I haven’t heard about your plan to Italy” Linda said
16.“We’ve finish these fences before midnight” The workers said.
17.“Our children have gone to school since early in the morning” They said to me.

Thu said “All the students will have a meeting next week”
The teacher said “All the homework must be done carefully”
Her father said to her “You can go to the movie with your friend”
Hoa said “I may not visit my parents in the summer”
The teacher said “We can collect old book for the poor students”
They told us “Our friends will get the award for their highest scores”
He said “I will go to school by bus tomorrow”
Phong said “I need to learn more vocabulary”
His brother told him “You can use my computer today”
Mai said “I can not go to the movies with you, Nam”

“Do you live with your family?”
My teacher wanted to know
“Does your mother speak Spanish?”
Linda asked me
James said “Do you want me to type this letter for you?”
“Does she like sports?” Hoa asked Lan
“Do your sister and brother go to the same school?” She asked Nam
“Did you go to Hue three years ago?” Tam wondered
“Did Lucy have a great time yesterday?” She asked me
“Did you bring this cake to our party last night?” They asked me
“Did I do something wrong?” He asked me
“Are there some oranges in the fridge?” She asked her mom
“Are Tam and Hoa late for class?” Tuan wanted to know
“Is that your cat?” He wondered
“Were you reading this book at 8 o’clock last Sunday?” She wanted to know
“Can you help me fix my fences?” My father asked me
“Can I talk to you for a minute?” My teacher said to me
“Can I borrow your lawn mower?” My friend asked me
"Can you meet me at the station?" she asked me
She said to me “Can you speak Chinese?”
“Will you come to my house warming party next week?”
“Will it rain tomorrow morning?” He asked his friend
“Will she be here for five days?” Tam wondered
“Have you seen my car?” He asked me
“Has your sister gone out?” the sender asked me
“Have you callled your mom yet?” my father wanted to know.
1. “Where does your father work?” The teacher asked me
2. “How many people are there in your family?” She asked Lan
3. Tam’s friend asked him “How long will you stay in England?”
4. “Are there some oranges in the fridge?” She asked her mom
5. The teacher said to Lien “What‘s your hobby?”
6. “How did you go
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