Chọn đáp án đúng để hoàn thành các câu sau:
I didn’t really feel like going out, but I am glad I (did, made, tried, acted) my effort.
The severe drought (that it, which it, it, that) happened last summer ruined the corn crop.
“Is this the address to (where, whom, which, that) you want the package sent?”
The chemistry book (that I bought it, what I bought, I bought that, I bought) was a little expensive.
“Have you ever met the man (stands, standing, who he is standing, is standing) over there?” – No. Who is he?
“Do you remember Mrs. Goddard, (who, whom, that, which) taught us English last year?
“Will you find the person (who, which, that his, whose) bike you found?”
The movie (I went, I went it it, I went to, that I went) last night was terrible.
I had to drive to the factory to pick up my brother (who his, who, who’s, whose) car wouldn’t start.
The Vietnamese participants took (notice, notes, part, role) in the 14th Asian Games with great enthusiasm.
(Spectators, Athletes, Audience, Viewers) from several countries competed in many Asian Games.
How many sports are there (in, on, at, to) the 14th Asian Games?
The quiet country roads are ideal for cycling. The word “cycling” is closest in meaning to (driving a car, riding a bicycle, kicking a ball, playing football.
The Olympic Games is one of the biggest sporting (problems, athletes, cultures, events) all over the world.
Swimming is one of the (mountainous, aquatic, racing, running) sports.
On some special occasions, people often march and demonstrate to show their (nation, event, culture, solidarity).
Vietnam won 3 gold (degrees, medals, awards, boards) at the 15th Asian Games.
The Asian Games have been advancing (on, at, in, for) all aspects.
50,000 people attended the Opening Ceremony of the 15th Asian Games with more than billion TV (listeners, speakers, viewers, readers).
Did you see the Opening Ceremony (which showed, showed, showing, shown) on TV last night?
There were many scientists at the meeting, several of (that, whom, who, which) were very young.
This is the novel (that, which, x, all are correct) I’ve been expecting.
Fencing was first introduced at the 13th Asian Games, (to be held, holding, when was held, which was held) in Bangkok, Thailand in 1998.
He rang James, (who was, that was, being, to be) a good friends as well as his trainer.
That is Mr. Pike, a referee, (that, which, whom, whose) I told you about.
This is a picture in the newspaper of a high jumper (who, whom, whose, that) leg was seriously hurt.
I like the book (who, when, where, x) you lent me last week.
I know the man (him, which, whose, x) Miss White is talking to.
He took out a photo of Pele, (whose, whom, that, which) he adored.
The death of his son was an experience from (when, why, that, which) he never fully recovered.
John Murray is the man, he owns the Grand Hotel. A. John Murray is the man owns the Grand Hotel. B. John Murray is the man whom owns the GH C. John Murray is the man, that owns the GH D. John Murray is the man who owns the GH.
This is the sweater. I bought it on Saturday. A. This is the sweater which I bought on Saturday. B. This is the sweater I bought on Saturday. C. this is the sweater, that I bought it on Saturday. D. A&B
She won the gold medal and set a new world (target, standard, record, object) in jumping.
Each event of the World Cup has a/an (national, official, only, average) song chosen by the host country.
I was talking with a businessman (which, when, who, x) works with my father. Rút gọn mệnh đề quan hệ hoặc lược bỏ đại từ quan hệ trong các câu sau:
I think that my boss is the person whom I admire most.
We are talking about the train that leaves at 6.00.
Have you seen the book that I left here on the desk?
We have visited the first radio station
nguon VI OLET