Multiple choice test đề thi Tiếng Anh 12

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Multiple choices
1. The bicycle was moving so fast that its rider could not _______ an accident.
A. leave B. avoid C. miss D. stop
2. When I applied for my passport to be renewed, I had to send a _______ photograph.
A. fresh B. fashionable C. late D. recent
3. The goods were displayed so well that she couldn’t ________ the temptation to buy.
A. pull B. deny C. miss D. resist
4. The athlete ________ a new world record.
A. fixed up B. won C. set up D. arranged
5. The play has now ________for three hundred performances.
A. made B. run C. prevented D. shown
6. The film was ________ on the book of the same name.
A. founded B. constructed C. built D. based
7. The concert received good ________ from the critics.
A. reviews B. opinions C. viewpoints D. descriptions
8. A shop ________ is someone who steals from shops and stores.
A. taker B. thief C. lifter D. carrier
9. Despite numerous ________ the 1938 version of the film remains the best.
A. imitations B. repeats C. replicas D. models
10. In Britain the laws ________ the descriptions of goods are extremely good.
A. ruling B. ordering C. following D. governing
11. The lazy boy was scolded for not having done his homework.
A. insolent B. industrious C. indolent D. studious
12. That man was fined for pretending to be a police officer.
A. impressing B. impersonating C. copying D. duplicating
13. When things have been kept in a damp place, they usually become ________.
A. state B. muddy C. fresh D. rotten
14. As always, I am________ with everything you say.
A. agree B. agreeing C. agreeable D. in agreement
15. I ________doubt whether he will actually carry out his threats.
A. highly B. deeply C. absolutely D. seriously
16. It may be raining, but I’m ________ enjoying myself.
A. thoroughly B. highly C. extremely D. Desperately
17. I ________ hope there won’t be a repetition of these unfortunate events.
A. deeply B. strongly C. sincerely D. thoroughly
18. Please put the clothes in that ________ of drawers.
A. skipped B. skidded C. stumbled D. shackled
19. He finally got the reward he so richly ________.
A. owes B. earns C. deserves D. justifies
20. What happens next ________ entirely on you.
A. depends B. revolves C. trusts D. relies
21. After so many years, it is great to see him ________ his ambitions.
A. get B. realize C. possess D. deserve
22. The review committee_________ three practising lawyers and a retired businessman.
A. consists B. comprises C. is made up D. encloses
23. As a safeguard against burglaries, it is advisable to install an alarm system.
A. screen B. remedy C. buffer D. precaution
24. The young man has proven himself to be worthy of my trust.
A. capable B. deserving C. satisfactory D. sincere
25. She showed me the comprehensive plans for the project.
A. complete B. complicated C. detailed D. partial
26. The kidnappers demanded a ________ of one million dollars.
A. reward B. bonus C. ransom D. penalty
27. He sent her a ________ of flowers on Valentine’s Day.
A. nest B. chest C. sheaf D. clump
28. That voice sounds ________. I’ m sure I know her.



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