phát âm lơp 10 (linh Đặng thị thùy)

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Choose the word whose underlined part has a different pronunciation from the others in each group:

1/ A. pay B. bay C. day D. quay

2/ A. knife B. routine C. dinner D.  kick

3/ A. brown B. down C. now D. shown

4/ A. kitchen B. when C. mess D. debt

5/ A. desks B. rulers C. bags D. pens

6/ A. minute B. muddy C. funny D. number

7/ A. born B. world C. fork D. short

8/ A. house B. hour C. how D. horse

9/ A. sky B. pretty C. why D. by

10/ A. died B. continued C. contented D. followed


Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others in each group:

1/ A. routine B. arrive C. morning D. prefer

2/ A. dinner B. harrow C. neighbor D.  correct

3/ A. dinner B. during C. although D. number

4/ A. evening B. usually C. afternoon D. another

5/ A. alarm B. discuss C. friendly D. begin

6/ A. morning B. repair C. happy D. pupil

7/ A. buffalo B. exactly C. tobacco D. continue

8/ A. minute B. about C. Physics D. English

9/ A. quarter B. before C. partner D. weather

10/ A. peasant B. finish C. compare D. adverb


Circle one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C and D.

1.    A. peace   B. tease   C. leader   D. instead

2.    A. hammer   B. cabbage   C. cinema   D. manage

3.    A. hasty   B. wavy   C. nasty   D. tasty

4.    A. kite   B. invite   C. niece   D. cite

5.    A. protect   B. psychology   C. puppy   D. provide

6.    A. bomb   B. probably   C. baby   D. valuable

7.    A. destruction   B. constant   C. sickness   D. species

8.    A. Answer   B. Solemn   C. Music   D. Listen

9.    A. Feelings   B. News   C. Songs   D. Delights

10.   A. Photograph   B. Phone   C. Physics   D. Stephen

11.   A. weigh   B. through   C. enough   D. neighbour

12.   A. Thursday   B. Thames   C. there   D. anything

13.   A. honor   B. hour   C. hit   D. exhaust

14.   A. stone   B. impossible   C. erosion   D. hydroelectric

15.   A. buzz   B. pizza   C. zoo   D. jazz


  1. A. theater  B. teaching   C. speaking  D. reading
  2. A. write  B. wonderful             C. world  D. weekend
  3. A. church  B. children    C. school  D. change
  4. A. months  B. cousins   C. compulsory D. consuming
  5. A. talked  B. watched    C. lived  D. stopped
  6. A. knew  B. blew    C. grew  D. flew
  7. A. guesthouse B. you    C. build  D. reduce

  1. A. national  B.  teenager     C. natural  D. animal
  2. A. their  B. here    C. there   D. wear
  3. A. season  B. business   C. designer  D. answer


Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

1. a. history b. film c. file d. various

2. a. awareness b. nation c. date d. face

3. a. pulse b. popular c. shut d. runner

4. a. cooked b. stopped c. finished d. visited

5. a. contribute b. use c. bull d. due

6. a. industry b. documentary c. suspend d. succeed

7. a. bird b. blind c. kind d. bind

8. a. whatever b. whoever c. wherever                  d. whenever

9. a. lost b. popular c. role d. pop

10. a. tips b. lifts c. trucks d. films

11. a. tide b. tiny c. time d. till

12. a. helps b. laughs c. cooks d. finds

13. a. school b. chemist c. merchant d. ache

14. a. advertise b. age c. standard d. natural

15. a. cheap b. dead c. head d. bread

16. a. weight b. eight c. height d. eighth

17. a. exercise b. decide c. mile d. practice

18. a. jog b. move c. pot d. modern

19. a. account b. pause  c. cause d. clause

20. a. jogged b. cooked c. gained d. smiled

21. a. learn b. nearly c. ear d. clear

22. a. willing b. diameter c. tradition d. addition

23. a. take b. radius c. spark d. cake

24. a. subtract b. traffic c. specific d. cinema

25. a. added b. subtracted c. omitted d. stopped

26. a. calculus b. unit c. use d. computer

27. a. printed b. decided c. completed d. played

28. a. case b. rate c. average d. page

29. a. computers b. instructions c. letters d. scientists

30. a. happy b. multiply c. pretty d. daily

31. a. chemistry b. school c. chair d. ache

32. a. ethical b. think c. both d. clothing

33. a. how b. allow c. now d. know

34. a. understands b. makes c. works d. sleeps

35. a. pharmacy b. apply c. pretty d. quickly

36. a. around b. about c. cough d. bound

37. a. behind b. lie c. blind d. skirt

38. a. mother b. thousand c. they d. their

39. a. movement b. role c. so d. over

40. a. heart b. hear c. clear d. near

41. a. smiled b. lived c. belonged d. worked

42. a. major b. magazine c. machine d. malaria

43. a. cause b. pause c. clause d. laugh

45. a. feather b. feature c. heat d. each

Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C, or D.

1. A. interest  B. finish  C. climate   D. panic

2. A. pedal   B. satisfied  C. land    D. plan

3.  A. seaside  B. realized  C. scream   D. seat

4.  A. children  B. chemistry  C. kitchen   D. chat

5.  A. beginning  B. passenger   C. biology   D. technology

Choose one word whose stress pattern is different. Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C, or D.

6. A. routine    B. physics  C. minute   D. danger

7. A. breakfast   B. purchase  C. peasant   D. begin

8. A. passenger  B. interested  C. frightening   D. contented

9. A. education  B. geography  C. occupation   D. information

10. A. relative   B. cinema   C. continue   D. suddenly


Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others

1. A. watch  B. chemistry             C. technology             D. school 

2. A. today  B. worker  C. about  D. pop

3. A. house  B. height  C. hour  D. half

4. A. end  B. general  C. expensive             D. met

5. A. nothing  B. other  C. birthday             D. thanks

6. A. visited          B. decorated                C. missed                    D. divided


Choose one word whose stress pattern is different from the others.

7. A. technology B. illustration  C. definition            D. electronic

8. A. computer  B. different  C. capable  D.  calculate

9. A. number  B. software  C. manage  D. invent

10. A. become  B. hardware  C. letter  D. music


Choose the word whose underlined part has a different pronunciation from the others in each group:

1/ A. chemist B. change C. child D. cheap

2/ A. fork B. world C. sport D.  north

3/ A. plenty B. fairy C. sky D. weekly

4/ A. feather B. head C. healthy D. meat

5/ A. much B. cute C. cut D. sun

6/ A. soften B. fifteen C. enter D. party

7/ A. now B. how C. know D. down

8/ A. this B. mine C. file D. night

9/ A. when B. settle C. become D. fellow

10/ A. where B. here C. fear D. dear


Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others in each group:

1/ A. headmaster B. holiday C. attractive D. internet

2/ A. matter B. happen C. listen D. below

3/ A. explain B. problem C. study D. worry

4/ A. habit B. become C. learner D. mother

5/ A. fifteen B. fifty C. center D. biggest

6/ A. student B. member C. prefer D. teacher

7/ A. subject B. hello C. teacher D. thousand

8/ A. lesson B. woman C. repair D. father

9/ A. above B. sister C. widen D. very

10/ A. corner B. answer C. doctor D. prepare


Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.

1) A. here   B. bear  C. hear  D. engineer

2) A. four   B. your         C. tour           D. course

3) A. seafood  B. release            C. threaten            D. beneath

4) A. climber  B. bomb    C. blue   D. combing

5) A. pine   B. psychology        C. plane            D. pick

6) A. parked  B. watched  C. endangered  D. stopped

7) A. stationed  B. belonged      C. established          D. studied

8) A. books  B. students        C. things        D. delights

9) A. cuts   B. lives  C. business      D. roles

10) A. film   B. of        C. feeling        D. roof

11) A. one   B. follow     C. horror        D. across

12) A. champion  B. chairman  C. character  D. which

13) A. cup           B. become        C. consider           D. city

14) A. something    B. think        C. without         D. thank

15) A. those  B. they      C. themselves         D. theatre


Choose the word that has stress pattern different from that of the other words.

16) A. various  B. divide  C. challenge  D. picture

17) A. activity  B. investigate     C. century        D. diversity

18) A. oversize       B. satellite        C. existence          D. plastic

19) A. conservation B. variety        C. reconstruction D. circulation

20) A. disease  B. cancer         C. sickness        D. visit

21) A. endanger  B. recognize           C. special  D. tropical

22) A. locate  B. contain      C. water          D. exist

23) A. language  B. music            C. feelings            D. convey

24) A. mournful  B. express      C. emotion  D. modern

25) A. history  B. movement        C. cinema           D. develop

26) A. character  B. industry  C. position  D. audience

27) A. tournament  B. passionate    C. popular           D. retirement

28) A. region  B. attract         C. football        D. final

29) A. unusual  B. interesting  C. different      D. capital

30) A. museum   B. gallery       C. ideal  D. develop

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