PHRASAL VERBS ~ COME [Part 2] (Exercises & Keys)

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I. Fill in the gaps using appropriate prepositions or adverbs.

1. The murderer with a knife.

2. I love you and I will let nothing

3. How did you come....that painting? Did you get it at an auction?

4. When the news of his divorce became known, he the world.

5. Jack will not be able to attend class as he has come....with the flu.

6. There are many ambitious men who may candidates in the next elections.

7. After the heavy criticism, he came his own comment.

8. James is considered to be a good runner, but he came....last in the race.

9. The magazine was a big success when it first came....

10. My mother came me for eating all the jam.

11. He used to be a very humble boy. Then suddenly came his father.

12. That style of music the sixties.

13. When her father was killed, she came....a small fortune.

14. Poverty is what comes....continued unemployment.

15. At first, he likeable, but that didn't last long.

16. You say that you are able to run in that marathon?

17. Come....! The train is just about to leave.

18. The cherries are coming....well this summer.

19. His latest novel came....only a few weeks ago.

20. Then the question of the money the conversation.

21. He came....that old map in an antique shop.

22. My mother has come....with the flu and is staying in hospital.

23. That style of dress the seventies.

24. He inherited all his father's possessions and came....a large sum of money.

25. The Italian marathon runner came....second in the New York marathon.

II. Choose one of the following phrasal verbs to complete the sentences.

come at, come down, come down with, come over, come up, come along

come up with, come to, come off, come across, come into, come by

come on, come out, come in

1. What has You look very disappointed.

2. She is always likely to come some good ideas.

3. All these old houses are coming....

4. After two days I finally came....the solutior

5. The matter the last meeting.

6. He cannot work because he has come the measles.

7. My work at the factory is coming....fine.

8. It was a long time before we came....the truth.

9. Mother has been very ill, but now she is coming....nicely.

10. My brother my opinion after his shabby behaviour.

11. When did you first Vietnam?

12. If anything disagreeable comes...., phone the police immediately.

13. Come....! We're late!

14. She is not a very healthy woman and she often comes....with colds.

15. What has come....him? He looks in a very bad mood today.

16. He has come....with the flu.

17. The man with a knife.

18. The garden is coming....nicely.

19. All this comes....$1,000.

20. The question hasn't come....yet.

21. The stain came....all right.

22. The roof suddenly came....and trapped three people.

23. I oldteacher at the concert.

24. The old ship at last came....sight.

25. The huge Miura bull came....him.

III. Replace the following phrasal verbs with another word or phrase of the same meaning.

1. A Korean company decided to come into the venture.

2. When the old man died, he was very sad although he came into a lot of money.

3. He has squandered most of it, and, as you know, poverty is what comes of being a


4. The soles came off his shoes.

5. Come on! The train is going to leave!

6. The fisherman suddenly came on a pool full of trout.

7. As he is taking Vietnamese classes, I asked him how his Vietnamese was coming on.

8. The representatives came out against the measure when it was discussed in the debate.

9. If you want to convince him, listen to my advice; maybe he will come round if you ask him nicely.

10. This amount comes to one hundred pounds.

11. The stains came out when he used the stain remover.

12. You look very disappointed? What has come over you?

13. They are expected to come round at seven; I have invited them to stay here for a few days.

14. A beggar came up to me asking for money.

15. That matter always comes up when they are discussing the new tax.

16. That item comes under "Flora" in the Encyclopedia.

17. They came up against some serious problems when they tried to evict her.

18. When it comes to treating infants, she is the best nurse we have got.

19. Will no one come forward as a candidate?

20. We shall inform you if a vacancy comes up.

21. Come on! We're very late!

22. A button has come off my coat.

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23. What has come over you? You look terrible!

24. The subject comes under "History" in that book.

25. When will his new book come out?

IV. Replace the words in italics with the appropriate phrasal verb.

1. My posting to the Hanoi office will be received by fax.

2. There was a meeting of the Trade Unions yesterday. The question of salaries was discussed, but nothing was decided.

3. How is the book you are writing progressing? When will you finish it?

4. I found a valuable gold watch in this old suitcase.

5. When I make plans for the future, they never seem to succeed.

6. Hehad a nasty shock, and when I visited him, he fainted. Fortunately, it was not long before he regained consciousness.

7. They will let nothing separate them.

8. How did you obtain that old watch? Did you inherit it?

9. These old buildings will have to be demolished.

10. He lost prestige when his tricks were discovered.

11. That style of dress became fashionable in the sixties.

12. He rushed at me with a sword.

13. This job of his is progressing fine.

14. It will take a long time for permission to be given.

15. The handle became separated from the door.

16. Many people offered to help with the rescue.

17. The teacher reprimanded the children for arriving late.

18. The dog approached us defiantly.

19. Hurry up! We're going to miss the bus!

20. He descended the stairs in despair.

21. A letter will be received next Monday.

22. That block of houses is going to be demolished.

23. The burly man rushed at me.

24. He found an old map in that drawer.

25. Our work is progressing rather well.



1. at

2. between

3. by

4. down

5. down

6. forward

7. back with

8. in


9. out

10. down on

11. down on

12. out a into

14. of


16. off

17. on/along


18. along/on

19. out

20. up

21. across/by/upon

22. down

23. out

24. into

25. in




1. over

2. up with

3. down

4. by/ across

5. up

6. down with

7. along/on

8. to



9. along/on

10. down

11. over/across

12. up

13. on/along

14. down

15. over

16. down

17. at



18. along/on

19. to

20. up

21. off/out

22. down

23. across

24. into/in

25. at



1. join

2. inherited

3. results of

4. fell away from

5. Hurry

6. found

7. getting along/


8. opposed


9. change his mind

10. adds up to

11.were removed

12. happened to

13. arrive

14. approached

15. arises

16. is catalogued under


17. faced/ encountered

18. is a matter of

19. present himself

20. arises

21. Hurry

22. separated from/fallen

       away from

23. happened to

24. is under the heading of

25. be published



1. come through

2. came up

3. coming along/ on

4. came across/ by

5. come off

6. came round/to

7. come between

8. come by



9. come down

10. came down in the


11. came out

12. came at a coming along/ on

14. come through

15. came off

16. came forward



17. came down on

18. came at us

19. Come on/ along

20. came down

21. come through

22. come down

23. came at

24. came across

25. coming on/ along


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