Đề Thi Tiếng Anh 11:Phrasal Verbs ~ Get [Part 2] (Exercises & Keys)

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PHRASAL VERBS - GET [Part 2] I. Fill in the gaps using appropriate prepositions or adves. 1. Put the cake on the shelf so that the children cannot get....it. 2. I am soy, but it is very late for me. I

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I. Fill in the gaps using appropriate prepositions or adve
1. Put the cake on the shelf so that the children cannot get....it.
2. I am so
y, but it is very late for me. I have to be getting....now.
3. He gets....a lot because he works for an international company.
4. I am trying to
ing him round to our point of view, but he is not an easy man to
5. I don't know what youaregetting....but my answer is no.
6. The thieves got all the money and jewellery.
7. You cannot get....from the fact that he has been caught cheating.
8. You can always try, but my opinion is that you will not get....with it.
9. My uncle told me that you were away. When did you get....?
10. Don't wo
y too much about me. You know that I can always get....
11. I tried to get the pill...., but it was too big for my throat.
12. He does not like English weather because he says that it gets him....
13. You should stop wasting time and get work.
14. The car was waiting for them. Once they a
ived, they got....and drove off.
15. He got....the habit of smoking during his military service.
16. He got....the bus at the railway station and walked away.
17. Get....with your work and don't pay any attention to them.
18. She got the car and waved when she saw me.
19. Many people try to get prison once they are jailed.
20. The film went onsolate that I got the cinema as quickly as possible.
21. Mary'll get....from her holidays next Monday.
22. I can't stay anylonger. I have toget....
23. I can't understand howhegets....on such a small amount.
24. It's high time he got some serious work.
25. How's she getting....with her Vietnamese?
II. Replace the following phrasal ve
s with another word or phrase of the same
1. He gets about a lot in spite of being crippled.
2. Get on with your work while I run this e
3. Get out of here! You have no right to be in my home.
4. I have a lot of things to dobut I think I will get them over with by next month.
5. You mean that he has been dishonest? I cannot get over it.
6. My uncle has not yet got over the death of grandfather.
7. If we get our money together, we may find that we have a substantial amount.
8. The bookseller was trying to get round her to accept his offer.
9. I have been trying to call you but the line was engaged and I couldn't get through.
10. This petrol should get us through till at least November.
11. I took the bus at seven in the morning and got to work at half past.
12. They are trying to get up a committee to discuss the question further.
13. It is very difficult for her to get over her illness.
14. You are considered to be a master at chess; how did you get into that game?
15. When you get through with your work, let's go to the cinema together.
16. I usually get up at half past seven in the morning.
17. As he was reading the book, I asked him: "What page have you got up to?"
18. We should discuss that matter in depth. When can we get together?
19. Our teacher is not very good at getting his ideas across.
20. This old devil is trying to get around the tax laws.
21. He's trying to get over the death of his wife.
22. He gets up at seven o'clock every morning.
23. You should get through to him and communicate the news.
24. He's getting about again after his accident.
25. The groom wishes he could get out of that wedding.
III. Replace the words in italics with the appropriate phrasal ve
1. He is very depressed and he does not move much.
2. The news of his divorce soon circulated.
3. We can manage very well without his help.
4. Put the jam where the children cannot reach it.
5. They caught one of the burglars red-handed but he escaped.
6. The children are not making any noise now. wonder what they are doing.
7. What time do you normally rise from bed?
8. We are organizing a party to cele
ate Dad's birthday.
9. When can we have a meeting and discuss the matter further?
10. He won a lot of money, but he finished the whole lot in less than two months.
11. When you finish with your work, why don't we go to the cinema?
12. They avoided bankrupcy by bo
owing a lot of money.
13. We didn't a
ive home until very late at night.
14. Your work will be acceptable, but try to improve it.
15. We should return home; mother will be wo
ied about us.
16. I tried to swallow the medicine, but its taste was so awful that I simply couldn't.
17. We'd better buy some petrol before it runs out.
18. I really enjoy that sort of music.
19. Continue with your first-aid rescue while I go to fetch the doctor.
20. I'll contact the boss and ask him for a loan.
21. If the news becomes known, there'll be trouble.
22. He's going to abandon his bad habits.
23. I left as soon as the message a
24. When I reached the station, the train had already left
25. We started immediately after
     CẤN CHÍNH TRƯỜNG                                                                                                                                 EXTRA COURSE 11 & 12                               PHRASAL VERBS – GET [Part 2]   

IV. Choose one of the following phrasal ve
s to complete the sentences.
     get in, get along, get run over, get up, get by, get out of, get on, get over,
     get down, get round to, get at, get away with, get round
1. Many people wonder how he gets....on the small amount he earns.
2. I haven't got answering your letter as I have been te
ibly busy lately.
3. As he had a bad headache, he got doing the work.
4. Now you say you feel unable to do it? Seriously, what are you getting....?
5. This continuous wet weather really gets me
6. They aretrying to convince that boy, but I assure you it's no use trying to get....him.
7. He asked after you. He wanted to know if you had got....your operation.
8. They get....very well together as they have a lot in common.
9. I haven't got filling in the application form asI have been very busy.
10. You must be careful with him. He means business but I wonder what he is really
11. How are you getting....with your English?
12. Although he does not earn more than £100 per week, he manages to get....
13. How are you getting....with him?
14. Though the teacher punished everyone, Jim got it by pretending to be ill.
15. Living in a large city like New York is something that gets me....
16. Don't wo
y about me!I shall get....
17. I haven't got....myillness yet.
18. How are you getting....with your French?
19. The plane got....five minutes early.
20. He gets....well with his boss.
21. Let's get it....with once and for all.
22. The dog got run....in the street.
23. Let's get....an excursion for Saturday.
24. The Germans can get....a lot of beer.
25. They are trying to get....her to sell the house.
1. at
2. along
3. about
4. round
5. at
6. away with
7. away
8. away
9. back
10. by/along
11. down
12. down
13. down to
14. in
15. into
16. Off
17. on
18. out of
19. out of
20. out of
21. back
22. away/off/ back/along
23. by
24. down to
25. on/along

1. moves
2. Continue
3. Leave
4. finish them
5. believe
6. recovered from
7. pool our money
8. convince
9. contact you
10. last us
11. a
ived at
12. form
13. recover from
14. start
15. finish
16. rise
17. reached
18. have a meeting/meet
19. transmitting
20. evade
21. recover from
22. rises
23. contact
24. moving
25. escape from

1. get about/around
2. got about/ around
3. get along/on/ by
4. get at
5. got away
6. getting up to
7. get up
8. getting up
9. get together
10. got through
11. get through
12. got round
13. get in/back
14. get by
15. get back
16. get down
17. get in
18. get off on
19. Get on/along
20. get onto/through to
21. gets out/about/ around
22. get out of
23. got through
24. got to
25. got off

1. by
2. round to
3. out of
4. at
5. down
6. round
7. over
8. on
9. round to
10. at
11. on/along
12. by
13. on/along
14. out of/awaywith
15. down
16. by
17. over
18. on/along
19. in
20. along/on
21. over
22. over
23. up
24. down
25. round

Next…GET [3]
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     CẤN CHÍNH TRƯỜNG                                                                                                                                 EXTRA COURSE 11 & 12                               PHRASAL VERBS – GET [Part 2]   


Caught red-handed
     CẤN CHÍNH TRƯỜNG                                                                                                                                 EXTRA COURSE 11 & 12                               PHRASAL VERBS – GET [Part 2]   

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