Đề Thi Tiếng Anh 11:Phrasal Verbs ~ Give [Part 2] (Exercises & Keys)

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PHRASAL VERBS - GIVE [Part 2] I. Fill in the gaps using the appropriate phrasal ve. 1. They gave....all their money to charity. 2. The football team gave the match....by playing so badly. 3. He tried

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I. Fill in the gaps using the appropriate phrasal ve
1. They gave....all their money to charity.
2. The football team gave the match....by playing so badly.
3. He tried to prove that he was not the murderer, but the blood stains on his shirt gave
4. Give me....my pencil when you finish with it.
5. Both armies fought until one of them gave
6. The cheese gave....a very unpleasant smell.
7. Mary, could you please give....the examination papers?
8. The doctor has told him to give....smoking if he wants to be a healthy man.
9. When he discovered the truth about her, he gave her....
10. After two hours of searching, the boy was given....for lost.
11. If you are on a bus, and you see an old lady you should give....your seat for her.
12. He gave his car....for only £200.
13. Britain may finally give....to Spanish claims over Gi
14. He tried to run in the marathon, but after three miles his strength gave....
15. They were sitting in a circle while one of them gave....the cards.
16. She is very given....catching colds in winter.
17. They played chess for more than two hours, until Kasparov gave....
18. She discovered that he had a lover and consequently gave him....
19. Please, give....crying and do calm down! Tell us what's wrong.
20. I can do nothing more; I give....
21. The rebels were forced to give....
22. Please, give....crying, will you?
23. I can't do this crossword; I give....
24. As soon asI finish it, I will give it....to you.
25. She promised she'd never give me....
II. Replace the following phrasal ve
s with another word or phrase of the same meaning.
1. The company had to give in to the strikers' demands.
2. The dean will give out the prizes at the end of term.
3. He gave up his last chance of passing the exam when he gave the wrong answer to question ten.
4. One of the gangsters gave his companions away to the police.
5. He tried to appear happy, but his eyes gave him away.
6. Give me back my um
ella; it's raining outside.
7. After the general strike, the employers had to give in to the workers'claims.
8. Give your exam papers in to the teacher.
9. The rotten
ead was giving off a bad smell.
10. The back room gives onto the garden.
11. The exam papers were given out, and then, everybody began to write the answers.
12. The date of her ma
iage will be given out soon.
13. They gave out on the radio that there was a coup d'etat in Turkey.
14. When she saw the burnt bodies she gave out a scream.
15. He ran until his strength gave out.
16. We simply could not start the car because the engine had given out.
17. Give over crying and explainwhat happened.
18. The night was given over to strolling and having a good time.
19. The doctor told him to give up smoking if he didn't want to run the risk of getting
      lung cancer.
20. After my wife's death, I gave myself up to my professional duties.
21. He has finally given in to my views.
22. The food supplies soon gave out.
23. Please, don't give my secret away.
24. The sausage gave off a stinking smell.
25. He promised he would give up his bad habits.
III. Replace the words in italics with the apropriate phrasal ve
1. He said that he was not Chinese, but his accent betrayed him.
2. I must call at the li
ary to return this book.
3. At first, I wouldn't let my
other ride my bike, but he was so persuasive that I
    eventually relented.
4. The enemy had to yield after the disaster at the last battle.
5. The speaker announced the names of the winners.
6. The teacher distributed the papers before the exam.
7. I got tired ofwaiting and I abandoned the task.
8. I tried to make him understand, but after half an hour I stopped.
9. I shall never cease to warn him about the dangers of motorcycles.
10. Have you abandoned the habit of drinking every day?
11. The demonstrators, su
ounded by the police, finally su
endered and stopped
      throwing stones at them.
12. The rotten eggs emitted a most unpleasant smell.
13. The doctor told him to stop smoking at once.
14. My bedroom overlooks the garden.
15. She got tired of their ma
iage and abandoned him.
16. Those children are very keen on sports and practise basketball every day.
17. Those rooms were set aside for young children.
18. He dedicated his life to the study of the Vietnamese language.
19. That door has a view of the orchard.
20. He squandered his last chance.
21. The front room overlooks the beach.
22. He's abandoned the habit of smoking his pipe after his meals.
23. That man is very keen on reading. He's used to it.
24. The speaker distributed several leaflets among the audience.
    CẤN CHÍNH TRƯỜNG                                                                                                                                   EXTRA COURSE 11 & 12                             PHRASAL VERBS – GAVE [Part 2]   

25. Einstein dedicated his life to the study of physics.
IV. Fill in the gaps using one of the following phrasal ve
give away, give back, give in, give out, give up
give way, give back, give off, give over
1. He realised that he couldn't escape and so gave himself....to the police.
2. They fought until one of them gave....
3. She has died. Yes, she has given....the ghost.
4. At first he didn't let me usehis pen, but I was so persuasive that he eventually gave....
5. If you don't give yourself....to the police, they will hound you for the rest of your life.
6. He has given....drinking champagne.
7. I'll give this pair of shoes....; they are worn out.
8. He tried to learn Russian, but it was so difficult that he finally gave it....
9. Remember to give this book....to the li
10. At the end of the meeting they gave....the names of the winners.
11. The books were given....to the pupils.
12. His patience gave....and he started to shout.
13. He said that he was twenty, but the wrinkles on his forehead gave him....
14. I have given....smoking because the doctor said that it was bad for my health.
15. He ran in the marathon until his strength gave....
16. He has given....smoking that old pipe of his.
17. The manager eventually gave....to my claims.
18. He said that he was French, but his accent gave him....
19. He gave himself.....to the police after the murder.
20. A lot of sweets were given....to the children.
21. These old socks are giving....a very peculiar smell.
22. Stop bothering me. Give....will you!
23. I'm going to give....all my stamps.
24. I can't resist anymore. I'm going to give....
25. We'll have to give....to the traffic coming from that street.
1. away
2. away
3. away
4. back
5. up
6. off/out
7. out
8. up
9. up
10. up
11. up
12. away
13. in
14. out
16. to
17. up/in
18. Up
19. over
20. up
21. in/up
22, over
23, up
24, back
25. up

1. accept
2. present
3. lost
4. betrayed
5. betrayed
6. Return
7. accept
8. Hand in
9. emitting
10. looks out on connects wit
12. announced
14. let out
15. deminished
16. stopped working
17. Stop
18. dedicated
19. stop
20. dedicated
21. accepted
22. finished
23. reveal
24. emitted
25. stop

1. gavehim away
2. give back
3. gave in
4. give in
5. gave out
6. gave out
7. gave up
8. gave up
9. give up warning
10. given up
11. gave up/in
12. gave off/out
13. give up
14. gives onto
15. gave him up
16. given to
17. given over to
18. gave his life over
19. gives onto
20. gave away
21. gives onto
22. given up
23. given to
24. gave out
25. gave his life over

1. up/in
2. in/up
3. up
4. in/up
5. up/in
6. up
7. away
8. up
9. back
10. out
11. out
12. out
13. away
14. up
15. out
16. Up
17. in
18. away
19. up/in
20. out
21. off/out
22. over
23. away
24. in/up
25. way

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