PHRASAL VERBS ~ LOOK [2] (Exercises & Keys)

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I. Fill in the gaps using appropriate prepositions or adverbs.

1. He in a different way now that we work in the same department.

2. You should look....instead of thinking about the past.

3. Are you being well this hospital?

4. He is looking....for a new job now that he is on the dole.

5. My father looks me because I'm only a school teacher.

6. Before giving you an answer, I'd like to look....the proposal.

7. They have produced a report looking....the causes of traffic jams.

8. After he won an Oscar, he never looked....

9. I have only looked....the book; I haven't read it carefully.

10. I receiving your reply.

11. Why don't you help instead of just looking....?

12. I am to tell my mother the truth.

13. The Constitution states that we must look....all men and women as equals.

14. Make sure you put out some food; I'll the house.

15. She is being very narrowminded.

16. He is a puritan who looks heavy drinking.

17. When our eyes met, she looked....

18. I look those times asthe happiest of our lives.

19. Oil shares aren't the Stock Exchange due to the Gulf crisis.

20. It isn't advisable to make a hurried decision; why don't you look....first?

21. I promise to look....on you next time I come here.

22. They looked....the dead woman's belongings.

23. I am going to look....a present formy mother in the gift shop.

24. I usually notes before the exam.

25. He is a very rude boy; he ought to look....his manners.

II. Replace the following phrasal verbs with another word or phrase of the same meaning.

1. He is a very nostalgic man who keeps looking back on past times.

2. She wants to move and is looking about for a new flat in another neighbourhood.

3. I cannot gotoday; I'll look in on Tuesday.

4. He looks up to my elder brother simply because they are extremely alike.

5. I am looking to you to help us with the cleaning.

6. The President is looked on as being a competent politician.

7. He used to fall behind in his studies, but he has begun to look up.

8. The police are looking out for the escaped terrorists.

9. My bedroom looks onto the mountains.

10. We look at the same problems in very different ways.

11. She's looking forward to visiting new countries.

12. Specialistswill look into the matter deeply.

13. Everybody's looking out for the news.

14. We'll look out for you at the station.

15. People were looking to Sherlock Holmes to solve the mystery.

16. The priest looked up and prayed.

17. We're not interested in buying this cottage; we just want to look round.

18. It will be as difficult as looking for a needle in a haystack.

19. We must look over the car before we decide to buy it.

20. I'll look after the children while their mother is away.

21. Please, look up a fast train to Barcelona in the railway guide.

22. I wanted to complain, but they didn't look at my proposal.

23. He is not interested in your work; he only looks for results.

24. I look on Dr Hartman as an authority on medicine.

25. Mr Russell's an ambitious man who never looks back.

III. Replace the words in italics with an appropriate phrasal verb.

1. Will you take care of my dogwhile I am away?

2. His house faces the sea.

3. It's time you thought about the future and began to save some money.

4. My mother's at home; I'll call in this afternoon to see how she is.

5. Take care! There's a car coming!

6. He regards my proposal in a very positive way.

7. I am searching for a new secretary for the sales department.

8. Most people consider taxes as a necessary evil.

9. I'm going to inspect the carthat I am thinking of buying.

10. We are all expecting her arrival at the airport with excitement.

11. Examine these photographs and pick out the ones you like best.

12. The police are investigating Mr Smith's murder.

13. He despises his brother because he didn't go to university.

14. He respects his teachers and he would like to become a teacher himself.

15. Whenever you come to Spain, visit me.

16. His books are selling like hot cakes and business has started to improve.

17. Who will watch over the children while you are in hospital?

18. Will you go to the airport and be on the watch for Mr Ashely.

19. Be careful! The enemy is near.

20. When I turned my head, hewasjust getting into the lift.

21. The front room faces the street.

22. He'll get a fine if he is not careful.

23. I'll see to the tickets.

24. Come and see me next time you come to Spain.

25. People stopped to watch the artist painting on the pavement.

IV. Fill in the gaps using one of the following phrasal verbs.

      look about, look ahead, look around, look at, look back on

      look down on, look for, look forward to, look into, look on

      look out, look over, look round, look through, look to, look up

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1. I have looked....your proposal, but I haven't studied it in detail yet.

2. Looking...., I think we ought to beable to save some money next month.

3. Never look your enemies or else you'll lose your wars.

4. The two men fought while the crowd looked

5. Look....his arguments and tell me what you think about them.

6. Now that I have decided to work harder things are looking....

7. He in a different way now that he is unemployed.

8. We are looking receiving her letter.

9. On our visit to Lisbon we were looking....for a nice place to eat and we found this French restaurant.

10. We for support.

11. Mary's looking....a new job.

12. We have received a report looking....the causes of pollution in big cities.

13. Do we have to pay to look....the cathedral?

14. Don't look the past. Think about the future!.

15. Look....for me at the railway station.

16. We are looking....a new idea for marketing our products.

17. If you are looking....trouble, you came to the right place.

18. If you don't know the meaning of the word, look the dictionary.

19. He looks old people because they don't work.

20. I look....him as a rival.

21. You shouldn't look....such an offer.

22. They are to improve sales.

23. Don't think of the past. Look....!

24. I looked....the plans, and at first I didn't like them.

25. Mary has been sacked and is looking....for a new job.




1. on

2. ahead

3. after

4. around/out/about

5. down on

6. through/over

7. into

8. back


9. over/though

10. forward

11. on

12. to

13. upon/on

14. to/after

15. on/upon

16. down on

17. away

18. back on

19. up

20. round

21. in

22. through

23. for

24. through/over

25. to








1. reminiscing about

2. searching

3. visit

4. admires

5. expecting

6. considered

7. improve

8. searching


9. faces

10. consider

11. thinking with anticipation


12. investigate awaiting

14. wait

15. expecting

16. raised his eyes

17. have a look

18. searching for

19. examine

20. take care of

21. see if there is

22. consider

23. wants

24. consider

25. thinks about the past



1. look after

2. looks onto

3. looked ahead

4. look in

5. look out!

6. looks at

7. looking for

8. look on


9. look over

10. looking forward to

11. look through

12. looking into

13. looks down or

14. looks up to

15. look in on

16. look up

17. look after

18. look out

19. look out

20. looked round

21. looks onto

22. doesn't look out

23. look after

24. look me up

25. look at



1. over/through

2. ahead

3. down on

4. on

5. through/into

6. up

7. on

8. forward to


9. around

10. to


12. into

13. round

14. back on

15. out

16. at/into

17. for

18. up

19. down on

20. on

21. at

22. to

23. ahead

24. over/through

25. around/out/about

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Lisbon, Capital of Portugal


Stock Exchange















The Gulf Crisis

     CẤN CHÍNH TRƯỜNG                                                                                                                                   EXTRA COURSE 11  & 12                           PHRASAL VERBS – LOOK [2]   


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