PHRASAL VERBS ~ PUT [Part 2] (Exercises & Keys)

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I. Fill in the gaps with appropriate prepositions or adverbs.

1. Putting....the fact that she doesn't speak English, she's a most efficient secretary.

2. Why do you put....going to the dentist?

3. Our boss managed to important business deal.

4. The police put the suspect....a severe examination.

5. I hadto put all the build the machine.

6. The fire brigade put the half an hour.

7. He can't speak four languages; he's putting you....

8. American scientists have put....a new theory.

9. The firm hundred machines every day.

10. I will not be such threats.

11. In spring the elms were leaves.

12. They put an idiot.

13. Put your ideas....before you make a speech.

14. They finally surrendered by putting their hands....

15. When he lost his job, he put his house....for sale.

16. I won't put her behaviour any longer.

17. If you visit me, I'll put you....for the night.

18. He fell off his bicycle and put his shoulder....

19. The horrible smell put meal.

20. Which party will be the next election?

21. "What's the matter with you?" he put....

22. He's been putting....a lot of ice-cream and now he's got indigestion.

23. He puts a lot of work....improving his Vietnamese.

24. I wasput....for the school football team.

25. The boat harbour as the tide came in.

II. Replace the following phrasal verbs with another word or phrase of the same meaning.

1. He put off the pitbull with a knife.

2. The gangster was put away for ten years.

3. I've just put my book down to listen to the news.

4. The deal must be put down in writing to be legal.

5. They put at 300 the number of orders they receive daily.

6. The revolts were brutally put down in the Turkey.

7. Shakespeare’s Hamet has been put into many different languages.

8. The government has put forward plans for building a dam.

9. They put his attitude down to his financial problems.

10. The madwoman was put away in a hospital.

11. That teacher isn't very good at putting his ideas across.

12. The boat put back to harbour.

13. Put my address down or else you'll forget it.

14. The cab put me off at the airport.

15. The colour of the food put me off eating it.

16. My son puts on that he is sick when he doesn't want to go to school.

17. I'm really put out; I can't understand his behaviour.

18. I asked the secretary to put me through to the director.

19. We put up in a boarding house for the night.

20. The flag was put up as the anthem was played.

21. He put up his umbrella as it started to rain.

22. He put me up to what was happening.

23. I can't put up with my mother-in-law.

24. My aunt always puts me up when I visit HCM City.

25. Sometimes her replies put me off.

III. Replace the words in italics with an appropriate phrasal verb.

1. He saves $35 every month to pay for his summer holiday.

2. Troops were used to crush the rebellion.

3. Write down his address before you forget it.

4. I attribute his joy to the fact that he is no longer on the dole.

5. If you want to live here, you'll have to bear patiently with the noise.

6. The City Hall will erect a statute in the park.

7. If only a few people want to buy a product, its price is automatically raised.

8. He assumed an air of indifference.

9. He made a claim for compensation.

10. He is the sort of man who always postpones going to the doctor till it is too late.

11. Why don't you apply for the job?

12. I wanted to cheer the 22nd SEA Games winners but the mobs repelled me.

13. The students usually perform a play at the end of the year.

14. Those journalists have been accused of spreading false information.

15. I want to save some money for a rainy day.

16. The war has delayed production in our factory.

17. I consider him a liar.

18. I'm going to bet some money on that horse.

19. I'd like to ask the doctor a question.

20. Have you raised your tent?

21. The council has proposed plans for a new hospital.

22. The thief was jailed for five years.

23. To say it clearly, we'll have to pay.

24. I applied for that job.

25. You have to submit an initial payment.

IV. Fill in the gaps using one of the following phrasal verbs.

     put about, put across, put aside, put away, put back, put down, put forward,

     put in, put off, put on, put out, put through, put to, put up, put by

1. They are going to put....their differences.

     CẤN CHÍNH TRƯỜNG                                                                                                                                EXTRA COURSE 11  & 12                              PHRASAL VERBS – PUT [2]   


2. I am not for anyspecial purpose.

3. The reporters have been putting rumours

4. She put....the dress I like.

5. What price would you put....this gold watch?

6. The school teacher put....the exam results on the notice board.

7. Unfortunately I have to put....myvisit.

8. His bad manners put me right....

9. I have to put....a call to Madrid.

10. I'm afraid I can't putyou...., youwill have to go to a boarding house.

11. You can't put that stupid excuse....your wife.

12. The meeting has been this month.

13. He has been putting....a lot of food this Christmas.

14. I'd like to put a question....the chairman.

15. The meeting has been next month.

16. The ship port.

17. Put....that candle, I don't want to wake anybody up.

18. I want to put....a claim to the bank manager.

19. Why don't you put your old dog....?

20. Will it put you....if I invite Sheila to the party?

21. I put that we don't agree with you.

22. He's not poor; he puts get people's sympathy.

23. Their interruptions put him....his stride.

24. He decided to put his employees....a test.

25. The government wants to put....a statue in honour of the heroic general.





1. aside

2. off

3. through/up

4. through

5. together

6. out

7. on

8. forward


9. out

10. off

11. forth

12. down

13. together

14. up

15. up

16. up with

17. up

18. out

19. off

20. in

21. in

22. away/down

23. into

24. down

25. back/in









1. kept away

2. jailed

3. stopped reading

4. written

5. estimated at

6. crushed

7. translated into

8. proposed


9. attributed

10. interned

11. conveying

12. returned

13. write down

14. left me

15. repelled me from

16. pretends to be

17. confused

18.connect me

19. stayed

20. raised

21. opened

22. notified me as

23. stand

24. accomodates me

25. confuse me



1. puts aside/ by/ away

2. put down

3. put down

4. put down

5. put up

6. put up

7. put Up

8. put on


9. put a question to the doctor

10. puts off

11. put in

12. put me off

13. put on

14. putting about

15. put aside/by/away

16. put back


17. put him down as

18. put ... on

19. put ... to

20. put up

21. put forward

22. put away/down

23. put it bluntly/clearly

24. put in for

25. put down



1. aside

2. aside/by/away

s. about

4. on

5. on

6. up

7. off

8. off


9. through

10. up

11. across/on

12, forward

13. away/down

14. to

15. back

16. back/in

17. out

18. in

19. down

20. out

21. to

22. on

23. off

24. through/to

25. up

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     CẤN CHÍNH TRƯỜNG                                                                                                                                EXTRA COURSE 11  & 12                              PHRASAL VERBS – PUT [2]   


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