PHRASAL VERBS ~ RUN [Part 2] (Exercises & Keys) đề thi Tiếng Anh 11

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I. Fill in the gaps with appropriate prepositions or adverbs.
1. The policemen were running....the thief.
2. He ran....from home and got a job in a warehouse.
3. Don`t run the idea that I am lonely just because I haven`t many friends.
4. Don`t let your emotions run you.....
5. When he felt unhappy at school he used to run....
6. The greyhounds were running....the electric hare.
7. The president`s speech ran....for three hours.
8. This electric organ is useless because the batteries have run....
9. The car skidded off the road and iron fence.
10. I ran....her in the street quite bychance.
11.I ran....mycousin in Nguyen Hue Street recently.
12. We have run....of sugar; we`ll have to buy it at the dairy.
13. The car does not work any more as it has run....of petrol.
14. The poor girl was a bus yesterday morning.
15. Are you sure that it is the right answer? Run....the sentence again, please.
16. If he behaves like that, he will run....against a lot of opposition.
17. That lamppost is bent because a car last night.
18. She is a girl who has given to her family a lot of trouble; she has run....from home twice.
19. Run it....your mind before you say whether you love me or not.
20. I would not like to run water in the middle of the desert.
21. He has problems with his parents and has run....from home several times.
22. The policemen were running....the thief.
23. We have run supplies and are going to die.
24. I old work mate in Tran Hung Dao Street.
25. Run....the lessons before you write the answers in the exam.
II. Replace the following phrasal verbs with another word or phrase of the same meaning.
1. I ran across your old friend in the street yesterday.
2. The dog was running after a cat.
3. Run along now, all of you!
4. He was run over and killed by a lorry.
5. Have you finished? Time is running out.
6. They are too fat. They should run off those excess pounds.
7. Let`s run through the first scene again.
8. The robbers ran away with all the money.
9. The batteries have run down again and the radio does not work.
10. The concert ran on until around eleven o`clock.
11. The bucket was running over.
12. They ran up the national flag on the king`s birthday.
13. I shall just run through this list with you.
14. We ran up against a lot of opposition when we put forward our revolutionary theories.
15. I have run out of cigarettes andso can`t offer you one.
16. The Ethiopian athlete ran away with the race.
17. The oil industry is gradually running down.
18. Our food soon ran out, and we almost starved to death.
19. You will run up against some serious problems if you go on like this.
20. My poor dog was running around for hours on end.
21. The old lady was run over by a lorry as she crossed the street.
22. We`ve run out of petrol, I`m afraid.
23. At the rehearsal we had run through the scene several times.
24. The soldiers ran up the flag as the anthem was played.
25. Those factories don`t have good prospects and are running down.
III. Replace the words in italics with the correct phrasal verb.
1. We met some unexpected oposition.
2. The concert continued until eight o`clock.
3. The thieves escaped with all the jewels.
4. The poor old lady was knocked down by a bus.
5. The bath was overflowing with water.
6. They raised the flag as a sign of victory.
7. Our food soon finished.
8. Let`s repeat the first lesson again.
9. The dog was pursuing the cat.
10. Do not let your temper take control of you.
11. Our car went too fast and hit the lamppost.
12. The coal industry is declining.
13. Go away, all of you!
14. I shall just examine this list of figures with you.
15. I am afraid that blind person will get knocked down one of these days.
16. Have you nearly finished? Time is passing.
17. You will be forced to deal with a lot of opposition if you put that theory forward.
18. Examine your feelings and



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