PHRASAL VERBS ~ TURN [Part 2] (Exercises & Keys)

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I. Fill in the gaps using an appropriate preposition or adverb.

1. The man at the door turned....everybody who was not correctly dressed.

2. I applied for thejob but they turned me....

3. I am going to turn my balcony....a garden for my orchids.

4. I was offered $150 for the book, but I turned it....

5. It was rather late and we all preferred to turn....rather than watch the match.

6. I don't like that boy. He doesn't turn me....

7. I cannot stand those rambling conversations; please, turn the radio....

8. Turn....the gas; it is much too low.

9. If youdon't turn....the radio, I will not be able to hear you speak.

10. The factory hundred cars per month.

11. If the tenants do not pay their rent, the landlord will turn them....

12. "Turn....your pockets," said the policeman.

13. When the local team won the league, the whole town welcome them back.

14. I do not know howthis story is going to turn

15. She told me that she was a spinster, but she be married.

16. When the tide came in, our little boat turned....and sank.

17. The letters PTO at the end of a page mean: please turn....

18. The car skidded, crashed into the fence, andthen turned....

19. We arranged to meet at the bus station but he never turned....

20. I am not going to look for my book because it is bound to the end.

21. The oil refinery turns....a thousand barrels per day.

22. They are going to turn their castle....a museum.

23. He turned....his pockets but the lighter was not there.

24. When we were in the middle of the pool our boat turned....

25. There was somebody knocking at the door; when I opened it, it be John.

II. Replace the words in italics with an appropriate phrasal verb.

1. The people quickly became hostile to their new ruler.

2. The new boss refused to sack any of the men.

3. The hall was so full, that hundreds of fans were refused admission.

4. It is too hot in here. Could you reduce the heating?

5. He apologised and said that he had to reject my offer.

6. You must return the book to the library once you've finished it.

7. Tomorrow I have to work hard, soI'd better go to bed early.

8. He switched off the radio as he did not want to listen to the news.

9. She didn't know how that story was going to end up.

10. He switched off the engine.

11. The factory can produce 1,000 packs per day.

12. Her father sent her away when she said she was pregnant.

13. The policeman told him to empty out his pockets.

14. Enormous crowds gathered for the meeting.

15. The party happened to be a huge success.

16. She thought the problem over carefully before giving an answer.

17. Our little boat capsized in the storm.

18. The commitee began to work and soon produced a compromise.

19. The missing purse was found in the middle drawer.

20. She promised she was going to come but didn't appear.

21. That accountant has been taking money; he should be given the sack.

22. He emptied out his pockets but didn't find the coin.

23. The car factory produces twenty cars per day.

24. Mary please, switch off the TV, I don't like that programme.

25. The mysterious man who was lurking in the shadows happened to be a burglar.

III. Replace the following phrasal verbs with another word or phrase of the same meaning.

1. The school teacher turned out to be an old acquaintance of mine.

2. She turned me aside from the group to tell me something in private.

3. She quickly turned against her stepfather.

4. The boss got tired of them and turned them out.

5. I wasmade several proposals butturned all of them down.

6. The enemy managed to turn back our attack.

7. The firm he had applied to turned down his application.

8. He turned from selling books to writing them.

9. We were feeling rather tired and decided to turn in early.

10. We can turn this room into a dining-room.

11. Sometimes men who seem very clever turn out to be plain silly.

12. We turned off the highway at the crossroads.

13. The noise of a riot in the street turned me out of bed.

14. The policeman told the crook to turn out his pockets.

15. It turned out to be a very interesting evening.

16. The boat was turned over by a fierce gust of wind.

17. When the detective caught the gangster he immediately turned him over to the police.

18. In the end, you always turn to me when you need some money.

19. Everybody was waiting for the popstar, but she simply did not turn up.

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20. I will not let people like him in anymore, I'll turn them away.

21. John's friend turned out to be my dentist.

22. It's rather late, why don't we turn in?

23. I washalf asleep when a loud bang turned me out of bed.

24. She said she loved him because she wanted him to turn to her.

25. The Army turned back the attack of the enemy troops.

IV. Fill in the gaps using one of the following phrasal verbs.

     turn against, turn away, turn back, turn in, turn on,

      turn out, turn over, turn up, turn down, turn to

1. She was tired, so she turned....very early.

2. When he knew the truth he turned....his stepfather.

3. After three hours of searching, the missing watch turned....

4. We had to turn....several applicants, because we didn't need anyone else.

5. As he could not sleep, he spent the night bed.

6. After the accident, we came round and realised that the car had been turned....

7. After his holiday he turned....from his family.

8. When my father suffered a heart attack, we had to turn the doctor....of bed.

9. I think it is too late for the children; why don't we all turn....?

10. I have been waiting for my boyfriend for half an hour and as yet he has not turned....

11. Napoleon thought that he would defeat Wellington, but the battle turned....a


12. He turned the his son.

13. The new boss turned....several of the old employees.

14. He turned....that offer.

15. Your clock is too fast. You have to turn it....

16. The platoon managed to turn....the advance of the enemy troops.

17. They've got into the habit of turning....early at night.

18. The pilot turned....the engines of the plane in order to take off.

19. He six in the morning to go to the factory where he works.

20. Please turn....the radio, I want to listen to the news.

21. We have to turn the hour.

22. The policeman told him to turn....his pockets.

23. He turned the light....and looked around.

24. He kept turning the his mind.

25. They turned....him for help and protection.





1. away

2. down

3. into

4. down

5. in

6. on

7. off

8. up

9. off/down

10. out

11. out

12. out

13. out

14. out

15. out

16. over

17. over

18. over

19. up

20. up

21. out

22. into

23. out

24. over

25. out



1. turned against

2. turn out

3. turned away

4. turn down

5. turn down

6. turn in

7. turn in

8. turned off

9. turn out

10.turned off

11.turn out

12. turned her away/out

13. turn out

14. turned out/up

15. turned out

16. turned over

17. turned over

18. turned to

19. turned up

20. turn up

21. turned out

22. turned out

23. turns out

24. turn off

25. turned out



1. happened

2. separated

3. opposed

4. sacked them

5. rejected

6. repel

7. rejected

8. changed

9. retire

10. convert...into

11. happen

12. left

13. forced

14. empty


16. capsized

17. handed him in

18. come to

19. appear

20. refuse admission

21. happened

22. retire

23. forced

24. go to

25. repelled



1. in

2. against

3. up

4. down/away

5. over

6. over

7. away

8. out

9. in

10. up

11. out

12. over

13. out

14. down

15. back

16. back

17. in


19. out

20. up/on

21. back

22. out

23. on

24. over

25. to

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Wellington. The Battle of Waterloo was fought on Sunday, 18 June 1815, near Waterloo in present-day Belgium, then part of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. A French army under the command of Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated by two of the armies of the Seventh Coalition: a British-led Allied army under the command of the Duke of Wellington, and a Prussian army under the command of Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, Prince of Wahlstatt.

Napoléon Bonaparte


Battle of Waterloo 1815.PNG

The Battle Of Waterloo (June, 1815)

     CẤN CHÍNH TRƯỜNG                                                                                                                               EXTRA COURSE 11  & 12                           PHRASAL VERBS – TURN [Part 2]   


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