PHRASAL VERBS ~ UNIT 8 (Exercises & Keys)

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I. Complete these sentences using the six verbs from the list below. Use each verb only once.

hold up - see off - drop off - take off - pick up - set off

1. When my brother flew to France we drove him to the airport to......him.

2. We watched the expedition as it......on its trip to South-east Asia.

3. The aeroplane......and disappeared behind the clouds.

4. My outside the station and drove me home.

5. I' the station and you can catch the London train.

6. I'm sorry I'm late. I a traffic jam.

II. Change these sentences into the passive.

e.g. The rescue boat picked up the shipwrecked sailors.

     => The shipwrecked sailors were picked up by the rescue boat.

1. Bad weather held up the start of the race.

2. My father dropped me off.

III. Replace the words in italics by the words in brackets. Change the word order if necessary.

e.g. Jeff picked up the hitchhiker.                                      (him)

     => Jeff picked him up.

1. We saw him off.                                           (Steve)

2. Joe dropped them off.                                           (his daughter and her friend)

3. The power failure held up the train.                               (it)

4. They picked her up.                                           (Jane)

IV. Complete the passage using hold up/pick up/set off.

  I'll you at 7 a.m. tomorrow, and then we'll on our trip together. Do all your packing tonight so that nothing us in the morning.

V. Complete the passage using see off/take off/drop off.

  If at the airport on your way to work, I'll be able to......them....... Their plane doesn't......until lunchtime.

VI.  (a) Fill the space with a preposition where necessary.

1. We set off.....our journey.

2. We set off.....dawn.

3. We set hour ago.

4. We set off......Italy.

    (b) Use the verbs in brackets to reply to the following.

    e.g.What time are you leaving?           (set off)    => I'm going to set off at five.

1. Why are you going to the airport?   (see off)

2. What's that in the distance?   (take off)

3. When did Jim go to work?    (set off)

4. Why are you late?     (hold up)

5. How are you getting home?    (pick up)

6. Where do you want me to take you?   (drop off)





1. see (him) off 2. set off

3. took off 4. picked (me) up

5. drop (you) off 6. held up

II. 1. The start of the race was held up (by bad weather)

2. I was dropped off (by my father)


1. saw Steve off

2. dropped off his daughter and her friend/dropped his daughter and…off

3. held it up

4. picked Jane up

IV. pick (you) up, set off, holds (us) up

V. drop (me) off, see (them) off, take off

VI. (a) 1. on 2. at 3. – 4. for


1. To see Vesna and Keith off (etc.).             2. It's a plane taking off (etc.).

3. He set off early this morning (etc.).           4. I was held up by the traffic (etc.).

5. Liz will pick me up (etc.).                           6. Drop me off at the bank (etc)



- hold up: bị tắt đường; kẹt xe                        - see off:  tiễn đưa; chia tay

- drop off: thả (khách) xuống xe, tàu…           - take off: (máy bay) cất cánh

- pick up: đón đi, đón về (bằng xe)                  - set off: khởi hành




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