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I- Give the co
ect form of each word in
1.Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others:
a.chorus b.Christian c.cholesterol d.check
2.Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others:
a.cost b.most d.cold
3.Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others:
a.accompany b.participant c.misunderstand d.surprisingly
4.Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others: b.volunteer d.influence
5. ____ all animals and many birds can swim naturally.
a. Most b. Most of c. Almost d. Nea
6. As it was very ____, all the trains were late.
a. fog b. rain c. storm d. foggy
7. Gulliver was always quick ____ learning languages.
a. of b. in c. at d. about
8. Jane doesn’t take good care of herself. I’m wo
ied ____ her health.
a. at b. for c. about d. with
9. The day before Christmas, the stores are crowded ____ last-minute shoppers.
a. with b. at c. for d. about
10. Don’t look out of the window. Concentrate ____ your work.
a. on b. at c. in d. with
11. I felt quite cold but Peter insisted ____ having the window open.
a. in b. on c. for d. to
12. The day seems perfect ____ a picnic.
a. on b. at c. in d. fo
13. _____ the rise in unemployment, people still seem to be spending more.
a. Nevertheless b. Although c. Despite d. Meanwhile
14. Do you _____ your own bed, or do you have it _____?
a. do / to do b. do / made c. make / made d. make / to make
15. ____ the heat from the sun there would be no life on earth.
a. Except b. Without c. If there is no d. Despite
16. Let me ______ good-bye now because I didn’t see you in the morning.
a. saying b. say c. to say d. said
17. I _____ by the time you get up.
a. will have left b. left c. have left d. leave
18. The person ______ next to me told me to hold my
a sat b. was sitting c. who was sitting d. who sitting
19. The weather was excellent and we had an ____ holiday.
a. enjoyable b. enjoyed c. enjoyably d. enjoyment
20. The prehistoric caves ____ the town are one of its tourist attractions.
a. nearly b. nea
y c. near d. near to
2. The ____ is studying the growth of some plants.
a. chemist b. botanist c.zoologist d. physicist
22. Many people still refuse to believe ____ smoking is harmful.
a. that b. in c. which d. the
23. ______ she is wealthy, she is not happy.
a. Since b. Although c. Because d. If
24. Nobody liked it ______ the low price .
a. in spite of b. instead of c. in case d. in favor of
25. He didn’t eat ______ in spite of being hungry.
a. many b. a lot of c. some d. much
II. Identify one underlined word or phrase that is inco
26. Although he was talented, anybody admired him.
a b c d
27. He didn’t get a promotion though his work was very well.
a b c d
28. He bought that car despite we had advised him not to buy it..
a b c d
29. Our country will certainly become prosperously in spite of all the difficulties.
a b c d
30. Because the absence of the atmosphere on the moon, the sky is black just


Date :………………..                                                                                                                                 Teacher : Qunh Như


I- Give the correct form of each word in brackets:

1.Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others:

 a.chorus  b.Christian  c.cholesterol  d.check

2.Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others:

 a.cost   b.most   d.cold

3.Choose the word whose main stress  is placed differently from the others:

 a.accompany  b.participant  c.misunderstand d.surprisingly

4.Choose the word whose main stress  is placed differently from the others:   b.volunteer  d.influence

5. ____ all animals and many birds can swim naturally.

       a. Most                 b. Most of                      c. Almost                    d. Near

6. As it was very ____, all the trains were late.

        a. fog                   b. rain                            c. storm                      d. foggy

7. Gulliver was always quick ____ learning languages.

        a. of                     b. in                               c. at                             d. about

8. Jane doesn’t take good care of herself. I’m worried ____ her health.

        a. at                      b. for                             c. about                     d. with

9. The day before Christmas, the stores are crowded ____ last-minute shoppers.

       a. with                   b. at                              c. for                        d. about

10. Don’t look out of the window. Concentrate ____ your work.

       a. on                      b. at                             c. in                         d. with

11. I felt quite cold but Peter insisted ____ having the window open.

        a. in                      b. on                              c. for                         d. to

12. The day seems perfect ____ a picnic.

        a. on                      b. at                               c. in                            d. for

13.  _____ the rise in unemployment, people still seem to be spending more.

        a. Nevertheless      b. Although                    c. Despite                  d. Meanwhile

14. Do you _____ your own bed, or do you have it _____?

        a. do / to do            b. do / made                  c. make / made          d. make / to make

15.  ____ the heat from the sun there would be no life on earth.

       a. Except                b. Without                       c. If there is no           d. Despite

16. Let me ______ good-bye now because I didn’t see you in the morning.

 a. saying  b. say   c. to say  d. said

17. I _____ by the time you get up.

 a. will have left  b. left   c. have left  d. leave

18. The person ______ next to me told me to hold my breath..

 a sat   b. was sitting  c. who was sitting d. who sitting

19. The weather was excellent and we had an  ____ holiday.

      a. enjoyable             b. enjoyed                     c. enjoyably               d. enjoyment

20. The prehistoric caves ____ the town are one of its tourist attractions.

      a. nearly                  b. nearby                       c. near                        d. near to

2. The ____ is studying the growth of some plants.

       a. chemist              b. botanist                     c.zoologist                  d. physicist

22. Many people still refuse to believe ____ smoking is harmful.

       a. that                    b. in                                c. which                      d. the

23.  ______  she is  wealthy, she is not happy.

 a. Since  b. Although  c. Because  d. If

24.  Nobody liked it ______ the low price .

 a. in spite of  b. instead of  c. in case  d. in favor of

25. He didn’t eat  ______ in spite of  being hungry.

 a. many   b. a lot of  c. some   d. much

II. Identify one underlined word or phrase that is incorrect:

26.  Although he was talentedanybody admired him.

          a                b       c             d

27. He didn’t  get  a promotion though  his work was very well.

                       a                             b               c                     d

28. He bought that car despite we had advised him not to buy it..

                         a            b                   c                        d

29. Our country will certainly become prosperously in spite of  all the difficulties.

                                      a                             b                  c         d

30. Because   the absence of the atmosphere on the moon, the sky is black just as in space.



Date :………………..                                                                                                                                 Teacher : Qunh Như

           a               b                                            c                                                            d

III. Read the passage and choose the best answer:

 This is a story that Charlie Chaplin liked to tell about himself. It happened after the great actor had become internationally famous. A theatre announced that a competition would be held to see who could act like Charlie Chaplin. Those taking part in it had to dress like Chaplin, walk like Chaplin and act one of the roles in a Chaplin film.

 When Charlie Chaplin heard about the competition, he decided to take part in the competition himself. Naturally, he kept his plan a secret from everybody. When the results of the competition were announced, Charlie said: “ I didn’t know whether to feel angry or only surprised. I didn’t win the first prize. But after thinking about it, I decided that it would be best to laugh.

41. When did the story happen?

 a. when Charlie Chaplin liked to tell it  b. after Charlie Chaplin had become well-known

 c. before  a competition was held d. before Charlie Chaplin became  famous

42. Those who took part in a competition had to do the following things except______.

 a. dress like Charlie Chaplin  b. walk like Charlie Chaplin

 c. look like Charlie Chaplin  d. act one of the roles in a Chaplin film

43. What did Chaplin do when he took part in the competition?

 a. he didn’t let anybody know it  b. he told everybody about it

 c. he made his plan known to everyone d. he announced his secret

44. What happened in the end?

 a. Chaplin felt self-confident  b. Chaplin won the first prize

 c. Chaplin failed in the competition d. Chaplin felt satisfied with the result

45. The word “competition” is nearest in meaning to ______.

 a. examination  b. contest c. test  d. check-up

V. Choose the correct sentence which has the same meaning as the above one :

46. It is more comfortable to wear shoes than to go barefoot.

             a. Wearing shoes is more comfortable than to go barefoot.

             b. Wearing shoes is not so comfortable than going barefoot.

             c. Wearing shoes is more comfortable than going barefoot.

             d. Wearing shoes is as comfortable as going barefoot.

47.I couldn’t finish my homework last night because I was very sleepy.

a. I was too sleepy to finish my homework last night.

b. I was too sleepy for me to finish my homework last night.

c. I was  sleepy enough to finish my homework last night.

d. I was so sleepy that I could finish my homework last night.

48. Someone filmed many of the Tarzan movies in the rainforest in Puerto Rico.

a. Many of the Tarzan movies in the rainforest were filmed in Puerto Rico.

b. Many of the Tarzan movies in the rainforest in Puerto Rico were filmed.

c. Many of the Tarzan movies were filmed in the rainforest in Puerto Rico.

d. Many were filmed  of the Tarzan movies in the rainforest in Puerto Rico.

49. My teacher said, “I think you should take another English course”.

a. My teacher advised me to take another English course.  b. My teacher forbade me to take another English course.

c. My teacher stopped me taking another English course.d. My teacher prevented  me from taking another English course.

50.“Did you finish your work?” John asked me.

    a. John asked me if you had finished your work...........               b. John asked me if I  finished my work.

    c. John asked me if I had finished my work.                      d. John asked me if had I  finished my work.


I. Rewrite these sentences, using relative clauses with where, when or why.

1/ The early morning is the time. I work best then.

- _________________________________________________________

2/ Its central location is the reason. That’s why we chose this flat.

- _________________________________________________________

3/ That’s the place. We stayed there for our honeymoon .

- _________________________________________________________

4/ His mid-teens were the time. He first became interested in politics then.

- _________________________________________________________

5/ His dishonesty is the reason. That’s why I left him.

- _________________________________________________________

6/ Edindinburgh is the city. I’d most like to live there.



Date :………………..                                                                                                                                 Teacher : Qunh Như

- _________________________________________________________

7/ The outdoor swimming pool has now been closed down. We often went there .

- _________________________________________________________

8/ This is the picture of the place. We’re going there for our holidays.

- _________________________________________________________

9/ His refusal to tell him the truth is the reason. That’s why she’s so angry with him.

- _________________________________________________________

10/ This is the place. I fell off my bicycle here.

- _________________________________________________________

11/ The peaple I work with are the reason. That’s why I stay in the job.

- _________________________________________________________

12/ That terrible night in December changed my life forever. I found out then what had been going on.- _________________________________________________________

13/ 1990 was the year. We moved here in that year.

-          _________________________________________________________

II .Complete the spaces with where / when / who/ which / whose.

The 5th of November is a day­­­­­­­­­­ _________ children all over Britain light bonfires and set off fireworks. They are remembering Guy Fawkes _________ attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament was unsuccessful in 1605. On November the 4th, Fawkes was found hiding in the cellars _________ lie beneath Parliament. There was also a large quantity of gunpowder _________ he intended to set off _________ the King opened the new session of Parliament the next day. He was arrested, sentenced to death and hanged. There were several others in the plot, but Fawkes was the one _________ was caught and blamed. If he had succeeded, he would have killed the King, all of the Bishops, a large percentage of the aristocracy and most of the Members of Parliament. The cellars _________ Fawkes was captured are still searched before each opening of Parliament, and on the evening of November the 4th every year. November the 5th is known as “ Guy Fawkes’ Night”, and a model of Fawkes is burned on the bonfires. Unfortunately, November the 5th is also an evening _________ hospitals are very busy treating children _________ have been injured by fireworks. The fire brigade is also busy, putting out the fires _________ have been started accidentally. Some people believe that it is a festival _________ we should forget. There are now strict controls on shops _________ children buy fireworks, and television warnings about the dangers of fireworks.

  1. III. Supply the correct verb tense or form.

1/ A few months ago, I (move) ____________ into a very small flat after (live) ___________ with my parents for years. It’s the first time I (ever, have) ____________ a place of my own and I (be) ____________ very fond of it despite the lack of space. I (be) ____________ there for a few days when a friend phoned and (beg) ___________ me (let) ____________ him (stay) ____________ for a while. He (explain) ___________ that he (lose) ____________ his job recently but was sure he (find) ___________ another one very soon. Since he (think) ____________ it would be only for a while, he said ‘yes’

2/ The clock (strike) ___________ four as she (reach) ___________ her flat.She (light) ___________ a final cigarette and (sit) ___________ at her dressing-table thinking of the party she (leave) ___________ an hour before.She would have been home much earlier but she (have) ___________ difficulty in finding a taxi at that late hour.Reflecting that if she didn’t go to bed quickly, she would feel dreadful at work the next day, she (put) ___________ down her cigarette, (undress) ___________ quickly, and (get) ___________ into bed. She (fall) ___________ asleep at once.             

3/After (spend) ___________ two days (argue) ___________ about where to go for their holidays, they decided (stay) ___________ at home.

4/ We will meet Alice at the corner. She (wait)  ___________ for us when we (arrive)    ___________.

5/ Did you remember (lock) _________ the car ? – No, I didn’t. I’d better (go) ___________ and (do) ___________ it now.

IV .Rewrite the following sentences, beginning with the words given.

1/ Tom is sorry that he didn’t watch the football match last night.

- Tom wishes _______________________________________________________

2/ The test we did yesterday was so difficult that we couldn’t finish it in an hour.

- Yesterday we did ___________________________________________________

3/ “How many students are there in your class?”

- The man asked me _________________________________________________

4/ “You should apply for this job ?”



Date :………………..                                                                                                                                 Teacher : Qunh Như

- Mr Brown advised me _______________________________________________

5/ You must hurry or we’ll miss the train.

- Unless we _________________________________________________________

6/ Although he’s got an Enlish name, he is in fact German.

- Despite ___________________________________________________________

7/ I found a place to live but it was difficult.

- I had difficulty ______________________________________________________

8/ He’s fat because he doesn’t take exercise.

- If he ______________________________________________________________

9/ It was such a good book that I couldn’t put it down.

- The book was ______________________________________________________

10/ The store was opened in 1932 .

-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       They ______________________________________________________________

11/ We have never seen such a clean and tidy house before.

Never before __________________________________________

12/ Rarely does she come to see me now.

She _________________________________________________

13/ He didn’t realize he had lost his wallet until he got home.

Not until ____________________________________________

14/ My father no longer works for this company.

No longer ____________________________________________

15/ So suspicious did he become that he didn’t believe whatever she had said.

He __________________________________________________

16/ Not only did he refuse to help me but he also made fun of me.

He __________________________________________________

17/ This switch mustn’t be touched on any account.

On no account __________________________________________

18/ They know little about it.

Little _________________________________________________

19/ A great castle stood directly in front of them.

- In front of them __________________________________________

20/ Were I in your place, I would refuse his invitation.

If ____________________________________________________

VII. Read the following passage, make up questions and answer them.

Why do the English drive on the left hand side of the road ?

There are two conflicting theories that account for this habit. According to Mr.C.S Forester, the custom of driving on the left dated back to the period when many Londoners went to and fro on horseback. A horse is always mounted from the left side, so a man coming out of a house or shop or tavern would find it convenient to aim his horse toward the left so as not to walk into the mud or slop of the street to mount. And from this practice came the custom of bearing to the left in traffic. According to an author of a guidebook, it was the Pope and Napoleon Bonaparte that were responsible. Before the Pope’s visit to Paris, there had been no rule about the movement of traffic. When the Pope came to visit Paris, the authorities decreed that the Parisians should ride or drive on the right hand side of the street, leaving the left hand side clear for the movement of the papal carriage. Thus a custom was born. When Bonaparte came along, he conquered country after country and put in force the right hand rule in those lands. Hating Napoleon, the British reversed the custom out of sheer perversity.

1. When / custom / left / date / back ?



2. Why / people /aim / horses/ left ?





Date :………………..                                                                                                                                 Teacher : Qunh Như

3. How / right -hand rule / be born ?



4. Is / horse / mounted / right side / left side ?



5. You / drive / left hand side / right hand side / your country ?



VIII. Make the correct choice:


1/ Clean air provides us with a healthy supply of oxygen.

a. supplies b. produces c. makes d. creates 

2/  Smoking is _______ to our health.

a. kind b. good c. harmful d. important

3/ Carbon dioxide occurs in the air in _________ form.

a. nature b. natural c. naturally d. naturism

    4/ No trees can _________ on that soil. It is treeless.

a. grow b. plant c. dry d. die

5/ This is the school_________my father used to teach.

a. that b. which c. where d. when

6/ If the weather _______ nice, we will come to see you on Sunday.

a. will be b. were c. is d. are

7/ A football player is a person ______ plays football.

a. he b. whom c. whose d. who

8/ If She spoke English well, she_________ the job.

a. could get b. will get c. gets d. got

9/ Life on the earth would be affected if wild plants and animals _______.

a. had disappeared b. disappeared c. disappear d. would disappear

10/ Our sources of energy will soon end  _______ other sources are not found.

a. unless b. if c. although d. until

11/ She has just completed the picture _______ composition  was suggested by me.

a. which b. where c. whose d. that

12/ Such a situation should never _______ to arise again.

a. allow b. be allowed c. allowed d. be allowing

13/ If you want to make your life worth living, make _______ useful.

a. yourself b. you c. itself d. himself

14/ He was said _______ Paris secretly in his private car.

a. he had left b. and left c. leaving d. to have left

15/ Tom _______his test well if he had studied his lessons carefully.

a. would have done b. would do c. had done d. did

16/ They had such a good crop _______ they decided to give a party.

a. which b. where c. that d. so that

17/ He took pride _______ making a great discovery.

a. of b. in c. at d. with

18/ No matter how _______ you may be , you should be careful about this.

a. intelligence b. intelligently c. intelligent d. b&c are coorect

19/ He asked me if I _______ ready to carry out other assignments.

a. were b. was c. am d. will be

20/ How stupid  _______ me to leave my purse at  home !

a. of b. to c. with d. for

21/ He smiled at me and spoke to  me ______ a foreign language.   



Date :………………..                                                                                                                                 Teacher : Qunh Như

a. in b. as c. with d. for

22/ She talked to him _______ her travels in Africa.

a. for b. about c. with d. in

23/ It is good ________  you to be so helpful _________  us.

a. of / to b. of / with c. to / of d. to / to

24/ The _______ of this factory are widely consumed in the country.

a. production b. products c. producers d. produce

25/ You should do your best to _______ to your country.

a. distribute b. attribute c. contribute d. repute

26/ I regret  _______ you that they are unable to offer you employment.

a. to say b. saying c. being said d. and say

27/ You are very different _______  your brother.

a. with b. as c. from d. for

28/ Try to use your money as  _________ as you can.

a. economic b. economical c. economics d. economically

29/ The  ________ to the problem will be difficult to find.

a. pollution b. resolution c. solution d. population

30/ We started our trip on a beautiful  ________ morning.

a. sunny b. solar c. sun d. sunshine

31/ Nowadays, there are many _______ forms of entertainment everywhere.

a. various b. variety c. varying d. variously

32/ She is very  _______ at cooking European dishes.

a. interested b. fond c. good d. excited

33/ He gets used _______ her snoring in sleep.

a. to b. for c. with d. at

34/ This car belongs _______ Mr. John.

a. of b. to c. with d. for

35/ They are capable _______ doing that job.

a. of b. with c. to d. at

36/ It’s quite an _______ game.

a. excited b. excitement c. exciting d. excitedly

37/ It is such a _______ evening. Let’s  go for a walk.

a. likely b. calmly c. quietly d. lovely

38/ Travel _______ to broaden the mind.

a. says b. is saying c. is said d. said

39/ The _______ of the moon for the earth causes the tides.

a. attractive b. attractiveness c. attractively d. attraction

40/ Many children have given a great deal of_______ to their future work.

a. thought b. thoughts c. thinking d. think

41/ The crops are late this year _______ the weather is cold.

a. because b. if c. unless d. although

42/ They didn’t go to the movies _______ the bad weather.

a. despite b. in spite of c. because of d. with

43/ He walked _______ because of his injured legs.

a. slower b. slowly c. lively d. quiet

44/ He retired last month because of _______.

a. he was ill b. being illness c. his illess d. very ill

45/ Would you mind _______ the door, please?

a. opening b. open c. to open d. opened

46/ My teacher asked me where I had gone _______.

a. last night b. the night last c. the night before d. before night

47/ My friend not only had excellent ideas, but he  did a good job _______.

a. too b. neither c. as well d. either



Date :………………..                                                                                                                                 Teacher : Qunh Như

 48/ Not until he told me _______ .

a. I had known her b. had I known her     c. I knew her d. I did know her

      49/ Never in life _______  happy.

a. I felt  b. I did feel c. felt I d. did I feel

      50/ I wish I ______ here now.

a. would be b. am c. was d. am being

                                      PRACTICE  TEST  1

1. They did everything possible to ______ the police force.

 a. strength  b. strengthen  c. strong  d. strongly

2. I spent a(n) ______ night because of toothache. I’m very tired now.

 a. sleepy  b. sleeping  c. sleepless  d. asleep

3. His low scores in the tests ______ him quite a lot.

 a. discouraged  b. courageous  c. encouraging  d. encouragement

4. George cut ______ while he was shaving this morning.

 a. him   b. his   c. himself  d. he

5. The United  States and Canada  have many trade agreements that benefit ______.

 a. each   b. another  c. other   d. each other

6. Many students in my class expressed a strong ______ for the project.

 a. prefer  b. preference  c. preferential  d. preferentially

7. I think it’s very ______ of him to expect us to work overtime every night this week.

 a. reason  b. reasonable  c. unreasonable d. reasonably

8. Most of the food in supermarkets is very ______.

 a. attraction  b. attractive  c. attractively  d. attracting

9. The Island has very few ______ resources.

 a. nature  b. natural  c. naturally  d. natures

10. Burning garbage will give off ______ odour.

 a. pleasure  b. pleasantly  c. pleasant  d. unpleasant

11. These chemicals are ______. They can cause death or illness if taken into the body.

 a. poison  b. poisoning  c. poisonous  d. poisonously

12. If you are ______when you write your composition, you will probably get a good grade.

 a. careful  b. carefully  c. careless  d. carefulness

13. Baseball is the______ sport in the United States.

 a. nation  b. native  c. national  d. nationally

14. He wants to be a ______ engineer.

 a. chemistry  b. chemical  c. chemist  d. chemicals

15. There have been many wonderful ______ in this century.

 a. developing  b. developer  c. development  d. developmental 

16. English has become an ______ means of communication.

 a. effective  b. effect   c. ineffective  d. effectively

17. She wants to travel by car; but he would rather ______ by train.

 a. to go   b. went   c. going   d. go

18. She looks seriously ill. She had better ______ to see a doctor.

 a. going   b. go   c. to go   d. gone

19. Call an ambulance. There’s been ______.

 a. accident  b. an accident  c. some accidents d. any accident

20. “Where are you going?” – “ I’m going to buy ______.”

 a. a bread  b. any bread  c. loaf of bread  d. some bread

21. I’m going to a wedding on Saturday. ______ is getting married.

 a. A friend of mine b. A friend of me c. A friend of my d. A friend of myself

22. You and ______ have to finish this before noon.

 a. I    b. me   c. mine   d. myself

23. James is very interested in mathematics and ______ applications.

 a. their   b. theirs   c. its   d. it’s

24. My picture is different from ______.

 a. their   b. them   c. theirs   d. themselves

25. You can ______ your knowledge by reading newspapers.

 a. rich   b. richly   c. enrichment  d. enrich

26. Cheer up! You look ______!

 a. disappointment b. disappointed  c. disappointing  d. disappointedly

27. Making a decision now is of great ______.

 a. importance   b. important  c. importantly  d. import



Date :………………..                                                                                                                                 Teacher : Qunh Như

28. ______ earth moves around ______ sun.

 a. The / a  b. The / the  c. An / a  d. An /a

29. These men  ______ survived the crash.

 a. miracle  b. miracles  c. miraculous  d. miraculously

30. Hundreds of ______ are involved in the research.

 a. sciences  b. scientific  c. scientists  d. scientifically


   How to pronounce the final –S or –ES in plural nouns:

  • / s / : When the nouns end in : f , k , p , t : (cliffs, desks, shops, plates…)
  • / iz / : When the nouns end in : s , x , sh, ch, ge, z : ( buses, boxes, dishes, watches, chages, buzzes…)
  • / z / : For the remaining nouns : (trees, flowers, boys, girls…)

How to pronounce the final –ED

  • /id / : when the verbs end in: t / t / , d / d /  ( wanted, needed, prevented, divided…)
  • / t / :  when the verbs end in: f / f /, k / k /, p / p /,  ch / t / x / ks /, s / s / , ss /s /, sh / /, ( laughed, stopped, cooked, watched, finished, boxed, focused, kissed….)
  • / d / : For the remaining verbs : (opened, changed, allowed, preserved….)

Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

1. a. history b. film c. file d. various

2. a. awareness b. nation c. date d. face

3. a. pulse b. popular c. shut d. runner

4. a. cooked b. stopped c. finished d. visited

5. a. contribute b. use c. bull d. due

6. a. industry b. documentary c. suspend d. succeed

7. a. bird b. blind c. kind d. bind

8. a. whatever b. whoever c. wherever                  d. whenever

9. a. lost b. popular c. role d. pop

10. a. tips b. lifts c. trucks d. films

11. a. tide b. tiny c. time d. till

12. a. helps b. laughs c. cooks d. finds

13. a. school b. chemist c. merchant d. ache

14. a. advertise b. age c. standard d. natural

15. a. cheap b. dead c. head d. bread

16. a. weight b. eight c. height d. eighth

17. a. exercise b. decide c. mile d. practice

18. a. jog b. move c. pot d. modern

19. a. account b. pause  c. cause d. clause

20. a. jogged b. cooked c. gained d. smiled

21. a. learn b. nearly c. ear d. clear

22. a. willing b. diameter c. tradition d. addition

23. a. take b. radius c. spark d. cake

24. a. subtract b. traffic c. specific d. cinema

25. a. added b. subtracted c. omitted d. stopped

26. a. calculus b. unit c. use d. computer

27. a. printed b. decided c. completed d.  played

28. a. case b. rate c. average d. page

29. a. computers b. instructions c. letters d. scientists

30. a. happy b. multiply c. pretty d. daily

31. a. chemistry b. school c. chair d. ache

32. a. ethical b. think c. both d. clothing

33. a. how b. allow c. now d. know

34. a. understands b. makes c. works d. sleeps

35. a. pharmacy b. apply c. pretty d. quickly

36. a. around b. about c. cough d. bound

37. a. behind b. lie c. blind d. skirt

38. a. mother b. thousand c. they d. their

39. a. movement b. role c. so d. over

40. a. heart b. hear c. clear d. near

41. a. smiled b. lived c. belonged d. worked

42. a. major b. magazine c. machine d. malaria



Date :………………..                                                                                                                                 Teacher : Qunh Như

43. a. cause b. pause c. clause d. laugh

44. a. who b. lose c. only d. loose

45. a. feather b. feature c. heat d. each

46. a. went b. west c. work                          d. newspaper

47. a. pilot b. sign c. river d. driver

48. a. published b. signed c. worked d. watched

49 a. some b. wonder c. coming d. two

50. a. minute b. purity c. studio d. pursue

                                         PRACTICE TEST 2


1.After making a tour of  Thailand, he _____ at Tan Son Nhat airport yesterday.

 a. arrived   b. arrives   c. arriving  d. arrival

2.The hotel is very _____ for its pleasant atmosphere.

 a. famed  b.famously   c. famous  d. fame

3.She is looking forward to  seeing ______ sister.

 a. hers   b. her    c. she   d. she’s

4.I’m grateful to him a _____  evening.

 a.wonderful  b. wonderfully   c. wonder  d.wondering

5.Thank you ______ advising me not to smoke.

 a. to   b. for    c. with   d. by

6.I’m sorry for not accepting your ______.

 a. invite   b. inviter   c. invitation   d. invited

7. _____ is the letter which Ann wrote to me last week.

 a. They   b. This    c. He   d. These

8.He says he is _____ for a foreign company.

 a. work    b. working   c. worked  d. works

9.Dick told me that there was a ______ programme on T.V that night.

 a. badly   b. well    c. very   d. good

10.Tom asks his friend where he_____.

 a. lives   b. live    c. living    d. life

11.The driver often causes accidents. He drives _____.

 a.careful  b.carefully   c.careless  d.carelessly

12.They had a(n) _____seafood lunch in a restaurant.

 a. possibly  b.quietly   c.lovely   d. reasonably

13.Mrs Brown  _____ shopping last Sunday.

 a. goes   b. gone    c. going   d. went

14.The tone of his letter is _____.

 a.friendly  b.quietly   c.calmly  d.gently

15. ______ abbreviations are commonly used in writing letters.

 a. An   b. These   c. That   d. Theirs

16.They have visited many _____ places in England.

 a.interesting  b.interested   c.interests  d.interestingly

17.She couldn’t _______ the invitation to my birthday because she was busy.

 a. accepted  b. accepting   c. accept accept

18.Peter felt very _____ because he didn’t pass the final examination.

 a.disappointment b.disappointing     c.disappointed  d.disappointedly

19.I’m very grateful to him for _____ help.

 a.his    b.he’s    c.him   d. him’s

20.A book was given to me for _______ birthday.

 a. me     b. mine    c. myself  d. my 

21.Your house is bigger than _____.    c.mine   d. I

22.The question was so _____ that we can’t answer it.

 a. difficulty  b. difficultly   c. difficulties  d. difficult

23.Jane doesn’t speak English as _____ as Betty.

 a. fine   b.good    c.better   d.fluently

24.I wish John ______ here now.

 a. are   b.was    c.being   d. be

25.He would pass the examination if he worked ______  .

 a. hard   b. good    c. fine   d. hardly

26.I haven’t ______  to her since last week.

 a. speak    b. speech   c. spoken   d. speechless



Date :………………..                                                                                                                                 Teacher : Qunh Như

27.I didn’t ______ John  when I arrived. He had gone to work.

 a. met   b. meet    c. meeting  d. to meet

28.The house was ______ because we hadn’t cleaned  it for a week.

 a. dirty    b. dirt    c. dirtying  d. dirtied

29.The boy  to whom  I spoke on the phone last night is ______ interested in Mathematics.

 a. extreme  b. very    c. ever   d. so much

30.The car about which I told you is very ______.

 a. expensively  b. expense    c. expensive   d. expenses

31.Here is the factory in which _____  father works .

 a. he   b. hers    c. them   d. my

32.He has no longer heard from _____ since she left the country.

 a. she   b. herself   c. her    d. hers

33.I’m looking forward to getting a scholarship for ______ study.    b. many    c. a lot   d. further

34.The mathematicians  have given _______ new forms of logic.

 a. us   b.we    c. our   d. ourselves

35.Butchers supply us with ______ .

 a. meat   b. a meat   c. meats  d. many meats

36.I ______ agree with you .

 a.friendly  b.entirely   c.lovely   d.likely

37.This washing machine is ______.

 a.completely automatically    b.completely automatic

 c.complete automatically    d.complete automatic

38.He is a stamp ______.

 a. collect  b.collection   c.collector  d. collecting

39.It was his ______that caused him to lose his job.

 a.lazy   b. laze    c. lazily   d. laziness

40.Jane is too young to see ______ horror films.

 a. much   b.a    c. this   d. Ø

41.She was so old that she couldn’t carry ______.

  a. that thing heavy  b. that heavy thing   c. heavy that thing d. heavy thing that

42.If I could speak Spanish, I would ______ a year studying in Mexico.

 a. spend  b. spent        c.spending  d. be spend

43.When using a dictionary, you need to understand the symbols and the abbreviations ______ contains.

 a. its   b. it’s    c. it   d. itself

44.I will return your notes as soon as I finish copying ______.

 a. it   b. them    c. you   d. me

45. “Could you help me for a while?” – “Sure. Tell me what you want ______ to do.”

 a. mine   b. myself   c. me   d. I

46.Who is ______ for taking out the garbage – the husband or the wife?

 a. responsible  b. responsibly   c. responsibility   d. irresponsibly

47.I think ______ at the train station will surprise Aunt Kate.

 a.your being being are  d. you’re being

48.I’m ______ about failing my final exam in statistics.

 a. worrying  b. worries   c. worried  d. worry

49. Mike’s getting  the scholarship really _______ me.

 a. surprisingly  b. surprising   c. surprised     d. surprise

50. He goes fishing just for ______, not for sport.

 a. entertainer  b. entertaining   c. entertain  d. entertainment

51. The ______of that factory are of high quality.

 a. production  b. products   c. productive  d. produce

52. That film was made in _______ with foreign filmmakers.

 a. collaboration  b. collaborator   c. collaborate  d. collaborating

53. He is a talented writer. The reading public have admired his talent______ .

 a. great   b. greatness   c. greatly  d. greater

54. Everybody is making a ______to the national reconstruction.

 a. contribute  b. contributor   c. contributed  d. contribution

55. Scientific studies have ______our views.

 a. broad  b. broadened   c. broaden  d. broadly

56. He becomes _______ of the value of studies.

 a. aware  b. awareness   c. interested  d. bored

57. _____ has influenced his studies.

 a. Poor   b. Poorly   c. Poverty  d. The poor



Date :………………..                                                                                                                                 Teacher : Qunh Như

58. Fossil  fuels are far too valuable to waste on the production of ________.

 a. electricity  b. electrician   c. electric  d. electrical

59. They work hard, but their efforts are not very ________.

 a. production  b. productive   c. productively  d. productivity

60. ______ helps make our health better.

 a. Jogger  b. Jog    c. Jogging  d. The jogging

61. Time goes by very______.

 a. quick   b. quiet    c. slow   d. fast

62. Her smile is more ________than gold.

 a. value   b. valuable   c. valuably  d. valued

63. That film made the children laugh _____.

 a. merry  b. merriment   c. merrily  d. merrier

64. Millions of ______stars are sparkling in the black sky.

 a. distance  b. distant   c. distantly  d. distances

65. If you don’t work harder, you won’t _______ in your exam.

 a. success  b. successful   c. successfully  d. succeed




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