CHUYÊN ĐỀ TIẾNG ANH (theo tham chiếu Châu Âu 6 bậc) - CONDITIONALS

Exercise 1. Complete each of the following sentences with the right forms of the verbs shown in brackets.

1. If he had arrived late, we___________ without him? (begin)

2. If they had felt thirsty, they___________ the lemonade? (drink)

3. If we had been here, we___________ the fireworks. (miss)

4. If his office had called, he___________ to work? (return)

5. She___________ early if she had not had a good reason. (leave)

6. If they had searched more carefully, they___________ the watch sooner. (find)

7. If you had visited Rome, you___________ to the opera? (go)

8. If he were here now he___________ to help us. (hesitate)

9. I___________ the book last week if I had known you wanted it. (finish)

10. You___________ to him last night if you had seen him? (speak)

11. If they were old enough, they___________ the contest next week. (enter)

12. She___________ a vacation now if she had more time? (take)

13. If he had sent a message, we___________ it two days ago. (receive)

14. I___________ it if you came with me now. (appreciate)

15. She___________ grateful if we offered to help her tomorrow? (be)

16. He___________ yesterday if he had entered the race? (win)

17. They________ more books last month if they had noticed the stock was low? (order)

18. She not___________ us now if she knew where we lived? (visit)

19. You___________ cucumbers yesterday if they had been on sale? (buy)

20. If we___________ more attention yesterday, we would know what time to be there. (pay)


Exercise 2: Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it.

1. You washed it in boiling water; that's why it shrank.

→ Had you not_____________________________________________________________.

2. We missed the train because we were using an out-of-date timetable.

→ If we______________________________________________________________________.

3. His own men deserted him; that's the only reason why he failed.

→ He wouldn’t______________________________________________________________.

4. They were driving very quickly. That's why the accident was so terrible.

→ The accident______________________________________________________________.

5. It was raining. That's the only reason I didn't take the children to the beach.

→ But for____________________________________________________________________.

6. My number isn't in the directory so people don't ring me up.

→ People____________________________________________________________________.

7. The police are not armed so we don't have gun battles in the streets.

→ Were the_________________________________________________________________.

8. The shops don't deliver now, which makes life difficult.

→ Life would________________________________________________________________.

9. He's very thin; perhaps that's why he feels the cold so much.

→ He wouldn’t_______________________________________________________________.

10. We haven't any matches so we can't light a fire.

→ We could_________________________________________________________________.

11. It rained all the time. Perhaps that's why he didn't enjoy his visit.

→ He would_________________________________________________________________.

12. I didn't work hard at school so I didn't get a good job when I left.

→ Had I______________________________________________________________________.

13. They used closed-circuit television. That's how they spotted the shop-lifter.

→ Had it_____________________________________________________________________.

14. They asked him to leave the dining-room because he wasn't wearing a shirt.

→ If he______________________________________________________________________.

15. It took us a long time to find his house because the streets were not clearly marked.

→ Had the__________________________________________________________________.

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CHUYÊN ĐỀ TIẾNG ANH (theo tham chiếu Châu Âu 6 bậc) - CONDITIONALS

16. My friend advised me to sell it.

→ My friend said if I______________________________________________________.

17. I haven't much time so I read very little.

→ If I_________________________________________________________________________.

18. They don't clean the windows so the rooms look rather dark.

→ The rooms_______________________________________________________________.

19. He never polishes his shoes, so he never looks smart.

→ If he______________________________________________________________________.

20. He doesn't pay his staff properly; perhaps that's why they don't work well.

→ His staff_________________________________________________________________.


Exercise 3: Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it.

1. She is very shy; that's why she doesn't enjoy parties.

→ She would____________________________________________________________.

2. He doesn't take any exercise; that's why he is so unhealthy.

→ He would_____________________________________________________________.

3. I haven't the right change so we can't get tickets from the machine.

→ If I______________________________________________________________________.

4. They speak French to her, not English, so her English doesn't improve.

→ Her English__________________________________________________________.

5. He doesn't work overtime, so he doesn't earn as much as I do.

→ He would_____________________________________________________________.

6. He never shaves; that's the only reason he looks unattractive.

→ He would_____________________________________________________________.

7. You work too fast; that's why you make so many mistakes.

→ If you________________________________________________________________.

8. I can't park near my office; that's why I don't come by car.

→ If I____________________________________________________________________.

9. I live a long way from the centre; that's why I am always late for work.

→ Were I________________________________________________________________.

10. I haven't a map so I can't direct you.

→ Were I________________________________________________________________.

11. It's a pity we haven't a steak to cook over our camp fire.

→ If we_________________________________________________________________.

12. I'm fat; that's why I can't get through the bathroom window.

→ I could________________________________________________________________.

13. He doesn't help me, possibly because I never ask him for help.

→ If I_____________________________________________________________________.

14. I can't drive so we can't take the car.

→ I would______________________________________________________________.

15. We have no ladder so we can't get over the wall.

→ If we_________________________________________________________________.

16. I live near my office, so I don't spend much time travelling to work.

→ I would_______________________________________________________________.

17. I didn't see the signal, so I didn't stop.

→ Had I_________________________________________________________________.

18. I didn't know your number, so I didn't ring.

→ I would______________________________________________________________.

19. She didn't know you were in hospital, so she didn't visit you.

→ Had she_____________________________________________________________.

20. We only came by bus because there were no taxis.

→ Had there___________________________________________________________.

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CHUYÊN ĐỀ TIẾNG ANH (theo tham chiếu Châu Âu 6 bậc) - CONDITIONALS

Exercise 5: Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it.

1. We haven't got central heating, so the house is rather cold.

→ If we_______________________________________________________________________.

2. I have no dog, so I don't like being alone in the house at night.

→ I would_________________________________________________________________.

3. We got a lift, so we reached the station in time.

→ If I_________________________________________________________________________.

4. I haven't got a vacuum cleaner; that's why I'm so slow.

→ I would_________________________________________________________________.

5. I don't know his address, so I can't write to him.

→ If I_________________________________________________________________________.

6. We didn't visit the museum because we hadn't time.

→ Had we_________________________________________________________________.

7. Tom's father was on the Board. That's the only reason he got the job.

→ But for______________________________________________________________________.

8. He wasn't looking where he was going. That's why he was run over.

→ Had he______________________________________________________________________.

9. I don't like country life, perhaps because I wasn't brought up in the country.

→ If I_________________________________________________________________________.

10. I didn't know he was so quarrelsome. I'm sorry now that I invited him.

→ Had I_______________________________________________________________________.

11. People drive very fast. That's why there are so many accidents.

→ If people_________________________________________________________________.

12. English people speak very quickly. Perhaps that's why I can't understand them.

→ I would___________________________________________________________________.

13. They got the children back alive only because they paid the ransom at once.

→ Had they_________________________________________________________________.

14. The flats are not clearly numbered, so it is very difficult to find anyone.

→ It would_________________________________________________________________.

15. You don't wipe your feet, so you make muddy marks all over the floor.

→ If you ___________________________________________________________________.

16. We didn't go by air only because we hadn't enough money.

→ Had we_________________________________________________________________.

17. The bus didn't stop because you didn't put your hand up.

→ Had you_________________________________________________________________.

18. I only came up the stairs because the lift wasn't working.

→ Had the lift_____________________________________________________________.

19. I didn't know how thin the ice was, so I was walking on it quite confidently.

→ If I_______________________________________________________________________.

20. The champion didn't take the fight seriously at first; perhaps that's why he didn't win it.

→ If the champion________________________________________________________.

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