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REVISION GRADE 7 Choose the best answer 1. How __________ is your house from school? – It`s about 20 minutes by bike. A. muchB. farC. longD. many 2. Don`t drink so much coffee. It`s bad ___________ yo,xem chi tiết và tải về Đề thi REVIEW GRADE 7, Đề Thi Tiếng Anh 7 , Đề thi REVIEW GRADE 7, docx, 1 trang, 0.05 M, Tiếng Anh 7 chia sẽ bởi Như Nguyễn Phúc đã có 66 download


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Choose the best answe
1. How __________ is your house from school? – It`s about 20 minutes by bike.
A. much B. far C. long D. many
2. Don`t drink so much coffee. It`s bad ___________ your stomach.
A. in B. to C. for D. on
3. 4. - I am a student. - _________ .
A. So am I. B. I am so. C. Yes, I am. D. I do, too.
4. Good morning. How are you? - __________
A. I am 10 years old. B. I`m very well. C. How are you? D. Yes, I`m well.
5. Her new house is _________ her old one.
A. biger than B. as bigger than C. bigger than D. as big than
6. 7. Will you be free tomo
ow evening? - _________ .
A. Yes, I will. B. No, I will. C. Yes. D. Yes, I won`t.
7. He has _________ friends in Ha Noi.
A. a lot B. a lot of C. lot D. much
8. He works _________ a hospital. He takes care _________ patients.
A. in – for B. in – of C. at – for D. for – of
9. Which word is the odd one out?
A. chemistry B. physics C. math D. dictionary
10. ___________ a beautiful  house !
A. How B. What C. What is D. How much
11. What is your date of birth ? March ___________.
A. the seventh B. the seven C. seven D. a seven
12. My sister always goes to bed early, but she __________ gets up early.
A. not B. never C. ever D. isn`t
13. His father has __________ days off than his mother.
A. fewer B. few C. a few D. less
14. It is not easy__________ an apartment in Ha Noi.
A. to find B. finding C. find D. finds
15. - __________ visiting Ha Long Bay? - That`s a good idea!
A. How about B. Let`s C. What about D. A&C are co
16. The summer vacation usually __________for almost three months.
A. is lasting B. lasts C. is D. will last
17. My homework __________about two hours each day.
A. takes B. costs C. uses D. spends
18. Ha Noi is the capital city of Vietnam, but it is ________than Ho Chi Minh City.
A. the smaller B. smaller C. smallest D. small
19. Minh ________watching cartoon on television every night .
A. enjoying B. enjoys C. enjoy D. enjoyed
20. It`s time ________recess. Children often play hide-and-seek ________recess.
A. for/at B. at/at C. on/at D. to/at
21. Her father is a ________. He works in a hospital.
A. worker B. farmer C. doctor D. teache
22. Ba has a large ________ of foreign stamps.
A. collect B. collection C. collector D. collecting
23. It is 3 kilometers ________ my house ________ school.
A. from – and B. to – from C. to – until D. from - to
24. ________ does the plane fly ? It flies at 500 miles an hour.
A. How B. How fast C. How long D. How much
25. She is ________ intelligent than her classmates.
A. much B. more C. fewer D. least
26. We are going to have a get-together. Would you like___________?
A. come B



Choose the best answer

1. How __________ is your house from school? – It's about 20 minutes by bike.

 A. much   B. far   C. long  D. many

2. Don't drink so much coffee. It's bad ___________ your stomach.

 A. in    B. to   C. for   D. on

3. 4. - I am a student. - _________ .

 A. So am I.    B. I am so.  C. Yes, I am.  D. I do, too.

4. Good morning. How are you?  - __________

 A. I am 10 years old. B. I'm very well. C. How are you? D. Yes, I'm well.

5. Her new house is _________ her old one.

 A. biger than  B. as bigger than C. bigger than D. as big than

6. 7. Will you be free tomorrow evening? - _________ .

 A. Yes, I will.   B. No, I will.  C. Yes.  D. Yes, I won't.

7. He has _________ friends in Ha Noi.

 A. a lot   B. a lot of  C. lot   D. much

8. He works _________ a hospital. He takes care _________ patients.

 A. in – for   B. in – of  C. at – for  D. for – of

9. Which word is the odd one out?

 A. chemistry   B. physics  C. math  D. dictionary

10. ___________ a beautiful  house ! 

 A. How   B. What  C. What is  D. How much

11. What is your date of birth ? March ___________.

 A. the seventh  B. the seven  C. seven  D. a seven

12. My sister always goes to bed early, but she __________ gets up early.

 A. not    B. never  C. ever  D. isn't

13. His father has __________ days off than his mother.

 A. fewer   B. few   C. a few  D. less

14. It is not easy__________ an apartment in Ha Noi.

 A. to find   B. finding  C. find  D. finds

15. - __________ visiting Ha Long Bay?    - That's a good idea!

 A. How about  B. Let's  C. What about D. A&C are correct

16. The summer vacation usually __________for almost three months.

 A. is lasting   B. lasts  C. is   D. will last

17. My homework __________about two hours each day.

 A. takes   B. costs  C. uses  D. spends

18. Ha Noi is the capital city of Vietnam, but it is ________than Ho Chi Minh City.

 A. the smaller  B. smaller  C. smallest  D. small

19. Minh ________watching cartoon on television every night .

 A. enjoying   B. enjoys  C. enjoy  D. enjoyed

20. It's time ________recess. Children often play hide-and-seek ________recess.

 A. for/at   B. at/at  C. on/at  D. to/at

21. Her father is a ________. He works in a hospital.

 A. worker   B. farmer  C. doctor  D. teacher

22. Ba has a large ________ of foreign stamps.

 A. collect    B. collection  C. collector  D. collecting

23. It is 3 kilometers ________ my house ________ school.

 A. from – and  B. to – from  C. to – until  D. from - to

24. ________ does the plane fly ? It flies at 500 miles an hour.

 A. How   B. How fast  C. How long  D. How much

25. She is ________ intelligent than her classmates.

 A. much   B. more  C. fewer  D. least

26. We are going to have a get-together. Would you like___________?

 A. come   B. to come  C. coming  D. comes

27. We have___________homework to do.

 A. too many   B. too much  C. lots   D. a lot

28. Jane is 13. I am 13, too. Jane and I are the same___________.

 A. height   B. size   C. price  D. age

29. You say 7.15: ___________  

 A. Fifteen past seven      B. Quarter to seven  C. A quarter to seven  

30. Ba likes_________stamps. 

 A. collects   B. collecting  C. is collect  D. collect

31. Students do experiments in the_________class.

 A. history   B. literature  C. physics  D. language

32. Nam and Ba are _________ catch now.

 A. playing   B. play  C. to play  D. plays

33. How ________ does he play football?  

 A. always   B. usually  C. often  D. sometimes

34. Which is the eighth month of the year?

 A. September  B. February  C. November D. August

35. Where _________ from ? – England.

 A. does she come  B. is she   C. will she be D. A&B are correct

36. In the future, robots and machines __________ all the work for us.

 A. are doing   B. will do  C. does  D. do

37. She will be 12 on Monday. She will have a __________ party.

 A. wedding   B. new year  C. birthday  D. christmas

38. Cars are _________ than bikes.   

 A. fastest         B. faster        C. slowest      D. slower

39. Let's _________ to the canteen.  

 A. goes           B. going         C. to go        D. go

39. Her birthday is on the _________ of July.

 A. twelve   B. twelveth  C. twelfth  D. twelf

40. ____________ some coffee?

 A. Would you to like B. Do you would C. Would you like D. Would you

41. Science books are on the shelves ____________ the left of the room.

 A. at    B. in   C. on   D. to

42. There is __________work in the city than in the country so her father often goes there.

 A. less    B. few   C. more  D. much

43. American students usually have portable CD players with small _________.

 A. televisions   B. books  C. earphones D. schoolbags

44. How many hours a day does Mr. John usually work, Lucy?

 A. She usually works 8 hours a day.  B. He usually works 8 hours a day.

 C. Lucy usually works 8 hours a day.  D. I usually work 8 hours a day.

45. . Nam ______his grandmother every weekend.

 A. never visit  B. visits usually C. usually visits D. usually visit

46. I usually help my mother with the ______.

 A. homework  B. video games C. housework D. hobbies

47. We go to the library to _______.

 A. listen to music  B. do experiments C. fix the lights D. borrow books

48. Mr. Tom is tired. He is going to ______ down.

 A. lie    B. laid   C. lying  D. lain

49. Don’t be late ______ your music class.

 A. at    B. on   C. for   D. to

50. Which sentence is correct?

 A. Where can I find the Math books, please?   

 B. Where I find the Math books, please?

 C. Where I can find the Math books, please?   

 D. Where did I find the Math books, please?

51. Can your father repair ______ appliances?

 A. thing   B. home  C. house  D. household

52. When the bell rings, everybody ______ into the classroom.

 A. go    B. going  C. goes  D. went

53. I’m sure you know the different ______ “look for” and “find”.

 A. from   B. for   C. to   D. between

54. When we have more cows, we’ll have ______ milk.

 A. much   B. more  C. many  D. lots of

55. She works in a library. She is a _______________.

  A. librarian    B. doctor  C. farmer   D. worker

56. They are interested in ________Chinese.

  A. speaking  B. speak  C. speaks  D. to speak

57. Could you tell me how________ to Ben Thanh market?

 A. getting B. to get C. getting D. to getting

58. Next month is Hoa’s birthday. She ________some of her friends to her birthday party.

 A. invites B. inviting C. will invite D. going to invite

59. Let’s ________the homework.

 A. doing B. to do C. do D. does

60. Mr. Jones has ________summer vacation each year.

 A. a three-week B. a three weeks C. a three- weeks D. a week- three

61. Mr. Jones can’t see you now. He’s busy.

a. out  b. sick  c. not at home  d. not free

62. Is it important ______ English?

A. speaking B. speak C. to speak D. speaks

63. My father can ________the washing machine when it doesn’t work.

A. make B. do C. repair D. learn

64. _______? OK. Good idea!

A. What do you do after school? B. What time do you go to bed?

C. Why do want to go to the movie?          D. What about going to the movie?

65. Children shouldn’t ______ up late.

A. get B. eat C. stay D. hurry

66. 1. Excuse me? Is there a post office ______ here?

 A. near  B. on   C. in   D. at

67. ______ you tell me the way to the railway station?

 A. Could  B. Do   C. Are   D. Should

68. ______ are these stamps? – Five thousand dong.

 A. How much B. How many C. How  D. How long

69. These stamps ______ cheaper than those one.

 A. costs  B. is   C. cost  D. have

70. Her pens cost 40,000 dong, and she gives 100,000 dong.

       How much ______ does she receive?

 A. money  B. cost  C. charge  D. change

71. ______ the second street on the left. The bank is ______ your right.

 A. Take – in  B. Go – on  C. Take – on  D. Go – in

72. The bank is ______ the hotel and the post office.

 A. opposite  B. next  C. on   D. between 

73. The post office is ______ of my school.

 A. opposite  B. in front  C. beside  D. next

74. Excuse me? I ______ like to send this letter to the USA. How ______ is it?

 A. would – many B. will – much C. will – many D. would – much

75. He phones his parents ______ a week.

 A. two  B. two times  C. second  D. twice

76. It takes you about 15 minutes ______ to the Central Post Office by bus.

 A. get   B. to get  C. getting  D. to getting

77. Ba has a large ________ of foreign stamps.

 A. collect   B. collection  C. collector  D. collecting

78. . ____________ some coffee?

 A. Would you  B. Do you would C. Would you like D. Would you to like

79. . The drugstore is not___________from here.

 A. far   B. long away  C. near  D. near to

80. Ba and Hoa usually ________cartoon on TV on weekends.

 A. watch  B. are watch  C. watches  D. to watch


Choose the best answer

1.  A. child  B. live   C. practice  D. will

2.  A. teenager  B. together  C. guess  D. regular

3.  A. chicken  B. coach  C. orchestra  D. change

4.  A. leave  B. read  C. ready  D. pleased

5.  A. hungry  B. June  C. month  D. mother

6.  A. capital  B. than  C. small  D. have

7.  A. time  B. minutes  C. hospital  D. swimming

8.  A. children  B. school  C. cheap  D. watching

9.  A. great  B. bean  C. teacher  D. means

10.  A. party  B. lovely  C. my   D. empty

11.  A. chemistry  B. school  C. mechanic  D. machine

12.  A. dryer  B. biology  C. empty  D. dictionary

13.  A  clocks                              B  pens                                 C  rulers                               D  boards

14.  A. important        B. library                   C. physics                           D. middle

15.  A. near  B. hear  C. rehearse  D. year


Correct these sentences

1. I usually do the homework to Nam after school .

  A                           B           C           D

2. How far is it from Ha Noi in Ho Chi Minh City?

 A                B       C  D

3. Go straight ahead. Take the first street in the right.

  A                 B       C        D

4. It takes Huy three hours doing his homework every day.

  A         B         C        D

5. How many does it cost to send this letter to China?

       A                    B          C     D

6. My father has less days off than Tim's father.

     A     B      C      D

7. Hoa playing the piano in her room at the moment.

         A  B      C           D

8. Does Nam's mother go always to work by bus?

       A           B   C D

9. It take ten minutes to go from my house to school. 

          B          C            D

10. I'll go and seeing mom and dad on their farm.

       A         B       C      D

11. Many people think that students have a easy life.

        A     B  C         D

12. We work very hardly but we have fun working together.

      A     B        C        D


Odd one out

1. A. Chicken  B. Cook   C. Pig    D. Buffalo

2. A. Expensive  B. Cheap   C. Strong   D. In front of

3. A. Piano   B. Guitar   C. Songbook   D. Math

4. A. Envelope  B. Bank   C. Stamp   D. Letter

5. A. May   B. July    C. Summer   D. August


Supply the correct form of the verbs

  1. He always (study) ________________English for two hours every day.
  2. Khoa (like) _______________History very much. It’s his favorite subject.
  3. The school’s cafeteria (have) ______________snacks and drinks for students.
  4. Thanh (study) _______________________Physics at the moment.
  5. Look! The teacher (look)_______________at you.
  6. I can’t sleep because the children (play)_______________the drum in the living room.
  7. Don’t make noise. The baby (sleep) ________________next door.
  8. Lan (do)____________ the homework now. You can call her later.
  9. We can’t go out now. It’s (rain)____________heavily outside.
  10. It (rain) __________ heavily now. You should (stay) _____ at home and (read)______ books.
  11. What _________ you (do)_________at the moment? - I (write)_______________ an essay.
  12. Where_______ Lan and Ba (go) _________tomorrow? They (visit) __________the Museum.
  13. You (have)_______________ Geography next Friday.
  14. What about (play) ______________a game of chess?
  15. It takes her 10 minutes (make) _______________this model.
  16. She (be) ___________ten on her next birthday.
  17. I (meet) ______________you soon.
  18. Why don’t we (have) ____________a party?
  19. Susan (be) ________absent today because. She (look after) ____________her sick mother.
  20. Let’s (go) __________camping.
  21. They (practice) ________________playing the guitar in the music room now.
  22. We shouldn’t (waste)___________ water.
  23. I’d like (drink) ____________some orange juice.
  24. Hoa usually (do) _________aerobics early in the morning.
  25. _______they never (play) ________football at recess?
  26. Would you like (come) ____________to my house for lunch?
  27. They are (go)______________ to visit Hue next summer.
  28. They usually (play) ___________ catch at recess.
  29. Does she always (skip) ___________ rope after school?

  1. Look! Hung (jump) _______________ in to the water.
  2. He (go) ___________ to the movies tonight.
  3. What _________ you _____(do) next Sunday?
  4. Tomorrow, she (invite) ______________ all friends to her birthday.
  5. My father (listen) ________________ to the radio every day.
  6. Listen! The men (play)________________ the guitar.


Fill the blank with suitable preposition

  1. Schools in the USA are different ___________ schools in Viet Nam.
  2. Students often go to cafeteria ___________ breaks.
  3. New Math books are ________ the rack over there.
  4. You can find readers ________ the shelf ________ the middle ________the reading room.
  5. The children are playing soccer _________ the school yard.
  6. Newspapers are _______the rack ________ the corner of the room.
  7. Those books _______the back of the library are ________English.
  8. Do you go _________school ________ foot or ________ bike?
  9. My house is ________ Le Loi Street, her house is ________ 9 Le Lai Street.
  10. We are living ________ our parents ________ Quang Ngai town.
  11. Nam sits ________ two school girls.
  12. Dictionaries are ________ the shelves ________ the left ________ the room.
  13. She is interested ________ literature, but we are fond ________ Math.
  14. My birthday is ________ May first.
  15. Is Lan’s birthday ________ March.
  16. Yen has Math and Music ________ Monday.
  17. Tom is good ________ Physics.
  18. What do you often do ________ recess?
  19. Tom lives ________ city, but Mary lives________ a farm.
  20. They often go swimming _________Sunday.
  21. The meeting will last ________ 9 a.m ________3 p.m.
  22. They are waiting _______ front of the school.
  23. The lamp is next ______ the picture.
  24. She will be 13 _______ her next birthday.
  25. Look _______the kitchen. What a modern kitchen!
  26. The apartment _________the second floor is the most suitable ________ your family.
  27. We are playing chess ________ the moment.
  28. It’s often rain __________July.
  29. Mr Hai is a journalist. He writes _______ some newspaper in HCM city.
  30. Here is a photo _______my younger brother.
  31. Tell me _______your school, Lan.
  32. My birthday is __________April 3rd.
  33. Hoa’s father works _________ his farm __________the countryside.
  34. A nurse takes care ________the sick people.

  1. My uncle isn’t________home. He is_________work now.
  2. He was born ________September, 2002.
  3. They often watch TV ________night.
  4. John lives _______America.
  5. We usually go out for dinner ________Saturday evening.
  6. The best apartment is ________ number 79.
  7. This apartment is the newest_______ the three.
  8. What’s your date ______birth?
  9. My brother goes _____________work _________ motorbike.
  10. It’s two kilometers ____________my house __________ the post office.
  11. I’d like to send a letter _________the USA.


Give the correct form of the verbs.

  1.               The most popular after-school __________________in Viet Nam are football, basketball and badminton. (act)
  2.               The city library has over 60 ___________________ (employ)
  3.               English is an ______________and important subject. (interest)
  4.               You can find many of books, ____________, novels, reference books, and dictionaries. (read)
  5.               Science books are very _____________ for our study of the world. (use)
  6.             Ba is a famous stamp…………………..    ( collect)
  7.             They learn to play a …………….....……..  instrument. ( music)
  8.             Mr. Tan works …………. hours than my father. (many)
  9.             Summer vacation is the ……….…….. vacation. (long)
  10.        Vietnamese students have ………………...   vacations than American students. (few)
  11.        He drinks………………wine than Mr. Hai. (little)
  12.        He has a large ………………..………of foreign stamps. (collect)
  13.        Nam is not very……………... Most of the time he lies on the couch in front of the TV. ( sport )
  14.        This old woman has  …………. money than all of her sisters. (much)
  15.        Bill is …..………than you.  (good)
  16.        These shoes are ………………………………………..….than those shoes. (expensive)
  17.        That is a ………………………… girl. (love)
  18.        Why is she ……………………….? Because she gets bad marks. (happy)
  19.        Thanks for…………………………….. me to your birthday party. ( invite)
  20.        Mr. Jones repairs machines in a factory. He’s a ………..…………..  ( machine)
  21.        She learns how to repair ……………………. appliances in her Electronics class ( house)
  22.        I think schools on Vietnam are little …………….…………(difference)
  23.        Talking is the most common way of ……………….. (relax).
  24.        My friend is rehearsing a play for the school anniversary…………………………….…( celebrate)
  25.        The picture are very ………….……………(color) 
  26.        The movie is very  ……………………………………( interest)



Choose the best answer

  1.               Her full name is Truong Thi Hang so her ___ name is Thi (family / full / middle/ last)
  2.               I live ________ 24B Dinh Tien Hoang Street. ( in / on / to / at).
  3.               How ______ is it from the hospital to the bus stop.( far/ long / high / much).
  4.               _________ a lovely view! (When / How / Where / What).
  5.               They will ______ badminton next Sunday.(play / to play / playing / plays)
  6.               Which is the ________ apartment? (best / better / most / more).
  7.               Her date of birth is _______ November 4th .( at / on / in / of).
  8.               Children should _______ to bed early. (go / to go / going / goes).
  9.               ______ don’t you come to my house? –OK. Let’s go. (Why / Let’s / When / What)
  10.          Tam enjoys _______ soccer. (play / plays / to play / playing).
  11.          What about _____ Ha Long Bay ( to visit / visits / visit / visiting).
  12.          Would you like ______ badminton? ( play / playing / plays / to play).
  13.          Mai learns how ______ a computer. ( use / to use / using / uses).
  14.          My brother is good ____ English. (at / in / from / with).
  15.          Does Nam often play marbles _____ recess? ( on / at / in / of).
  16.          Talking is ______ common way of relaxing. (more / most / the most / the more).
  17.          The summer vacation ________ for almost three months. (long / lasts / is / are).
  18.          My sister loves _______ stamps.( collect / to collect / collects / collecting).
  19.          What will you do _____ your vacation? ( to / in / during / with).
  20.          Mr. Tuan has _____ days off than Mr. John.( more / the most / fewer / less).
  21.          His ideas are different _______ mine (with / of from / at).
  22.          Students have two____ each day.(20-minute breaks / 20-minutes break / 20-minute break).
  23.          In _____, we do some experiment. (Math / History / Chemistry / English).
  24.          I will ____ you tomorrow. (finish / go / do /meet).
  25.          My mother works ______ hours than my father.(few / the best / more / the most).
  26.          ______ do you study in the library after school? ( How / How much / How far / How often).
  27.          She learns _____ to use a computer.(What / Where / When / How).
  28.          My friend is _______ a play for the school anniversary celebration (making / rehearsing/ playing / doing).
  29.          Lien’s last lesson is _______. She does some experiments. (Geography / English / History / Chemistry).
  30.          What about _______ to the library? (go / to go / going / goes).


Rewrite these sentences

  1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            There is not a Math class today. 

We don’t___________________________________________________

  1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            There is a big library in Lan’s school.

Lan’s school _________________________________________________

  1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            How much is this car? 

How much does______________________________________________

  1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            My brother can swim very well. 

My brother is good ____________________________________________

  1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Let’s listen to some rap music now.

Why don’t __________________________________________________

  1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            He wants a cup of coffee.


  1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            What do you do?

What _____________________________________________________

  1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The dress is very old.


  1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            When is her birthday?

What ____________________________________________________ ?

  1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Mrs. Lan takes care of her children.

Mrs. Lan looks _______________________________________________

  1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            A year has four seasons.

There are___________________________________________________

  1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Nile river is longer than any rivers in the world.

  Nile river is__________________________________________________

  1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            It’s a good thing to do community service

  You should__________________________________________________

  1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Ha Noi has many interesting places.

  There are___________________________________________________

  1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Lam has ten days-off for this summer vacation.

  Lam has a___________________________________________________

  1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I often walk from home to school in ten minutes.

  It takes me__________________________________________________

  1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       We have a two-month summer vacation.

  Our summer vacation lasts_______________________________________

  1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       It takes me about two hours each day to do my homework.

  I spend____________________________________________________

  1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Do you enjoy listening to music?


  1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I get to work in half an hour.

  It takes ____________________________________________________


Make questions

  1. She studies Math on Monday and Thursday.


  1. The school library contains over 20 thousand books.


  1. I feel very pleased about food.


  1. The farmer works from early in the morning until late at noon.


  1. No, Lan is never late for school.


  1. It takes Hoa twenty minutes to go from her house to school.


  1. It’s one kilometer from Long’s house to his school.


  1. Our school year starts on September 5th .


  1. Summer vacation last for three months.


  1. The longest vacation is summer vacation.


  1. My mother works eight hours a day.


  1. These envelopes are 5,000 dong.


  1. Liz will send these letters to her friends.


  1. I would like some orange juice.


  1. Nga is unhappy because she misses her parents.



Put these word into right blank

 bus stop  post office  address   family name market

 movie theater stadium  bookstore  restaurant  hospital

1. Her home’s _____________is 53A Tran Hung Dao Street.

2. His father is a doctor. He works at Trung Vuong ______________.

3. 1 am going to the ______________to send a letter.

4. They usually go to the _______________to have dinner.

5. They are waiting for a bus at the_______________.

6. Their children like going to the _______________to read comic books.

7. My mother often walks to Ben Thanh________________ every morning.

8. We are going to the _______________to see an interesting film.

9. There is an interesting soccer match at the______________.

10. His ________________is Tran.





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